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Lee Seung Gi - 3rd Album - 이별 이야기 - Story Of Separation

이별 이야기
Story Of Separation


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Lee Seung Gi - 2nd Album - Crazy For You

Crazy For You
  • Released: 24 January 2006
  • Label: Yedang Entertainment

Track :

Lee Seung Gi - 1st Album - 나방의 꿈 - The Dream Of A Moth

Album 1
나방의 꿈
The Dream Of A Moth


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Protect The Boss Ep 04

Eun Seol finished her ride and was too excited to go back to her boss that she didn’t realize that she bumped in to Na Yoon and caused her ice cream spilled on her shirt.

Gu Family Book Ep 24

Starts from SS asking what do you want from me. KC asks how far can you trust me. he says how he wants to cut all ties of misdeeds now - he cant forgive GW’s monstrous deeds anymore. SS says then make me a promise -no matter what happens that you wont kill out of revenge. GW will be arrested and executed legally and his accomplices will get the same punishment so don’t get blood on your hands cuz of a your transformed state. cuz then you wont be any different from GW – can I trust you to keep your promise. KC says yes.

Gu Family Book Ep 23

starts with Park MS smiling down at KC. then his mom holding his hand. then how WR put his hand on KC’s shoulder and smiled at him for the last time. then how KC told YW – I thought I lost you. I was so scared of that. then how SJ told YW – between the two of you one could lose a life. then how SJ told him to give YW up and leave. KC narrates: I didn’t want to say farewell anymore –for the first time I wanted someone who was my person. I didn’t want her to shed tears that hurt her heart anymore, but YW might die

Gu Family Book Ep 22

starts from when KC walks back to the school in the rain and sees YW waiting for him. she gets up and sees him. she notices he doesn’t have his bracelet so she remembers how her dad said it was time to send KC away so he can find the gu family book. she walks over to him and says now you came. KC: yes I came back. he hugs her as she says it must have been hard on you. KC: a little. she pats his back as he cries. she remembers how her dad said let him go now – you have to let him go so he can leave comfortably. she told PJ: what if he becomes a thousand demon like WR father? that could happen if he fails in finding the gu family book. KC: all those choices are KC’s.  YW: I know but. PJ: if he can find the gu book and become human – more than anyone – wasnt it you who wanted that. if it’s hard for you then I will tell him. YW: no I will tell him – i have to do it but give me some time. just two days no three days -just give me that much time  and then I will tell him. as KC hugs her she says to herself – the time we have left to us is 3 days –in that time will I be able to send you away KC. she cries and hugs him.

Gu Family Book Ep 22

starts from when KC walks back to the school in the rain and sees YW waiting for him. she gets up and sees him. she notices he doesn’t have his bracelet so she remembers how her dad said it was time to send KC away so he can find the gu family book. she walks over to him and says now you came. KC: yes I came back. he hugs her as she says it must have been hard on you. KC: a little. she pats his back as he cries. she remembers how her dad said let him go now – you have to let him go so he can leave comfortably. she told PJ: what if he becomes a thousand demon like WR father? that could happen if he fails in finding the gu family book. KC: all those choices are KC’s.  YW: I know but. PJ: if he can find the gu book and become human – more than anyone – wasnt it you who wanted that. if it’s hard for you then I will tell him. YW: no I will tell him – i have to do it but give me some time. just two days no three days -just give me that much time  and then I will tell him. as KC hugs her she says to herself – the time we have left to us is 3 days –in that time will I be able to send you away KC. she cries and hugs him.

Gu Family Book Ep 21

starts from SH meeting WR. WR wonders who is that woman – why does it hurt this much just to see her. flashback to young SH calling out to him. it surprises him to remember that. then present day SH asks WR – is it you? men rush over with arrows drawn. WR asks her – who are you – do you know me. suddenly KC steps in between them.  KC says you cant –don’t kill anyone anymore. I wont let you kill  – I will stop you WR. they fight and KC says stop it. I know you are tormented/in anguish –I also know that isnt the real you. I also know that I am the only one who can stop that. I will make it stop for you, I will make you stop. WR growls and fights him more ready to kill him but SH yells you cant WR. don’t do that. he looks at her. she cries and says he is your child – he is our son. don’t do that. KC takes that chance to fight him some more. men show up with arrows drawn. KC sees them and yells no and blocks WR from being shot
GW shoots his gun and gets complimented for his aiming skills
KC has 4 arrows on his back. the men get ready to shoot again so WR goes over and kills them. SH calls out to KC and worries about his injuries. she looks over and WR is gone.
gon, YW, and TS are still fighting as more men show up. TS tells them there is no end to it and to get away now so they run for it. the men give chase but the japanese guy stops them from pursuing

Gu Famili Book Ep 20

Starts from TS asking what he can do for the sake of goongbon. SH says first go get back the map we lost from SS. TS: then when will GW die. SH: he will die tonight
GW goes out and sees his guards dead. an assassin holds a blade to his throat so GW asks who are you – did SH send you. from behind, SB killed the assassin. SB says sorry I was late. GW asks where have you been all this time and what have you been doing to show up now. SB says the explanation is long – for now it’s dangerous so let’s move you. I will escort you. they go out and see all the men in black desiccated (the men in black are SH’s men). SB tells GW to get away in a hurry cuz it’s dangerous.  the wind blows and WR shows up. the guards draw their swords and GW asks are you… (he doesnt finish) so WR asks do you know me. do you know me?

Gu Family Book Ep 19

구가의 서.E19.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[04-46-02] 구가의 서.E19.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[04-46-45]
Starts from flashback of SH from 20 yrs ago when she stepped closer and slashed GW’s face. a Japanese guard/soldier saw that. as GW’s guard slashed at her, she glared at GW and passed out. they took GW away to treat his wounds. the Japanese guard checked her pulse and knew she was alive. he covered her face and lied to SB that she is dead. SB ordered her body to be taken away. later on a night the men bribed the guards and he checked her pulse. she was still alive and moving. he gave orders to take her away
* the japanese guy in the flashback who saved her is different from the current one. if this one had some hair he might be considered handsome – like a younger asian version of gregory peck from roman holiday.
young SH saw her baby boy’s normal face and screamed my baby.
present day GW says how KC is not human – half he has human blood on his mom’s side and half monster’s blood. so he is half and half. the bracelet gets taken off. KC transforms as blue lights float around him and SH thinks back to when she saw her baby for the first time and said he isnt a monster. GW asks her is that monster the one you were looking for. she glares at GW as her son passes out.
SR says to report the truth. CJ’s maid cries and admits: cuz of the people from school CJ hid - WS said CJ could be dragged off to prison.  SR asks if WS gave you that kind of fear. the girl cries cuz she was told that WS would say the right thing if CJ was caught and CJ would have no problems as long as KC was brought over.

Gu Family Book Ep 18

구가의 서.E18.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[03-34-07]
starts from KC running from those men. gon stops YW from helping KC. KC jumps over a wall and puts his bracelet back on and goes into the room. a woman’s voice asks in Japanese – who are you. KC turns and looks at her. he does the hand on the chin pose YW taught him.
aide asks are you happy now that you saw her face. he gets a message from the guard who has been spying on TS and everyone so the aide says it’s too bad but we will be leaving now. GW says it hasnt started yet but the aide says the mood is already broken. SR tries to say there are more entertainment prepared so couldn’t you stay a little longer since this was a way to make up for last time , but the aide says sorry that she (SH) doesn’t want it. SR nods to her gisaengs  so one goes over and pretends to run into fake SH and spill something on her. the other one pretends to clean up saying you should have been careful – these clothes are expensive and pulls on the back exposing a shoulder. so SR goes over and looks at the shoulder for the tattoo. she tells the girls you should have been careful. she apologizes to the fake SH. later on SR tells her girls you did well
SR tells GW that the woman is a fake. the one who attended is not the real one. the face you saw today is a fake one. GW asks what you just said – can you put your neck on the line? SR: if I do will you believe me? isnt it really strange? your relationship with her is over 20 yrs so why did she do this to you. GW wonders the same thing.

Gu Famuly Book Ep 17

It turns out all that teasing last week only ended up fueling our anticipation for tonight. I would say E17 is a really long time to wait for this to happen, but judging from the stills – the wait might have surpassed our expectations. When I realized it was KC in his gumiho state that took the initiative to finally take charge and follow his heart, it made me realize even our meek and timid KC would have done the exact same thing as well in this situation. In the face of witnessing what you could have lost, you hold on for dear life – putting aside her disapproving father, a jealous bodyguard, a maniacal birth father, and even your own conscience. Deep down I’m sure KC realizes that YW deserves better – not to be abducted and threatened at knife point and having a strain on her relationship with her father all cuz of him, but the guy who took those decisive steps to sweep her into his arms isn’t thinking about that right now. He is too busy relishing this moment cuz he probably feels that YW is his reward for trying to remain a good person all his life and his sole purpose for becoming human.

Gu Family Book Ep 16

Starts with WR and KC facing off. KC: who are you. WR: are you choi KC? KC: I asked who you are. WR: I am Gu WR
SH asks what brings you here late at night – was it cuz you were curious about me. so it is.  it’s good timing – I was about to be curious about you. she takes off her hat. the two men with her watch as she lifts her face to smile at TS

Gu Family Book Ep 15

starts with young YW going over to take the sword but cant budge it. her dad comes over and pulls it out for her and tells her to hold it. he asks how is the weight of the sword. she says it’s too heavy. he says the sword is power – if you swing it the wrong way it could get an innocent person’s blood on it – to the extent that you cant handle the weight of that. she asks did you ever slay someone innocent father? he replies just once in my life i slayed someone innocent. flashback of him killing WR
YW calls for KC and sees WR so she draws her sword and asks who is there?
SJ tells KC ”he showed up -he wants to kill you.”  KC asks who is he? SJ: WR. your father. KC says you said my father died already. SJ says he came back as a thousand year demon. he wants to kill everyone that has to do with SH. as SH’s son - everyone around you will get hurt so hurry and run away.
YW falls and sees WR standing in front of her. she calls out to KC for help in her head. KC is running and hears her. he says her name and keeps running.

Gu Family Book Ep 14

SJ lights the candle and says your exactly the same. WR speaks normally and replies that the years show on SJ’s face.  SJ says cuz there is no human who can win against time. WR mutters about how humans arent able to live 100 years and disappear and never get to live for a thousandyears-there is nothing to feel too bad about. SJ asks why did you come back – did you really become a thousand year demon. WR says before I answer I will ask one thing – in the woods today I saw someone very strange. he wasnt human or a gumiho. he had your bead bracelet- who is he? who is it?

Gu Family Book Ep 13

starts from KC narrating “That person asked me…” Scene of KC meeting with SS when SS asks what do you want to live as now.
then KC goes out and meets YW. she asks what SS said. KC narrates “so I asked her - why” flashback of YW telling her dad KC did nothing wrong and disobeying her dad to take KC’s hand. KC narrates: why are you so good to me. YW: just cuz – for your sake I want to do anything – that is my heart now. KC narrates: I want to be a person. I want to be a person again.

Gu Family Book Ep 12

starts from PJ asking if that kid can really become human – will he really not be dangerous around people. SJ says you are worried about your daughter. I told her if she could avoid it to avoid it. cuz between the two one could die. to avoid it. PJ: could die? SJ says fate that has already started – it cant be stopped by a human’s strength – it’s not something that should be stopped. but all PJ hears is “could die”
KC is chained up and calls out to CJ and she calls out to him. TS comes over as KC’s voice tells gong that could never happen - TS and CJ would never betray me. TS says I came to cut your throat KC- forgive me KC. KC tells him not to take the bracelet off but he does. KC feels pain. the wind rustles and gains strength around them.

Gu Family Book Ep 11

Starts from KC enjoying his chicken. old man – teacher gong asks KC why he wants to be human so KC says to go back to my family. gong asks which family? KC says TS and CJ and everyone that remains at the Inn-like in the past – to smile and live is my dream.  gong asks What if they don’t want you anymore? then what will you do – like you changed now – what if they changed and no longer think of you as family – then what will you do?  do you still want to be a human

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Gu Family Book Ep 10


Gu Family Book Ep 09

TS comes out of a room carrying a sword. KC is happy to see him. He rushes over but TS stabs him. Blood spills out of KC’s mouth.
KC reaches out to TS. TS asks how Kang Chi could have killed his father so cruelly. “I will not forgive you. Die!” Kang Chi falls and TS moves to deliver the final blow but YW blocks him. TS tells her to move but she refuses. TS grows angry at YW but Gon knocks out TS. YW rushes to KC and holds him. KC faints in her arms.

Gu Family Book Ep 08

GW says to KC, “I will give you one last chance. Become my person and I will save your life.” KC snorts, “What is this bulls**t?! I don’t want anything but your life.” GW sighs, “How unfortunate.” He orders KC’s beheading to proceed. Suddenly, SS calls out, “Stop!”
GW asks, “Who are you?” SS introduces himself and the chief asks him why he is here. SS replies, “I heard my person is being held here and I came in a hurry.” Chief asks, “Who?” SS turns to KC. He says to him gently, “Have you been doing well? I came to get you.” KC looks at him in surprise. YW smiles.
SS remembers MS complimenting KC, saying he is like his son. SS had also vowed to kill KC with his own hands if KC became dangerous.

Gu Family Book Ep 07

The assassins slash at KC. He falls to his knees. YW finds KC but before she can go to his aide, blue lights start to fill the air. KC’s eyes start to glow and his hands turn into claws. YW’s voice- “I didn’t want to believe.” We hear SJ’s warning that she should avoid that destined person if she can. “Or one of you might die.” YW continues to think, “I thought, let’s ignore those words but…” KC transforms in the beast. YW and the assassins see the transformed Kang Chi. YW asks, “Choi Kang Chi? What is that? Who is that monster in front of my eyes?”

Gu Family Book Ep 06

vlcsnap-2013-04-24-02h09m13s65 vlcsnap-2013-04-24-02h09m11s44

Gu Family Book Ep 05

GW lays down the chess piece. “It’s slowly beginning to start.” Gisaeng asks what. GW replies, “An exciting hunt.”
Assassins multiply and surround KC and YW.
Another assassin holds MS at knifepoint.
KC and YW fight and when they deliver a strong blow, the ninjas disappear like mist. Yet when attacks, KC is hurt by the knife. YW reminds him what she said. Although they are only apparitions, they can hurt you.
The lone assassin wants MS to finish his story about KC but head guard appears to MS’ aide and so do they rest of the guards. They fight.
KC complains that there is no end to the ninjas so YW tells him there is only one real person and they have to find him.
The guards fight MS’s attackers outside the room now.
YW is hurt on the arm like KC by the assassins.
vlcsnap-2013-04-23-02h33m32s59 vlcsnap-2013-04-23-02h34m11s192
One of the assassins is about to stab YW but KC blocks him with his bare arm. As if time has stopped, YW remembers her childhood when little KC saved her from a wild dog. Little KC tells her to stay still and don’t avoid the dog’s eyes in fear. He assures her, “I will protect you by your side.” But YW is scared so she screams as she ducks her head and the dog attacks. Little KC blocks the dog with his bare arm and the dog bites him on the arm and keeps his grip on it.
In the present, KC grabs the assassin’s sword and sneers. “I got you.” It’s the real ninja and he knocks him out. All the other apparitions disappear.
KC sees YW looking at his wound so he says to her, “Don’t worry. It’s nothing.” YW remembers little KC saying the same thing. YW slaps him on the head and reprimands him for doing a stupid thing. It was too dangerous. KC can’t believe this is the way she is saying thanks. “Why don’t you just say thank you if you are?” YW retorts, “I never asked you to save me.” When KC replies, “Anyway, I am your life-saver,” she slaps him again and exclaims, “I am not that weak for you to have to save me.” She leaves him.
Alone, YW remembers little KC telling her to not be afraid and calming the dog down, despite his arm still in the dog’s mouth and bleeding. After KC sends the dog away, YW sees the blood and cries. Little KC tries to comfort her but doesn’t really know what to do with a crying girl.

Gu Family Book Ep 04

Scenes of WR and SH. *Wails* Why make me miss them more, show? WHY?????
As YW and KC run through the forest, YW’s hat falls and her hair becomes loose. In his confused state, KC thinks YW is CJ. SJ’s voice is in the background saying, “Avoid that person if you can.”
The guard has caught up to YW and CJ and he moves to strike YW with his sword. KC swiftly turns YW around, protecting her and stabbing the guard. The guard falls and KC has his arm around YW. He caresses her cheek as he says, “Don’t worry. I, Kang Chi, will protect you.” KC then faints in YW’s arms. Blue lights start to float around them.
YW thinks to herself, “When did I hear this before?” We see a memory from her past when boy protected from a dog attack. Ooh, KC was her childhood love?
We see that GW has arrived at the inn. We also see PJ saying to MS that MS is next on GW’s target list.
TS comes out to greet GW’s caravan and sevants. GW’s lead henchman demands rooms for the large party but TS says there is not enough rooms for everyone. Henchman demands that TS kick out other customers to make room. GW lifts his carriage curtain and asks if TS heard of Jo Gwan-woong. He reveals himself at that Jo Gwan-woong.
TS and others have tried to see if there is some way they can make room but there really isn’t without chasing out other customers. TS looks worried and asks for KC. KC hasn’t been seen around so TS’s manservant says he will go look for him.
YW has transported the unconscious KC to a shelter. SJ’s words about avoiding the person you meet at the tree with the hanging crescent repeats inside her head. YW calls out to him, “Hey you!” but KC doesn’t wake up. She  pokes his cheek cautiously at first but later just stabs him yet he still won’t wake up. He just surprises her by snorting really loudly and scratching himself. YW finds this unbecoming and says, “Shoo. I don’t want someone like you.”
Gon comes in to report that the men are gone. YW tells him that KC has been sleeping this whole time. Gon kicks KC to wake him up but KC is a stone. Gon takes out his sword and stabs into KC. Fortunately, KC wakes up and quickly moves out of the way.
vlcsnap-2013-04-17-03h05m47s207 vlcsnap-2013-04-17-03h05m45s195

Gu Family Book Ep 03

Episode 03

SJ is running through the woods thinking WR is back. He enters the cave and sees the baby and SH. SH is not holding the baby.
SJ cooks soup for SH and SH is just staring emotionless at baby. SJ notes that the baby has the WR’s face. SH says she can’t remember what WR looked like.
SJ takes out the wooden dagger and tells SH, “I told him to stab you in the heart with this. If he did, he would be okay.” SH asks in shock, “Why didn’t he?” SJ replies, “He said he finally found someone in a thousand years that made his heart beat faster. He couldn’t kill you so that he could live. That was his love for you.” He tells SH to carry the dagger now since it is the last remaining symbol of WR’s love for her.

Gu Family Book ep 02

Episode 02

A voice narrates, “That high-off and dangerous mountain forest where humans are not easily permitted to enter. The place where only the spirits who protect the forest can enter. At the Moonlight Garden, their sad legend was beginning.
SJ informs WR that troops looking for SH are in the forest and they are led by the famed PJ. “You won’t be able to easily scare them off like usual.” He wants WR to send SH away. He warns WR that if he lets a human female in his heart, WR will get into trouble.
The gisaeng house henchman leads the troops to the place they saw the “gumiho.” PJ finds the hair pin that SH dropped there yesterday when she fainted in WR’s arms.  A hawk flies above the scene and reports back to WR, it seems.
SJ has left and WR is alone with SH. She cautiously approaches him and says, “I think I should leave.” WR asks why. SH replies, “I am a traitor’s daughter.” WR asks nonchalantly, “And so?” SH answers, “I am a runaway slave too.” WR asks again, “And so?” SH explains, “You will get in trouble if you are caught with me. I don’t want you to get in trouble.” WR laughs and reassures her that he can’t be harmed and as long as he is with her, she won’t be harmed either.
WR holds up a dead rabbit and a turtle for her to choose from to eat. SH quickly chooses the peach on the table. WR leaves to pick a whole tree’s worth of peach. SH laughs happily at pile of peaches in front of her so WR, thinking it isn’t enough, says he will go and fetch a chicken for her. SH holds him back, grabbing his arm. WR is pleasantly surprised by the touch.
SH smells the flowers growing at Moonlight Garden. She turns around to see WR with his arms completely full of fragrant flowers. She laughs once again and starts to fall for him as he smiles back at her.
vlcsnap-2013-04-10-01h51m55s183 vlcsnap-2013-04-10-01h51m33s217
WR brings her a bag full of blue butterflies. Hehe, this man doesn’t know the meaning of moderation.
vlcsnap-2013-04-10-01h52m21s185 vlcsnap-2013-04-10-01h52m20s168
WR catches SH looking a little sad so he takes her to the top of the waterfall where they can see the whole mountain range and a rainbow. She marvels at the sight and exclaims, “It’s beautiful!” WR says to her, “You’re smiling face is beautiful. Very beautiful.”

Gu Family Book Ep 01

Episode 01

Narration: That high-off and dangerous mountain forest where humans are not easily permitted to enter. The place where only the spirits who protect the forest can enter. A place called Moonlight Garden. An animal god has lived in the Moonlight Garden for 1000 years. SJ priest shouts for WR. WR isn’t there so Preist figures WR is out doing something again.

Gu Family Book

Ah akhirnya tahun ini ada drakor yang bagus..

Protect The Boss Ep 18 (Final)

Protect The Boss Ep 17

After hearing the horn Ji Heon ran back to Eun Seol. “You’re not okay, aren’t you?” asked Ji Heon opening the door.

Protect The Boss Ep 16

The heartbreaking words by Ji Heon in the previous episode of Protect The Boss made me hesitate to continue watching this episode.

Protect The Boss Ep 15

Protect The Boss Ep 14

Protect The Boss Ep 13

Protect The Boss Ep 12

After settling her matters with Moo Won, Eun Seol didn’t feel relieve. She looked very sad.
But then she found Ji Heon standing on the stairs asking if she had cleared things out with Moo Won.
Eun Seol just nodded.

Protect The Boss ep 11

As we know in the previous episode at the ending, Moo Won suddenly appeared when Ji Heon was talking about going to Eun Seol’s environment.

Protect The Boss Ep 10

Protect The Boss Ep 09

Eun Seol let go of Ji Heon’s kiss. She got more confuse.
Even when Ji Heon said that her pulse rate higher than usual, she kept saying she’s not sure. She wondered why she could let go of her senses and fall for her boss and get clumsily honest with the person she had fallen for.

Protect The Boss Ep 08

Ji Heon naively thought that Eun Seol was a kind of super(hero)woman, because she’s gonna come everytime he called her name. Ji Heon approached Eun seol and hugged her.

Protect The Boss Ep 07

Cha Moo Won is confessing his love to Eun Seol. That fact just put her in a difficult situation. Her heart was in dilemma, but she’s not giving him the answer right away.
When Eun Seol’s heart felt in a burden because of Moo Won’s confession, her mind suddenly recalled memories she had with Ji Heon and how that man had also confess his heart.
Eun Seol shrug it off immediately and excused herself.

Protect The Boss Ep 06

Ji Heon apologized to Eun Seol and kind of begged her not to hit him because she’s more than ready to throw a punch on him. He let go Eun Seol with the car by saying that she shouldn’t go too  fast nor too slow driving the car home.

Protect The Boss Ep 05

The teleconference was Eun Seol’s idea. She got it when her dad video called her early in the morning to ask her about an article published on newspaper that contained her picture protecting her boss from the press.

Protect The Boss Ep 03

Eun Seol flew herself across the room and hid the shoes under her body. But Ji Heon had seen them.He checked on Eun Seol’s barefeet once again, and Eun Seol shaped her toes funny once again too.

Protect The BossEp 02

Moo Won insisted on Ji Heon keeping his secretary, while Ji Heon kept firing her. It turned to be a director wars and Eun Seol tried to stop them by saying that she needed the job and she’d do her best.

Protect The Boss Ep 01

Awal aku buat blog pernah bahas tentang protect the boss. nah sekarang bakal aku masukin spoilernya.. drakor ni lumayan ok dan rekomended banget.. dijamin bakalan tertawa sampai sakit perut.
check this out.

Protect the boss EP 1

The Moon That Embrace The Sun Ep 20 (Final)

해를 품은 달.E20.END.120315.HDTV.H264.720p-KOR[11-34-49]

The Moon That Embrace The Sun Ep 19

Starts from YW and H walking. He says since he gave himself isnt there something in return(as in something she could give him) YW: I don’t have anything. Is there something you want. H: that….I want to do that. YW: I dont know what “that” is. H: I am talking about that. (she thinks he is talking about being intimate) but H says: what you did with hyungnim at the infirmary. what you did with the long stick
she shows him how to hit the stick. He misses a lot so HS finally points to the shorter stick – as in hit this here. So H glares at him. Then H gets really good at it and keeps hitting it far. They all clap as HS runs to go get the shorter stick again.

The Moon That Embrace The Sun Ep 18

해를 품은 달.E18.120301.HDTV.H264.450p-OMG[10-26-29]해를 품은 달.E18.120301.HDTV.H264.450p-OMG[10-27-02]

The Moon That Embrace The Sun Ep 17

해를 품은 달.E17.120229.HDTV.H264.720p-Spider[09-09-56]