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Gu Family Book Ep 12

starts from PJ asking if that kid can really become human – will he really not be dangerous around people. SJ says you are worried about your daughter. I told her if she could avoid it to avoid it. cuz between the two one could die. to avoid it. PJ: could die? SJ says fate that has already started – it cant be stopped by a human’s strength – it’s not something that should be stopped. but all PJ hears is “could die”
KC is chained up and calls out to CJ and she calls out to him. TS comes over as KC’s voice tells gong that could never happen - TS and CJ would never betray me. TS says I came to cut your throat KC- forgive me KC. KC tells him not to take the bracelet off but he does. KC feels pain. the wind rustles and gains strength around them.

YW stops and Gon asks what’s wrong. she says didn’t you hear that sound. he says no I didnt hear it.
KC changes form and breaks the chains. CJ and TS are more terrified than the others. M tries to kill him but KC just knocks him down. TS attacks and KC wounds him. he looks down at his hands and looks over at TS. KC calls out TS and takes a step but she throws leaves and rocks at him saying get away – get away from my brother – get away. dont come close – get away. I don’t like you.
YW and Gon run over
CJ faints. KC keeps calling her name. M gets up to attack again with his men when KC is distracted but KC senses it.
there is fighting and yelling off screen
YW and Gon get there and the men are all wounded. YW asks what happened to you. M says KC. Gon shows her the bead bracelet. that guy changed again and I dont see CJ
TS staggers in the wood bleeding saying CJ-  my sister. He falls down
SS shows up and says KC left? PJ: yes he did. SS asks how? when I left him in your care cuz i trusted you so how? PJ says I couldnt contain him. if I keep a kid I cant control -that the bowl would break. SS: that wasnt the problem it was your heart. student reports urgent news about GW’s men near that location. SS asks if that is where KC went. student says yes. PJ says call Gon but the guy says I cant see him from a while ago. PJ: what?
gon and YW hide and see GW’s men and she thinks they are chasing KC too – how did they know where KC was headed. we better hurry Gon. he says but how do we know where he is. YW: I know where they would have gone (KC and CJ)
KC took CJ to the cave in the garden. she wakes up and he says it’s me KC. she says you are KC –how? weren’t you human? KC: sorry for showing you this side. she cries and says where is my brother. did you kill my brother. did you do that? he gets up but she says go away – don’t get close. you aren’t KC. there is no way KC would be a monster like you. he wouldn’t have killed brother. she runs out
she doesn’t know how to leave and hears KC screaming inside so she just runs in any direction
YW and gon run over
CJ is running through the woods.
GW’s men are giving chase
CJ falls down and stops.
YW says what’s going on- there was a road here for sure to the moonlight garden- why cant I see the road. gon says we passed this way a while ago.
SB says who is this. aren’t you the dead Inn girl. she is surrounded by his men
SR hears they are looking but couldnt find her yet. SR says the longer it takes CJ will be in danger. her servant says I dont know what’s going on but GW’s men are all over the woods.
GW looks at all the men wounded in M’s group. he asks if all of this was KC’s doing. M says you might not believe it but it really is. as soon as TS took his bracelet off in a flash he changed into a monster. CJ listens as M says KC changed. how he kept attacking them without stopping. GW remembers WR. SB thinks KC could be the son of the deceased SH –cuz he is about the age since it was 20yrs ago. GW: nonsense – how could that happen. he asks CJ where is KC now. she says I don’t know. SB says she was lost in the woods and we caught her. she really didn’t know the way. they bring TS over. she tries to go to him but they hold her back. GW says you try to run away from me. did you think that was possible. TS begs free my sister – I will do everything you ask so please. GW says drag him away to jail. CJ says don’t but GW says then remember where KC was but she says I really cant remember. cuz the woods all look alike so I cant find the way. GW says then your brother’s neck will be hanging by tm morning. he orders TS dragged away. GW says to SB – I have a place to drop by so clean up this mess and follow me. SB says what should I do with her so GW says take her to his place.
M says let’s go but SB’s men kill all of M and his men. CJ watches horrified
GW goes to see PJ. GW says it’s been a long time. PJ says I heard you were at the Inn. GW says but you didn’t visit once. that makes me sad.  PJ asks why did you come. GW asks why didnt you kill SH 20 yrs ago. why didnt you kill her there and leave an offspring.  PJ says I wont kill an innocent with my sword. GW asks so you left it alone so that monster could be born – Choi KC. so he really is SH’s son. isnt he? PJ says go back now but GW puts his hand on his shoulder asking what are you thinking to cover for KC (as in support and watch over him). arent you the one who killed his father. what are you  planning. his students say take your hand away but PJ orders them to put their swords back. PJ says you should go now that would be good. GW says I know you are planning something with the admiral. that he knows they took the 5000 nyang and something about what they are making -something smells suspicious.  if you and him are planning treason (i dont know the rest)  PJ orders his students to draw their swords. GW makes a threat about how one day he will make PJ realize something. GW and his men leave
PJ goes in and tells SS to stay here and then go down to the mountain early tm. cuz GW might have put a lookout.
Gon says it’s really late and to go back now but she says I am worried about him cuz the bracelet is gone he will be very troubled right now
KC sits in the cave and remembers CJ saying you aren’t KC he wouldn’t be a monster like you. he looks at his wrist
KC goes out where M’s men lay dead. KC looks everywhere for the bracelet. he sniffs and smells that YW had been here. he is about to leave when M says save me. KC is about to leave but turns back to M. M says save me. KC: why should I when you tried to kill me so why should I save you. M: I was wrong – I committed a sin that deserves death. KC says how M took money from the poor and sided with GW so it’s better I let you die to do a favor for the world so just die. M yells out please save me once so KC stops and turns back. he takes out the knife from M and holds it out so M screams.
SS is sitting and writing something.
at night the students are on guard and one tells the kid to go in now but the kid says no I’m still ok. the guy says to do it for another hour and then go in.
KC sneaks in and the kid runs over asking who is there. KC is surrounded and they all ask who are you. KC hides his face. they say to reveal yourself. he stands and faces them. they back off scared.
PJ comes out and asks what is going on. KC growls at him
SS senses something outside
student tells PJ it’s KC. PJ remembers WR when he killed the men. PJ goes over and asks why did you show up like this. KC says I came to meet YW – let me meet YW. PJ says no not in that state. KC yells I have to meet YW. a student attacks so KC takes him down and pins his neck. he says stay back if someone tries to kill me I will kill too. PJ yells what are you doing - let him go right now. KC: I dont want to. PJ: must you take a life? KC: that I have to do it first – now I know. PJ: I have no choice but to cut you down then. he pulls his sword and says I will say it one more time let him go. YW yells you cant father.  no father you cant – put your sword back. PJ says cant you see he isnt human now so move. she says I dont want to. you said in the world there are no bad people – just bad situations. KC is like that too – he didnt change cuz he was bad -  it’s just that he is in a bad situation. you know that so please put the sword away. KC has no fault he didn’t do anything wrong. her words make KC let the guy go and KC stands up. PJ says it’s an order as the master – move aside. don’t you hear me – move back. she goes over and takes KC’s hand and holds on tight. KC looks over at her. she intertwines their fingers while looking at her dad and says no I wont stay back – ever. KC says her name in his head. he keeps looking at her and his eyes go back to normal as the rest of him does too. everyone is shocked. YW looks over at KC as SJ’s voice says a fate that already started cant be stopped with a person’s strength. it’s not something to stop. YW and KC smile at each other.
PJ puts his sword down.
SS watched that
PJ goes in and puts his sword down
KC has the bracelet on and meets with SS. SS says I heard you left with someone. KC says she saw my real self and ran away. SS: was she that kind of girl.  KC says someone i believed was a brother betrayed me and the one I gave all my sincerity to threw rocks at me. those people I thought were my precious family rejected me. SS says didnt you know – the ones who hurt you the most are the people closest to you. cuz you love you get hurt too.  KC says she called me a monster. he cries. SS says it’s not important how others see you just how you think of yourself is more important. KC says whatever I think of myself - I am already not a person –like a mountain cant change into the sea- the truth is I cant change the half of me. SS asks what do you want to live as now. KC says I cant think of that cuz I’m not this side or that side and just half. SS says something deep about how a man only needs a friend to share his thoughts, a loved one to share his heart, and a country he is willing to protect with his life-with those things you can call it the best life. KC says the way he is now no one will share his thoughts or share his heart cuz inside his body dirty blood flows. SS says didnt i already tell you-among the people I call human i saw them do terrible things.  what decides that you are human isnt the blood that runs thru your body – just what kind of person you live as. I will ask again – what will you live as now. what do you want to live as
YW is pacing as KC goes out. YW asks what happened. what did he say. why? did you hear admonishments. did you get into a lot of trouble? he asks why are you so good to me. YW: just cuz for your sake I want to do anything – that is my heart now. KC remembers his answer to SS– I want to become human – not this half but whole. I want to become a person. he sobbed saying that so SS takes his hand and cries with him. KC looks at him and cries some more.
M is alive in the woods and comes to. he looks at his wounds and it’s healed. KC took that knife and cut his hand and spilled his blood on M. M asks what are you doing now. KC: I don’t know too why I am doing this for someone like you. in the past I did this for someone and saved a person so whether this works on your or not we have to wait and see. blue lights come and heal M. M faints. M remembers and looks at the fire KC made for him. M laughs and cries cuz he is healed.
GW is drinking when SB says I brought CJ. GW says come in. she is dressed nicely and dragged over to him. she glares at him as he asks her to pour. she says I don’t want to. he says I am giving you an order not a request. she says whatever the order I wont follow it. I don’t want to. he says even talk about your brother – do you not want it. I have a deal for you tonight -whether you follow that or not determines your brother’s fate tm morning. pour. so she does but he puts the cup down and pulls her close. he says be mine tonight – if you become mine I will be yours. she says let go please let go. he pulls her into his arms and asks what she is trying to protect acting like this - her body or dignity. she says you killed my parents – I rather die than go thru this. he says you think your parents died for your sake – no- your father died saving KC- your mother threw you away and chose suicide-who will protect you-  only have yourself to protect you. for the sake of living- throw away what you can and save what you can. the greed to live – it’s not embarrassing/shameful. it’s only natural.  she says to let go of her. he says be mine and I will be yours. he knocks down the candle as he attacks her
TS wakes up in jail looking startled and in pain
a fragile flower drops from a tree and floats down onto the water
next morning YW goes to see her dad. she smiles and and asks did you sleep well father. you came out early. did you eat breakfast. he ignores her. he says why – KC has a fate you cant handle – he cant be human. she says if they find in the gu book he could become human. when he becomes a person his fate will change too and the monk’s predictions- cuz of a future that hasnt happened yet – the reality in front of me now I don’t want to live avoiding it. I am going to face it with more confidence.  to live like that- you taught me that up to now father. at a loss for words, he sighs deeply
KC sits in the room and looks at his bracelet. he remembers how YW took his hand and said I wont stay back – no matter what. how he asked why she is so good to him and how she said I want to do everything for your sake cuz that’s my heart now
CJ dresses and looks dead inside. SB says I brought TS. she looks over at GW. he says no need to be embarrassed cuz you saved your brother’s life. TS comes in as she tries to leave. he asks why are you here. GW says cant you see - your sister did something to save you. TS asks CJ you didn’t. he cries and she does too. she runs out as he calls out her name. TS looks at GW and says I will kill you. he grabs a sword  to kill GW but SB knocks him down. SB says what should I do lord. TS says I will kill you. GW says you have a lot of anger for someone who doesnt have strength. this is my last chance for you. find out what SS is using the 5000 nyang for – if you disappoint me this time too – what your sister will pay will be way worse. he walks out and leaves TS to stare at where his sister spent the night. TS sobs on the floor
CJ walks thru the door and other gisaengs are there. WS tells her to stop. how dare you go outside without permission. CJ glares at her. CJ: it was said my lot in life could blossom anew like a spring flower. if that happens -what will happen to the main gisaeng (meaning CJ could rise in position and be ahead of WS)
SR hears CJ came back. maid says she came in on her own two feet. CJ enters. SR asks what happened – where were you. CJ you said I could have a dream – can I believe what you said that this really isnt the end. SR asks what happened. CJ says I will become the nagee (the drummer) – to become one and I want to live my life again.
TS goes back to the school. students watch him walk by and so does KC.
PJ catches TS when he falls. PJ asks what happened. TS cries as KC comes over to the door and remembers how TS said I came to cut your throat KC. how MS told KC with his dying breath – don’t forget you were like my son protect TS and CJ. KC was about to go but that memory keeps him from leaving and he makes a fist
TS says I wanted to resemble father and be like him so if I try I thought I thought one day I would become someone like father but in a world without father here I’ve been weak and pathetic. this is all I could become so I hate myself so much I could die. PJ: are you the one who made KC turn into the creature.  KC asks how much longer will a guy go around crying. huh? he goes over and says look at me. TS say I don’t want to. go away. KC grabs him and says: look at me directly – what are you so scared of that you cant look at me properly –why? cuz I might turn into a monster again and hurt you? or is it cuz of that spell everytime you look at me? what are you so afraid of?  please look at me TS – you have to look at me directly so I can show myself properly to you – what happened to me – why I became that monster – how afraid I am now – how terribly lonely I am – I want to tell someone that – and the person I can tell that is just you so please look at me TS. look at me directly. TS cries and then he does. he punches KC over and over. YW calls out KC as TS keeps beating KC. her dad puts up his hand for her to stay there. TS finally stops and KC says friends face each other like this TS. TS holds his last punch and gets on his knees sobbing. KC kneels and holds his shoulder and sort of hugs him so TS can cry on his shoulder.
gong says KC’s heart broke the hypnosis on TS. sincerity is power -it’s stronger than anything else. what are you going to do now. PJ says I have to prepare for GW so no more will cry cuz of him. gong says you are saying something I like hearing. he brings up Sabungja ( a group of men I think)
GW gets a report from SB about the men gathering to support SS. how GW heard about them in the past – there are four of them. they couldn’t be found but SB says they are  helping SS. GW says sabungja and KC. choi says guests came and hands over a napkin
YW puts down a bag next to KC. he asks what it is. she says her father gave an order for KC’s management to start from today. KC asks you are going to manage me. Gon comes over and says me too. KC asks what do you want me to do with these beans. she says from now on count how many total are in the bag. KC: what? YW: you said you want to become a person so do that with a happy heart cuz it’s the first task – got that? gon grins
GW goes out to greet a japanese entourage. he greets some guy and says now you came – I waited. the guy shows the woman inside. her face is not visible
KC is counting and at 1230 something but YW asks about his real mom -how she passed away. do you know anything at all. he lost count so she says sorry. he starts over
GW asks who is the person who came with you. he is told she is the wife of someone japanese who passed away. only her lips are visible under her hat.
there is a gust of wind and KC says what is that. he senses something in the air. YW: what?
in the woods, WR’s gravesite starts to wither and scary red eyes pop open.
KC spills all the beans and stares off in the distance.

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