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Protect The Boss Ep 03

Eun Seol flew herself across the room and hid the shoes under her body. But Ji Heon had seen them.He checked on Eun Seol’s barefeet once again, and Eun Seol shaped her toes funny once again too.

It’s funny how Eun Seol looked scared asking, “You have seen it haven’t you?”
Ji Heon looked more curious, “Yes, I have. But I want to make sure with my own eyes.”
He rolled Eun Seol’s body around and saw the pair of shoes. Ji Heon was upset that he stepped on them on Eun Seol’s body, but she pushed him away.

The two were strunggling and arguing when Myeong Ran finally arrived. Myeong Ran mistaken Ji Heon as a burglar and pushed him down. But when she found out that he was actually Eun Seol’s boss, she angrier. “So this is Cha Ji Heon whom we’ve vowed to kill?”

Eun Seol said yes, and then Myeong Ran lifted Ji Heon to the air. Before Eun Seol could prevent anything, Myeong Ran had already thrown him onto the floor.

Ji Heon was mad, while Eun Seol tried so hard to convince him that she didn’t know anything before she saw her shoe in his room. Ji Heon was too angry to forgive her, he sent Eun Seol away and left.

Back to her room, Eun Seol blamed  Myeong Ran for expressing her anger to an innocent man. She also worried that Ji Heon would be scared on the street and it’s more likely that he couldn’t get home safely. Myeong Ran asked, “He’s not a kid. Are you his mother or what?”
Eun Seol just answered frustratedly, “Sort of.”

And yes her worry was right. Ji Heon freaked out when he walked down the dark alley and called out for Eun Seol’s name. Eun Seol came in the right time.

Ji Heon ended up sleeping in Eun Seol’s room with Myeong Ran staring at him with dislikeness because he couldn’t sleep with light off while she’s the reverse.

Ji Heon and Eun Seol came together to the office and met Moo Won at the lobby. He asked if he didn’t go home last night, and Ji Heon didn’t hesitate to annoy Moo Won by saying that he’s sleeping in Eun Seol’s place. Eun Seol told Moo Won that her friend slept in the middle of the two of them, and Moo Won just gave his usual smirk and said that she must have her reason.

Moo Won also had his own card to annoy Ji Heon by telling him that Na Yoon had come back. But Ji Heon seemed not to care much about it.

Apparently Na Yoon was Ji Heon’s old girlfriend who left him to study abroad. On the day she left, she thought Ji Heon didn’t come to the airport. Ji Heon did come, but when he was about to reach Na Yoon, he received a phonecall that shocked him so much that he collapsed. I thought it was a very bad memory for Ji Heon because recalling it even made him got the panic attack again.

Eun Seol came to the office in a rush because she saw Ji Heon got the symptom again. But she ended up spilling the hot tea onto his pants. He was so upset that even when he had dried it and came out of the toilet, he threathened Eun Seol that he would reveal her sin, the night club incident. Eun Seol threatened him back by saying that she’d reveal his funny underpants and sleeping habit.

Unfortunately, the two annoying secretaries overheard it and they didn’t hesitate to spread it through the company’s message board.

Eun Seol was immediately asked to submit her resignation letter by the head of secretary department. The two secretaries told everyone that they heard it from Cha Ji Heon themselves.

To easen her troubled mind, Eun Seol went out of town to the mountain to have a visit to her father. Mr. Noh lived on the mountain like a kung fu master because he experienced a total bankruptcy and decided to escape. To let Eun Seol expressed her troubled mind, Mr. Noh let her daughter practice kung fu battle with him.

Ji Heon still didn’t know that Eun Seol would submit her resignation letter. She called him in the afternoon asking, “When you said you want to fire me, to reveal everything,did you really mean it?”
Of course Ji Heon said, “I’m not like you, i’m a truthful person.”
Eun Seol was diappointed, “Even when you’re firing someone, you should at least do the basic ethic. Don’t you think you’re too despicable?”
Ji Heon was upsetly yelled, “Are you crazy? You’re really fired!!”
Ji Heon had really no idea about Eun Seol’s disappointment. That night he just recalled the memory when he stayed overnight at Eun Seol’s place. Eun Seol found him having trouble to sleep, so she helped him by telling him to have the baby-in-womb position. She said she felt better sleeping in that position when her mother passed away. Eun Seol that gave a massage on Ji Heon’s hands but ended up falling asleep on his hand.

Ji Heon then imagining Eun Seol was right in front of him on his bad. But the imagination soon ruined when his father came in.

The father asked his son to have a better father and son relationship.

Eun Seol came back to the office to say goodbye to many people. But to the two annoying secretaries, she gave some “lesson” just like a school punk bullied other students.

To Cha Moo Won she gave a present and told him that he’s a very nice person to her. Moo Won said he’s very uncomfortable with that compliment. Eun Seol said, “Anyhow, for me you’re still a very nice person. Because for a person like me who has nothing, you’re the first person who trust me.” Moo Won suddenly felt bad about letting Eun seol got fired.

Manager Park was talking to Eun Seol about her resignation letter. Thankfully, Ji Heon overheard the conversation and handled this matter. He tolf Manager Park that he’s her boss, so if there’s one person had the right to fire Noh Eun Seol, that person should be him. And that’s the end of the conversation for Ji Heon.

Moo Won felt guilty to Eun Seol and finally decided not to accept her resignation letter. He was about to find Eun Seol, but he met Ji Heon as well. Ji Heon was going to take the letter from Moo Won, but that guy wholeheartedly tore the letter in front of both Ji Heon and Eun Seol.

And Moo Won didn’t stop there to annoy Ji Heon. He showed off to Ji Heon the mobile phone case Eun Seol gave him earlier as the goodbye gift, saying that he really liked it.

Well, Ji Heon wasn’t actually left behind. Eun Seol also gave him a goodbye gift. But look what he got from her! :D How cuteeeeee…

Na Yoon held a business meeting with Moo Won, but after talking business they couldn’t avoid talking about personal matters. So apparently, Ji Heon didn’t know that Na Yoon had a special relationship with Moo Won. They slept together, but it seemed that Moo Won didn’t really take that seriously.

Chairman Cha not knowing that the woman who caused the problem in the controversial night club incident was Noh Eun Seol, told everyone, who was about to report this matter to him, to forget about the past. Everyone was startled, but they couldn’t say anything anymore. Chairman Cha then held an exclusive meeting announcing that Cha Ji Heon would be his successor soon. Moo Won’s mom was furious. She ended up quarreling with Chairman Cha with rude manners and words.

Moo Won congratulated Ji Heon but didn’t deny that he’s wanting that position. Ji Heon said he probably had no interest in the job, but he wouldn’t let Moo Won got the company. The two then hit each other’s shoulders just like the quarreling kids.

After being held by Eun Seol to wait for Ji Heon at the waiting room instead of in Ji Heon’s room, the old lovers finally met.

Na Yoon talked so many things about the past to Ji Heon and it bored him. However it’s still unclear whether he ignored her because he’s still mad at her or he really wanted to forget about the past and just look forward.

Moo Won’s mom and Na Yoon’s mom were friends. And it turned out that Na Yoon’s mom was also Ji Heon’s dad friend. She seemed to be one of the company’s shareholders. And turned out that Moo Won and Na Yoon was arranged to be married.

Chairman Cha finally found out that the trouble maker woman was Noh Eun Seol and he immediately told Ji Heon to fire her. Ji Heon refused to do it. For the compensation, Chairman Cha asked Ji Heon to start doing his evaluation mission to convince the board th at he could be the future leader of the company.He had a marketing target to achieve.

So Ji Heon really did start to work seriously.  His assignment was to improve the profit of the amusement park.
He really endured everything just for his secretary?? He’s definitely had fallen for her. Busted!

After the work they took a break together and Eun Seol told him about her memory with her dad on that amusement park when she was a kid. She could only choose two rides and it upset the little Eun Seol. It sounded a sad memory for Ji Heon but Eun Seol said it’s one of her favourite memories. Then Ji Heon let Eun Seol picked three rides for free.

First ride she chose was the swinging boat. Ji Heon refused to come along. Eun Seol then assured Ji Heon that she’d be on a seat where he could see her clearly. She also had to have the ticket guy to look after him, just like a mother who had to leave her son for awhile. Ji Heon looked so enjoyable and relax watching the joyful Eun Seol.

At the same time, Moo Won and Na Yoon were having a walk together at the amusement park too. Looking at Ji Heon smiling happilly watching Eun Seol from a far, both didn’t look happy.


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