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The Moon That Embrace The Sun Ep 19

Starts from YW and H walking. He says since he gave himself isnt there something in return(as in something she could give him) YW: I don’t have anything. Is there something you want. H: that….I want to do that. YW: I dont know what “that” is. H: I am talking about that. (she thinks he is talking about being intimate) but H says: what you did with hyungnim at the infirmary. what you did with the long stick
she shows him how to hit the stick. He misses a lot so HS finally points to the shorter stick – as in hit this here. So H glares at him. Then H gets really good at it and keeps hitting it far. They all clap as HS runs to go get the shorter stick again.

Yoon says how M can get both of what he wants if they succeed in the insurrection. M says it’s not hard to give up his place but wont it be easy for yoon to give up his position. Yoon says how he wont give up his position. M: I thought you only had one daughter. yoon: if I need one there can be one anytime. M is surprisedhow yoon can throw away his bloodline. Yoon: are you testing me? M: you tested me so I am testing you.  M says how the problem about YW is not negotiable so Yoon says how his side will be opposed by 50/50 to M keeping someone who was the king’s so Yoon suggests ”if there is belonging that you treasure, wont it be better to keep it hidden.”  M: fine. I will get on the same boat as you. (meaning M is on the same side as Yoon now)
B remembers her dad’s words as he asked the little girl if she wanted to live at the palace or look around the palace. B wonders and asks her father – if he is thinking of throwing the king and her away. it cant happen. she goes out and her aide asks where she is going at this late hour. B says the king is in danger. I have to tell the king of the danger. As she walks over she sees H with YW and turns around. She goes back inside looking angry
People gather around two notices as one man who knows how to read tells them - this one says the king is keeping a shaman close to him. The other one that says Yoon’s faction got rid of the crown princess (meaning killed her) a long time ago. which one of this is real. one man is bothered about what yoon did.  Then Hong who is dressed as a commoner adds to the gossip saying there is talk going around that the old crown princess came back alive after 8 yrs. the other guy asks how can a dead person come back alive. the one who can read says he wishes that was true. cuz the yoon and ministers are corrupt so how great would it be if the crown princess who was dead came back alive and made things bad for Yoon. Hong adds that there is talk that the shaman is not really a shaman. that she is really the dead crown princess. the man asks if that means the current queen took a position that didnt belong to her for all these years
Ministers meet with Hwon. ministers want the people caught who put up those notices and punish them.  H scares them by saying those people put that up to help the country and maybe they wrote the truth. a minister chokes so H says -are you ok. I was just kidding.
B tells her dad she saw that girl in the palace. Yoon: are you bringing that up again – maybe you are seeing things. B says I didn’t see an apparition it was that girl. that girl is here for sure in the palace. Yoon says Whether that girl is alive or dead or wherever she is- it doesn’t matter now. B: What do you mean it doesnt matter now. what are you planning now father. Yoon: There is something I have to take care of in a hurry so I will leave now. B cries and says in her head: if I am going to be thrown away by the king and my father then there is nothing left for me to do but protect my position by myself. She calls for the former shaman to be found and brought here
H is sitting across from YW. she remembers how N said she had no choice but to follow the dowager’s order and also she couldnt disregard her friend’s request for N to protect Y. YW looks at H so he jokes she is overdoing it and is being too obvious about staring at him these days. YW: your majesty. H: why are you calling me. YW: I am sorry but could I dare to ask for a favor. H: a favor. say it. I will listen to whatever it is. (meaning he will grant it)  She wants to meet N once. he says that person is sequestered so why do you want to meet a criminal. YW: but she is also the person who saved me. Every time when I see you I am thankful to her that I am alive. that I am able to look at you like this – it was cuz she saved me. Even though she cant avoid her punishment, before then -just once I want to meet her cuz I need time to sort through the affection I had for her for 8 yrs.please allow me to
The former shaman is brought to meet B. she asked why B wanted to see her. B asks : have you seen N’s spiritual daughter. Woman says yes. I saw her before. B asks the shaman if she has the skills to perform black magic to kill the girl. answer me. can you perform black magic.  Woman says it’s not impossible but I will need some information like where the victim is and her specific location (how far the distance is between them) cuz that distance cant be too far away. B: if she is in the palace is it possible? shaman says I cant get rid of her ( as in kill her) right away but like the spell I cast last time on the king, I can give her extreme pain. B: are you saying you did that back then.  shaman: I committed a crime that deserves death. she says she was ordered to by B’s father. B: my father? that is in the past so I wont punish you for that, but  if you cant kill her then give her the worst deep pain you can. Woman says I will use all my powers to do so.  but for a black spell that gives pain that one would wish for death,  I need an offering -with an addition of a pure girl – it could even kill the victim. B repeats: with the addition of an offering, it could kill her (YW)
N has a psychic moment and blood appears in the water. Jansil sees and says it’s blood. A man comes and asks if N is jang nok kyung. N says I am. He gives her a note and leaves. S asks if N is going somewhere. N says while I am gone dont go over there (to Y’s place)
N goes to see YW. They bow to each other. YW asks if S and jansil are well. N says yes they are doing well. YW: have you been well. N: why are you worried about someone like me. YW reminds N how she had told YW about Ari – how ” a long time ago you had a close friend. that your friend’s last request was for you to take care of me.” N: yes it was. YW: what kind of person was she. N: what I know is that before you were born, your mother rescued her. YW: my mother rescued her. N: yes. so in the end, the person who saved you wasnt me or my friend – it was your mother. YW: I believe your words cuz you protected me. I didnt completely forgive you yet, but I do understand.  before it’s too late, I wanted to make sure to say these words to you. thank you. for saving me. thank you. for rescuing me. For raising me. For protecting me. Thank you. for the past 8 yrs for being like a mother. thank you. they both cry.
B is walking late at night and goes to a room dressed in red and black to meet the shaman. The woman asks if B prepared what she told her to get.  B nods yes. woman asks where did you put her. B offers herself as the offering
N is praying and remembers how N warned YW that tonight a spell will be performed. YW worries it’s to harm H but N says no that spell is for YW. YW worries that the king will be in danger, but N promises: I will block it. I will put my life on the line and stop it.
The spell starts and B closes her eyes. N is praying and picks up a knife. She cuts her hand and lets the blood drip on the yellow talisman and burns it. Smoke comes out of it and she tells the smoke to go back to where it came from. N starts to cough up blood. the shaman screams and falls to the ground. She opens her eyes and looks at B. she slowly gets up and she speaks with N’s voice. her face alternates with N’s. “You probably think you did nothing wrong. you must think you are just a victim. But you are wrong. the crime of knowing and letting it happen. the crime of covering up the death. the crime of sitting in a position that isnt yours. for deceiving the king and in the last moment, the crime of giving up on yourself – that is your crime. B: no it’s not. The shaman falls and collapses. B calls her aide and tells them to get rid of the body.
B goes back to her room and remembers N’s words again. “You probably think you did nothing wrong. you must think you are just a victim. But you are wrong.” B remembers when she was a kid and asked her father “are you going to kill YW?” then she remembers the rest of what N said:the crime of knowing and letting it happen. the crime of covering up the death. the crime of sitting in a position that isnt yours. for deceiving the king and in the last moment, the crime of giving up on yourself – that is your crime. All the words come back to her and she goes a little crazy. (now that I saw this scene again – forget what I said about going a little crazy – the woman goes all out bonkers. there is probably a sageuk straightjacket with her name on it.)
Y asks if his mom has to go. She says how the princess needs her. and the mom wants to pray for YW and come back. she says: before a new life is born I need to send off the person who has left. (as in she needs to say goodbye and let YW go). If she keeps holding onto missingYW, it wont be good for the princess (as in burden her cuz she would have to take care of his mom). His mom mentions how when she had YW his father wasn’t there and had to go somewhere else on the king’s order  “even though it couldnt be helped, he was sad about it so make sure you stay by her side and take care of her.” He says he will.
He sees his mom off and S is there watching. His servant asks Y if he heard the rumors. Y: what rumors? he says: about the miss who passed away. Y: what about our YW? the man says how there are rumors going around that the miss was murdered 8 yrs ago (by Yoon’s side). Y asks what that means. the man says that isnt all – there are rumors that she might be alive.  And there was something that bothered me from 8 yrs ago. I told the police this too but when I went to the gravesite the next day, her grave was dug up so the miss that mistress (Y’s mom) saw might be miss YW. suddenly an arrow is shot next to Y’s face with a note. the servant asks if Y is ok. Y reads it.
It’s from Yoon and it says : do you know your sister didnt die from an illness. 8 yrs ago the princess participated in a black spell cuz she wanted you. do you know the truth that she killed your sister. also do you know the former king and dowager covered up your sister’s death. Y remembers young MW asking him if he has a wife or someone he likes and how happy she was when he said he didnt have a wife.  he also remembers how MW cried last time and asked him to forgive her for everything. He gets up
MW is sewing when Y arrives. She gets up and says husband. Y remembers how Yoon had written “all this time that you lived in comfort was at the cost of your sister’s death so what are you going to do.” MW asks why he isnt sitting and standing there. She talks about what she is making for the baby and how cute it is. I will raise this baby very well.  she says she wants a son who is like him smart and good looking. Y cries and asks: did you want me. was it me that you wanted? so what do you have now? what is it about me that you wanted so badly?  she realizes he knows. Y: if it’s not true – tell me it’s not till the end. tell me that I am wrong. That you were young and didn’t know.  She cries and falls to the ground and asks for forgiveness. please forgive. Y: how? how! For that long time you deceived me and deceived my mom and my sister! She begs and says I was going to tell you. I was going to tell you but when I saw how happy you were about the baby in my stomach - I couldn’t bring myself to talk. (tell the truth) the moment i opened my mouth,  then your baby will become a criminal’s so I was afraid of that. Y: it will be your baby – the one who killed my sister (that truth seems to stab her and leaves her speechless with pain)  He sits down and says I am a criminal too- cuz of me, you killed my sister so that makes me a criminal too. without knowing that I was grateful to you so I am a criminal too. I am the bigger criminal for living at the expense of my sister’s death. He gets up to leave so she holds onto his arm. MW: no it’s all my fault. you did nothing wrong. dont blame yourself. please dont abandon your baby.  He takes her hand off his arm and leaves
Ministers talk and think Y should know the whole truth by now. the other woman says you cant know what a woman is like inside. the princess looked so innocent – so who could have imagined she could do such a terrible thing. They think since Y knows the truth, he wont stand still. who knows, he might commit suicide to pay for the crime. other one says how good that would be if he did cuz people would believe Y would do that to pay for the crime.  Yoon says then there is nothing left but to get rid of Y (Yoon is planning to make it look like another suicide cuz Y already heard the rumors about Yoon’s hand in all this so it’s just a matter of time before Y starts to dig further and connect his sister’s death to Yoon)
Y asks who is out there cuz he heard something and goes outside.  assassins come over the wall. S shows up and tells Y to go inside cuz she will protect him. He says he can’t cuz how can a girl (save him) They attack and she starts to kill them. She gets stabbed over and over but keeps fighting. Y watches her get stabbed. Then woon shows up and S sees him and finally allows herself to fall to her knees (cuz she knows Y is safe now). Woon finishes off the rest of the guys. Y goes to S calling out her name. he holds her in his arms and asks her to wake up. She says “miss YW is alive. While you weren’t there you asked me to protect miss. I am sorry. Cuz I was going to protect her till the end. Sorry for leaving like this. He says don’t say such things. that you stayed by our YW’s side, I dont know how grateful I am to you for that. I’m sorry  I gave you too big of a burden. She says don’t be sorry. Cuz when I first came here - in place of the name “this brat” it was you who gave me my name S. from that day till this moment, even though I knew I shouldn’t since you are the young master, I put you in my heart. please forgive me. Y: What do you mean forgive. What do I do. Who am I for you to lose your life over.  she says in her head: because of you I became a person and a girl and S. even though it’s for a short time. more than any other girl in the world I am happy now. You have to be happy too young master. She closes her eyes and dies in his arms. he keeps calling out her name
N wakes up crying and in pain. jansil is outside crying. jansil says S unni must have died. She kept telling me to live well and to tell you that she was thankful. that she is happy and for us to live happily as well. Jansil cries more. It starts to snow petals. N says something to S’s spirit – do you like it that you left with spring blossoms in your heart. and S voice says she is happy and her life had been good even though she was a servant
Woon tells H what happened – that he took the princess and Y to a safe place. H: I was one step late. did anyone die. Woon says how a girl named S died. YW is inside crying. woon says to protect Y, she fought off the others. H makes a fist. H orders people to be sent to the dowager cuz his grandma is in danger
The dowager drank something and was poisoned. She has blood coming out of her mouth. She says Yoon- you dared to (do this to me). She looks up and sees a figure in the shadow dressed like H. she says you came to get your grandmother. hurry and come here. She calls out “king. All that was for your sake. How could you not know my sincerity. The figure leaves. She says you cant do this. She remembers how H listed all her sins. the crime of killing the crown princess 8 yrs ago through a spell. the crime of using her own granddaughter as an accomplice.  How her own son said -why do you think I held back all this time. even though I learned the truth later, the reason why I couldnt punish Yoon. who do you think that was for. for the past 13 yrs I did everything I could for you.  don’t greedy anymore. she finally dies.
Yoon: now that we took care of the old woman who can stop us. minister talks about the people talking more and the situation is getting bigger and how they suspect them. at this rate they could lose supporters. M shows up and says they need to move forward the rebellion. one asks if M has some plan to do that. M says before the rumors damage us we have to take care of this.  He talks about how he has the skills to get people to believe in him. havent they heard about him at the infirmary. how he didnt treat people of lower class differently. this is why people need to live doing good things. who knew I would end up using what I did then now. If I succeed. He talks about being the new king and tonight they have to have a proper meeting.
H tells YW: Cry as much as you want it’s ok. YW: I don’t have the right to cry. that girl always protected me by herself but I wasn’t able to protect that child. H: Was she someone you treasured a lot. YW: She was my friend and my family. no more than that. H: that must be. so that is why she put her life on the line for her master. YW: why that child had to die. why was my brother in danger – I don’t know why. what is all this for- why do innocent people have to shed their blood. H: just like you lost someone important I lost an innocent citizen. so I wont stop. So that innocent lives wont be lost again. I will cut off the weeds no matter what
Men gather in M’s room with yoon. M says he sees a lot of faces he knows. M smiles so Yoon asks why. M says this is amusing cuz who knew he would dare to be in the king’s seat when he always avoided this situation. minister says everyone here trusts M. M asks when the rebellion will take place. Yoon says how there will be a hunting competition that will take place soon but it wont be in the woods and will happen at the palace. M: so the one hunted will become the king.  M opens a notebook and writes something inside. Yoon reads it and asks what is this. M: those who trust me. And want to follow me. sign this. right now it’s blank but on the day I become king, the ones who stood with me reap the benefits (and become officials and stuff) Yoon smiles. He signs his name first. Each man signs.
H goes to meet the minister and asks if the preparation is going well for tm. a minister lists all the game they gathered. H says I am looking forward to it. Minister says there wont be a shortage of prey. H points out how all the ministers will be in attendance. H says thinks in his head -who will become the hunter and who will be hunted. H asks how many will be there. minister says over 200. the minister remembers how M asked how many will be there too so he said he told the king 200 but there really be 300. M says then the guards in the palace will be outnumbered. M gave direction about how it will take place and says I will follow along after the king and that is when you have to act. the moment the doors open for the procession to go out. the minister finishes his words. H says how fun it will be and for the ministers to use their skills to kill as many prey as they want. And tells Yoon that he looks forward to what yoon will choose to kill. yoon says he wont let him down and will make sure there are no prey left.
H goes to see YW. He tells her to get ready to go out. she asks where. H says how tm there will be a competition. she says she heard.  H: It’s not far so for the short time it’s better for you to move to somewhere safe. she asks if there is a need to do that. H says she cant protect an empty room and it bothers him to leave her alone so follow what he wants.  She agrees and says wherever she goes as long as he comes back safely that is all she wants. whatever it is as long as you are doing what you want- there is nothing I want more.  so I hope you do as you wish H: I will. YW: please come back safely. H: I will do that no matter what.
M looks up at the moon. M: look at that. What did I say. didnt I say that moon would follow me wherever I went. Woon shows up. M: I will ask one thing. Did you come as an order or as a friend. Woon: I came as a friend. M: a friend. It’s a good word. I will ask one thing. Woon: You already asked. M: You are no fun. Ok then I will ask one more thing. Woon: Ask. M: Do you still think of me as a friend. Woon: I do now and will from here on too. M: Whatever I choose whatever I do will you stay my friend till the end. Woon: Why are you asking that. M: I don’t need to your answer. Whatever your answer is,I wont change my mind. I just wonder how we ended up like this.
Guards walk over to the palace. H is being dressed and covered with a robe. HS says everything is prepared and waiting. It’s time to go out. H: ok. HS: your majesty, during all this time for being able to serve by your side- It was an honor. H: Why are you like that – like someone who is going to die soon. dont worry. I didnt spend these long years carelessly. H asks woon: are you ready. Woon: even if death is the order- anytime.
They go outside and they announce H is coming. H says in his head: the time for everything to go back to it’s rightful place has come.
Yoon bows and looks at H. they stare at each other. H looks around and sees M. M’s voice says the door will open the moment the king stands in the courtyard. In that moment the insurrection will start.
H walks down with woon and HS and M follows. M said this to the men the other night: as his relative, I will follow behind the king. that is when you have to act. the moment they open the palace doors for the procession to go out. insurgents rush through the doors. Guards encircle H and M as they stand back to back. Yoon and ministers pose as to protect H. suddenly, H and M turn to face each other and hold their swords out to each other. ministers kill the guards protecting H and point their swords at H.  M says to H: the sun lives in the sky, but the sky has thrown away the sun. I came to tell you that fate has shifted and you’ve reached the end of your good fortune.H blinks at him

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