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Gu Family Book Ep 23

starts with Park MS smiling down at KC. then his mom holding his hand. then how WR put his hand on KC’s shoulder and smiled at him for the last time. then how KC told YW – I thought I lost you. I was so scared of that. then how SJ told YW – between the two of you one could lose a life. then how SJ told him to give YW up and leave. KC narrates: I didn’t want to say farewell anymore –for the first time I wanted someone who was my person. I didn’t want her to shed tears that hurt her heart anymore, but YW might die

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present day KC says my fate with you is just up to here. YW: what are you saying now. KC: that is my third wish dam YW. he starts to walk away but she says where is something like this. does it all end cuz you say it ends by yourself. does a person’s heart just cut off if you say it does? how can that happen. is that possible for you. he yells back: then what to do – you might die. she points out anyone can die- there are people who live out their entire lives and then die – there are people who get a disease and die early. like my mom -they could die giving birth. Like Park MS - anyone could die protecting someone. you might know the day you are born but there is no one in this world who lives knowing when he will die.  he yells but it’s you -not someone else but you- not cuz of someone else but cuz of me - you might die so how can I stay by your side. it’s you and not someone else – so how could I. YW: over something that hasn’t happened yet- why must we do this. KC: when lord Park MS passed away the monk already warned me in advance -  I ignored that – so that is why the lord passed away. YW: so is that why you are going to run away from me now? he holds her injured arm and says don’t you see what I did? if it was a little more to the side I could have torn your heart out. YW: don’t you know what you are saying now is tearing up my heart more? KC: scars will go away with time, but if you die I cant bring you back to life again. if I really lose you for real – if that is cuz of me – I wont be able to bear that. I wont be able to live properly. YW: KC ya. KC: so YW -do what I say.  when it gets to morning tm I will say goodbye to master and leave this place. he goes up the steps as she cries and watches him.
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YW crouches and cries as gon watches her. a shadow of a man appears behind the tree and gon senses him. when he turns to look the man is gone.
SS walks out and meets with KC. he asks what brings you all this way here at night. SS says it’s good you came. wont you take a walk with me
they go for a walk in the woods and KC says I have something curious about. SS: what? KC: what if someone you treasure the most might die cuz of you – what will you do. SS says I will do my best to make sure that doesn’t happen. KC asks what if my best is to leave that person. if I leave for that person to live - isn’t me leaving the right thing. SS asks what is it that you fear the most? KC: that I might lose that person – that cuz of me something might happen to that person – that is what I fear the most. SS: then what is it that person fears the most? KC: what? SS:  I am asking the person you think is the most precious –  what does that person fear the most. suddenly they sense men running towards them. KC shields SS and asks who those men are
GW tells the aide I have to kill SS. give me ten of your ninjas. but the aide says we cant be involved in killing off SS so GW says I wasn’t asking you to kill him yourselves. he calls SB to call some guy over. it’s one of the students from the school – Yoon- the one who hated KC so much.
flashback: SB told him – we are both humans - so humans have to be on the same side don’t we. he gives Yoon a lot of money and says make it so that KC and WR fight each other until they both die. so Yoon told KC that murdered bodies have been found in the woods again – did you know. (so I bet Yoon was the one who murdered that nice student kim who was good to KC)
the aide asks what GW is planning. GW says SS will get killed cuz of KC.
KC tells SS to leave and he will handle these guys but SS says you don’t have to do that – I invited these guests. the Japanese guard steps up and SS gives them 3 days time from now one- to leave this place within 3 days. if you don’t leave by then – even if you are goongbon men – you wont be able to go back to japan alive. not just that – from here on as long as I am the admiral – you wont be able to set foot in korea again under the protection of the name goongbon – I also wont allow you to do anything here so go back now to goongbon.
aide hears SS gave them a warning -how dare he. the Japanese guy says something. aide says that cant happen cuz GW has a plan
KC asks how could you go meet those guys without any guards. SS: you came in time. KC: that is what I am saying -I was there so you were safe but what would have happened if I wasn’t there. SS says death is not something to fear that much. what I really fear is that while I live I make wrong decisions and the army will pay for it – that’s what I fear. if war happens then thousands of lives will be in the balance so my decisions have to be weighed carefully. there is only one reason why I don’t avoid this duty- cuz I want to protect them. my soldiers who have to put their lives on the line for the sake of the country –cuz I value them - I want to protect their lives. cuz protecting them means staying by their side and this is the best I can do
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flashback of when KC asked YW what she fears the most. YW: you. KC: me? you are scared of me the most? YW: cuz you might disappear in front of my eyes one day. I am scared of that the most. he asks why worry about that. she says normally they all do that when they like someone. as much as you like someone – you worry a lot and get scared a lot. KC: for example? YW: what do I do if you get sick and tired of me at some point. KC: what else? YW: what about when I turn into an old wrinkly grandma and you reject me cuz I am wrinkly. he laughs and says you really have silly worries. if you leave I wont be able to live –  also on top of that I am WR’s son- who is WR- he started his first love after a thousand years – then became a thousand year old demon and stilled remembered my mom. our bloodline is like that- we just hang onto one woman all our lives. so you don’t get sick of me cuz I will just live looking at you till I die. for all my life. YW says cutely: really really? KC: really really. YW: promise promise? KC: promise promise
KC walks out and says YW’s name
YW’s teacher asks why she is like this (cuz YW is lying down really upset). YW says KC is a bad guy – how could he do this to me. isn’t that right. she lays back down. then gets up and says he even said really really promise promise so how can he do this to me cuz of one thing the monk said. isnt that so? the teacher says speak so I can understand - I am so frustrated. YW says it’s nothing and gets up. the teacher asks where are you going this late at night. YW says to practice swords cuz I feel like my insides will burst. when she goes out, the backstabber student Yoon asks her to go out cuz he has something to tell her. YW leaves with him
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her teacher goes out. she runs into gon and asks didn’t you see YW on your way up. he asks wouldn’t she be in her room at this time but the teachers says Yoon asked her to talk and took her out but I don’t see her. gon asks when was that. she says less than an hour. gon is alarmed and tells her to wake the kid and look for YW with him
YW asks Yoon-  where are you going. what is it you want to say. he says it’s about KC. she asks why.
the kid runs into KC and says he is looking with the teacher for YW cuz student yoon took YW out and we cant find her and gon went out to look for her nearby
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YW: why KC – did something happen to him? Yoon says I cant follow master dam anymore for protecting KC when he isnt human. YW: what did you say? look here. suddenly a guy in black shows up and blows powder in her face and knocks her out. they cover her face. gon runs over and asks what happened to YW. Yoon lies and says those men suddenly showed up so gon tells the men to let her go. he has his back to yoon so yoon stabs him in the back. gon asks how could you? Yoon explains how he cant put up with them siding with KC when he isnt human over us humans. just die now. he is about to kill him but gon kills yoon. then gon runs over and demands for them to put YW down. but he gets attacked by more men. he fights them and goes after the guys who have YW but they surround him. gon is bleeding and fighting. he gets stabbed again and in the back and he keeps saying YW’s name. KC comes to his rescue. KC asks are you ok? gon says hurry and rescue miss YW. gon passes out. KC cuts his hand and drips blood on gon’s wound. blue lights show up to heal gon
KC goes after the men but the smoke bomb they drop blocks his view
M is drunk and peeing behind a wall and the guy with him sees YW so M makes him duck down so they wont be seen. M watches where they take YW. *they keep calling her flower young master
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gon wakes up next morning and sees PJ, TS, and gong there by his bedside. PJ asks how are you. gon gets on his knees and says I am sorry – I wasn’t able to protect miss YW. I am really sorry. PJ says TS discovered you collapsed in the wood and brought you. there were tears on your clothes- did KC save you. gon: yes he did. PJ: then where did KC go?
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KC went to go meet with GW. KC asks where is YW – what did you do with her. before he can attack GW the Japanese guard puts his sword to KC’s throat so the aide says be careful – your neck will fly off - if you are half human- if your neck is cut and thrown in the sea –  you cant heal  – even if you get supernatural blood. KC: do you think you can cut my neck right now? the aide says if it’s K (the Japanese guy who is super fast) I think he can. GW says if you mess with me then you wont be able to see YW alive again. KC: give me back YW right now. GW:  if you want to get her back safely – before then – kill SS then come. KC: what? GW: go and kill SS and come back then I will save YW -if you cant kill SS then YW will be killed in his place – not just her. guards bring choi and TS’s servant over all tied up. GW says when I think about how they ate my food at the Inn and were mice (giving away info) I could kill them now but I am giving you one more chance to save them. go and cut SS’s lifeline. KC: you bastard. GW: it has 3 peoples lives on the line -the 3 lives closest to you. isn’t it plenty to exchange the life of SS. choi says to KC – you cant do that KC -you must not do that no matter what. how will you live the rest of your life as the admiral’s murderer. you cant do that. it would be better if the 3 of us died. you cant do that. SB tells him to shut up and kicks him but choi keeps shaking his head no. KC yells how much of a monster are you? (where is the end of it) GW: what do you mean a monster. KC points out what he is doing – playing with people’s lives and threatening someone to take a life – if that’s not being a monster then what is. GW cant believe he is being lectured by a monster. if you don’t bring me SS’s head by tm then YW and those two lives will disappear forever. KC calls out for YW in his head. she is tied up in a large crate. she calls out to him.
the aide tells the guard to be careful and not let the incense blow out – cuz it’s keeping KC from sensing where she is.
KC gets thrown out of the Inn. he remembers how SS said if you want to protect then you stay by her side -that is the best you can do. and how YW said she was the most afraid that he will disappear in front of her eyes one day. he thinks what did I do to you. (cuz leaving her side was what put her in danger)
TS greets SR and CJ. SR asks how PJ is doing. TS says PJ is not doing well. come this way.  CJ looks over to KC’s room.
SR goes in to see PJ who is sitting and staring at YW’s empty seat. TS announces that SR arrived. SR sits behind PJ. PJ asks what happened to what I asked you to find out. she reports about GW and his men’s movement but doesn’t know about the location of where YW is being held. but she wasn’t taken into the Inn) he thinks she was taken to some place that is not detectable and might be dead already. PJ asks TS what KC is doing. TS says gon is guarding him. PJ says go and bring KC over.
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KC paces and says there is no time so how much more do we have to wait. gon says master said to wait. if he says wait then you wait. KC: this is a problem where YW could die or live. it’s urgent.  Gon: I know that better than anyone. so I feel like going crazy more than anyone, but in this moment the one among us whose heart hurts the most is master. do you get that. so leave this decision up to the master. TS comes and says the master is calling for you.
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TS and gon go with KC to meet with PJ. SR and gong are sitting there too. KC says there is no time to hesitate so I will look for YW before it gets any later. PJ says thank you for what you mean to do but don’t do that. I cant let GW get his way so give up on YW (cuz PJ wont risk her life for SS’s). everyone is shocked. KC asks what does that mean now-what do you mean give up on YW. PJ says right now more than anything keeping the admiral safe is the problem. in this way - with this danger if we show any weakness, GW will use another similar way to try to mess with the admiral again so don’t let him (GW) get his way. that is my decision. KC: but master. PJ: also you have your own path to go on now. to find the gu family book -wasn’t that your original goal. KC says don’t say that in this situation. what do you mean leave YW behind and leave on my own. does that make sense? PJ: do that. KC: I don’t want to. I wont give YW up. PJ: YW is my only daughter and I still made that decision so follow it. KC says YW is the only person for me too. If I cant protect the one person I have then what do I do when I become human. I didn’t endure everything up to now just to become human (meaning it was for her). It’s ok if I dont become human but I will never give up YW. I can’t give up. gon steps next to KC and says I am sorry master but I feel the same as KC on this. TS steps over and says I feel the same way too master. KC says we (the 3 of them) will go and find YW – please give permission. SR says I will use all my informants to find YW’s location again. PJ asks look here- why are you like this too. SR: what is the reason for our patriotism – isn’t it to protect the ones we love. we have to protect YW – the most precious to you. gong puts his two cents in as well and says it’s ok to put down your duties once in a while so PJ is outnumbered. KC pleads “master.”
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CJ listens to all that from outside. she goes to KC’s room and the vest she made is untouched and folded still. she remembers how he said “I won’t give YW up- YW is the only person for me too.” CJ cries and says -so that was it - YW was that kind of person to you. why didn’t I realize that when you were by my side. what do I do.
M is hiding at the school and runs into the kid. the kid asks who are you. M says I am M – can I see my dongsang KC for a minute.
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KC asks him – hurry and say what you saw early this morning. M says I saw flower young master. I saw those men in black carrying her and running off. gon asks where was that. where did they take her? M says I was talking to my dongsang so why are you butting in. I think I saw your face somewhere before. gon grabs him and says hurry and answer. KC says it’s her life on the line so hurry and tell me. M says I dont know the exact place but it was around the Inn. TS says there are some empty storage rooms near the inn if what he saw is not wrong so she might be caught inside one of them. gon looks at KC. CJ hears them talking from afar
YS kicks and tries to make noise. she is inside a hug crate in the storage room
M takes them to where he thinks she was taken.  he points to the alley where he saw them take her. KC asks how many outside storage places the Inn uses. TS says there are 6 that I know of. 3 to the front entrance and 3 to the back. they split up and go looking. some masked guy watches them
KC fights with the guards in front of the storage area.
gon and TS go inside and start searching. YW is still kicking and the smell of the incense is too strong so M throws it out. KC calls out for her and looks inside all the boxes. she gets taken out of her crate by the bad guys.
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TS and gon are looking and don’t find her either. they see the empty box she was in.
GW touches his gun and SB says they found YW’s location like you thought they would
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M says I saw her for sure. they took her. he is still not sober and feels sorry to KC. cuz if he wasn’t drunk at the time he could have given better intel. gon says they guessed that KC could find her through his sense of smell and put up incenses in advance. TS asks what should we do KC. KC remembers how YW asked are you saying you are running away from me now. don’t you know what you are saying is tearing up my heart more. KC says I am going to see SS. gon says KC and TS says no you cant involve SS in this. KC asks do you trust me – how far do you trust me as a friend.
KC goes to see SS.
SB wonders if KC will really cut SS’s neck. GW says it would be good if he did but even if he doesn’t SS will be on the move. if that opportunity comes – use this gun to kill that guy when that happens. got that? SB takes the gun and says yes lord.
SS asks why did you come. KC says to protect the people most precious to me. SS asks what do you want from me. KC: do you trust me lord. how much can you trust me
YW is carried off and some maid sees that.
she reports to SR what she saw. SR tells her maid to tell the school this news so gon and the others know about it. CJ reports how M is with them cuz she saw M come to the school looking for KC. she knows where to find M and offers to go.
YW is tied up in the same place as choi and the servant. she sees a giant spiky metal ball above her head. if it falls she will die. there is a sack tied to the other end. the bad guy stabs the sand bag and says when the sand runs out that metal ball will hit your head. the bad guys leave as YW screams and struggles to get free
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CJ reports to TS, M, and gon about how YW was moved. she was moved there cuz TS and KC were looking for YW. gon thinks they knew we were looking for her then. KC comes over and says of course they knew. TS asks are you coming from meeting SS. KC says yes. TS says we should hurry too then huh? let’s go to the Inn for now. they leave but CJ calls KC and says rescue YW safely.
GW is sitting when his guard says SS came.
SS arrives alone and GW’s guards surround him. SS looks at the Japanese guard. GW walks over and says what are you doing here. SS says cuz you wanted to put me in danger – you were using some innocent people. let them go. GW asks did you come all this way alone to say that. SS: yes
YW is struggling as the sand runs out.
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KC, gon and TS fight some guards. more guards show up. the trio takes them down. in the midst of fighting KC hears YW’s screams so TS tells him this wont end – gon and I will take care of this so you rescue YW. one guard almost slashes KC, but M showed up and hit the guy. M saves KC and winks at him telling him not to worry about here. KC smiles back and leaves.
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KC goes in and sees her in danger. he runs over and unties her and pulls her away just in time. choi and the servant ask if they are ok. KC holds her in his arms but she hits him and gets up. she highkicks him in the face and then hits him some more calling him a bad guy. KC stops her from hitting and hugs her saying I am sorry. I wont do it again. I wont do it again. I am really sorry. she narrates – I should have told you more then. he narrates: I should have hugged you more then. that I liked you this much. she narrates that I love you this much.
구가의 서.E23.130624.HDTV.H264.720p-XTX[04-08-52] 구가의 서.E23.130624.HDTV.H264.720p-XTX[23-47-15]구가의 서.E23.130624.HDTV.H264.720p-XTX[04-10-41] 구가의 서.E23.130624.HDTV.H264.720p-XTX[04-11-05] 구가의 서.E23.130624.HDTV.H264.720p-XTX[04-11-43] 구가의 서.E23.130624.HDTV.H264.720p-XTX[04-11-54]
as SS stands there talking to GW, SB hides and gets ready to shoot SS. GW asks where did you hear that. SS says before then I will ask you one thing here. GW: ask. SS: the truth. shedding people’s blood- what are you trying to protect there. GW says me. (he goes on and says how he will do anything he likes get anything he wants kill anything he wants and get rid of it. whatever I want.) SS says all I see is a dirty human being who will be lonely. GW says they are more honest than you. SS: so are you going to sell off the country. GW: it’s not business I wont lose money on. SS: are you talking treason in front of me. GW: in front of someone who is going to die what’s wrong with giving out this much info. isn’t that so. SS moves closer so swords are drawn and aimed at him. GW says thanks to you I had fun during all this time - go well. he turns to leave but KC says “it would be sad if you just left.” KC showed up with everyone. SB still has his rifle aimed. SS asks if YW is safe. she says yes sorry for worrying you. TS tells him – we will escort you now. KC says do you remember what I said in the past when I stuck my broom in your desk that I would return and get this Inn back – that day is today. SB lights the gun and aims again. he is about to pull the trigger. GW smirks and says go well choi KC. everyone looks towards the gun. KC notices the gun too late. SB shoots. YW looks at him and says KC. KC says YW.
based on their reactions – it looks like YW was the one who was shot, not SS. I hope it was SS or someone KC hasn’t saved yet so the blue lights will work on them.

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