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Protect The Boss Ep 08

Ji Heon naively thought that Eun Seol was a kind of super(hero)woman, because she’s gonna come everytime he called her name. Ji Heon approached Eun seol and hugged her.

But Eun Seol was just too tired and too angry that night after all day running on heels that she hurt her foot and also almost got hit by  a car on the way…everything was just too much for her.

Ji Heon tried to calm down the angry Eun Seol. She then said that she might not be his secretary anymore in the near future. Ji Heon asked if it’s his father’s doing, Eun Seol said it’s her decision. She said while she’s looking for him the whole afternoon, she had the thought of making sacrifices for Ji Heon all her life if she’s staying by his side forever, but what about for her own life? She just wanted to have a normal life, work without any worry, get the bank erased her debt….but being Ji Heon’s secretary was just too much. She felt like a mother before she’s even married. She begged Ji Heon to have a good life and stop rely on her.

Then Eun Seol received a text from Moo Won saying(lying) that he’s also late and just arrived at the restaurant. the text was a reminder for Eun Seol that she got an important appointment somewhere else.

So she decided to leave Ji Heon. “Go get a taxi, tell the driver your address and when you get there, tell someone at home to come out and pay the taxi fare. You can do it can’t you, Director?”

But Ji Heon didn’t leave, instead he’s after Eun Seol taking a bus. He was very nervous and was about to get the panic attack again. He told Eun Seol, “You can keep pretending i’m not here. But please let me hold you. This is my first time taking bus.” Ji Heon held Eun Seol’s sleeve tightly.

But ended like this when the bus suddenly stop… :lol:

Arriving at the restaurant, Ji Heon finally found out, whom Eun Seol having an appointment with. Moo Won also knew who’s staring at them from outside the window.

“So you’re turning me down?” asked Moo Won to Eun Seol.
“The truth is i’m turning you both down,” said Eun Seol.
“Good,” said Moo Won, “then it’ll be more fun. Ji Heon and I could start again the competition to win over your heart.”

Moo Won said he’s planning to give the precious and memorable bracelet he got from his dad to Eun Seol, but knowing she’s gonna say no, he decided to wear it himself. But the good thing is, they have their relationship just like before.

Ji Heon coincidently met Na Yoon in front of the convinient store. Then he borrowed 20,000 won from her to buy a band aid for Eun Seol.

But when he got back to the restaurant, both him and Na Yoon had to witness Moo Won putting a band aid on Eun Seol wounded foot.

When Moo Won and Eun Seol leaving the restaurant, Ji Heon told Moo Won to leave her to him. The boys argued who’s gonna take Eun Seol home and Na Yoon stepped forward and said that she’s gonna be the one taking her home.

Instead of going home, each pair went to get some drinks. Na Yoon with Eun Seol and Moo Won with Ji Heon.

Being slightly drunk and so sick of being alone, Na Yoon let out her mind to Eun Seol by saying that she’s unlike other rich kids. She had tried to support herself while she was in New York, though it lasted only three months :p

At another restaurants, the cousins also let out their minds while drinking soju. Ji Heon said that he had already known Moo Won and Na Yoon affair while the two were in New York. Ji Heon said he could guessed it by the way Moo Won stopped looking at his eyes when he talked to him even since after he’s back from New York. Moo Won said he was sorry but wouldn’t apologize because that time his feelings was sincere to her.

Na Yoon ended up drunk. Eun Seol was calling Moo Won for a help but instead got he news that the cousins also needed to be picked up because they’re badly drunk and the restaurant owner had to run to the hospital soon to be with his wife who’s about to give a birth. The restaurant man carried Moo Won and Eun Seol carried Ji Heon..on her back. What the?? She really IS a super woman! :D

Eun Seol called the Chairman for a help, “There are three people knocked out here, please help me.” The Chairman  called his sister-in-law and then Madam Shin called Curator Hwang.

The three parents picked up their own kid, but everyone blamed Eun Seol for what happened to their kids, except for Chairman Cha.

Later that morning Ji Heon (and also Moo Won) woke up by worrying Noh Eun Seol.

Ji Heon ran to his dad asking him what happen to her last night. He also asked him not to fire her. He said he’d been a better man since Eun Seol around, so he maybe be back to the old him if his father fire her. Chairman Cha asked Ji Heon why he liked Eun Seol so much. Ji Heon said, “Because she’s the only person who understands me.” Yeah, above everyone, even his own father.

On the other side of the city, the madams met Eun Seol to yell at her and warned her once again not to involve herself in the cousins and Na Yoon’s lives. Eun Seol was just too tired of convincing the two ladies that she finally threaten them, “I actually don’t want to do it, but if you two keep doing this, I’ll purposely seduce the two directors.”

And Eun Seol was saved by the Grandma.

Ji Heon was recalling the memory when Eun Seol frustratedly begged him to stop rely himself to her and live as a stronger person. Then he finally decided to wake up from his long time “whining” and started to go for training himself. He went jogging and sang a song in front of many people.

Meanwhile, Chairman Cha asked Eun Seol what is actually Ji Heon has been hiding from him. All his running away habit whenever he’s asked to give a speech, Chairman Cha thought there had to be a relation with it. But Eun Seol told him to ask his son directly.

Eun Seol was sitting alone in the office’s pantry when Ji Heon sent her a video message, reporting his progress training. Eun Seol was so touched by the improvement, but soon pretended to be cool when Ji Heon called her and asked if she was touched or not.

When Ji Heon found out that she was at the office (on Sunday!), he immediately went to pick her up to bring her home, while actually he was in front of Eun Seol’s house already.

Walking up to Eun Seol’s house, Ji Heon said that he was happy about Eun Seol’s not being fired or transfered. He said he’d start to be a man Eun Seol can rely on from now on. He would try his best to be a better man and keep his feelings to Eun Seol, though he’s not gonna push her to like him back right away.
Eun Seol then told him to stop confessing because it’s all make her confuse. “Listening to the same thing (his confession) for many times has made my brain keep telling me that same thing. It’s confusing me. Because I think the amygdala thing in my brain, Director is in it. I keep thinking about you, worry about you…Ouuh, I don’t know. It’s confusing me.”

Ji Heon really didn’t see that coming. He was surprised. And then he grabbed Eun Seol’s hand, saying, “Well there’s a way to confirm it.” Then he kissed her passionately. Wohooo…

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