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Gu Famuly Book Ep 17

It turns out all that teasing last week only ended up fueling our anticipation for tonight. I would say E17 is a really long time to wait for this to happen, but judging from the stills – the wait might have surpassed our expectations. When I realized it was KC in his gumiho state that took the initiative to finally take charge and follow his heart, it made me realize even our meek and timid KC would have done the exact same thing as well in this situation. In the face of witnessing what you could have lost, you hold on for dear life – putting aside her disapproving father, a jealous bodyguard, a maniacal birth father, and even your own conscience. Deep down I’m sure KC realizes that YW deserves better – not to be abducted and threatened at knife point and having a strain on her relationship with her father all cuz of him, but the guy who took those decisive steps to sweep her into his arms isn’t thinking about that right now. He is too busy relishing this moment cuz he probably feels that YW is his reward for trying to remain a good person all his life and his sole purpose for becoming human.

*maybe something was in the water, maybe it’s cuz they are both doing a sageuk for the first time, maybe it was the heat, maybe it was for higher ratings, or the pressure to live up to the audience’s expectations and make up for the letdown last week, but these two put their all into this kiss – every single camera angle was captured. it was an all out makeout session never seen on a sageuk set in recent history. I don’t know about you guys, but I totally forgive them for the tease on E16 now. this was enough kissing to last the rest of the drama. LSG made Suzy forget that she is barely out of her teens – bet it was his dimples – they work their charm on women every time.
starts from YW asking if CJ is that kind of person -the most precious person to him and if that meaning will never change. KC wonders why couldn’t I answer her then. (then when KC asked why are you so good to me) how YW said I just want to do anything for your sake – that is my heart now. KC’s voice narrates: why couldn’t I tell you then. he gives her the flower and his voice  narrates:  to tell the truth, to tell the truth YW…(he doesn’t finish his sentence)
the teacher says to PJ and KC that YW has disappeared. we looked all over the school and she isnt here
KC finds the dropped bell and remembers how WR said give up becoming human or everyone involved with you will be destroyed. KC says with anger: WR
YW was kidnapped by GW’s men
PJ: what did you say? did you say WR? KC: that attacker is my father. he became a thousand year demon and came back. PJ: so he was the one who attacked teacher gong?  KC: yes it was him. PJ: why didn’t you tell me sooner. gong says cuz KC wanted to protect him since WR is his father. KC puts down the bracelet and becomes a gumiho and says  no matter what happens I will take responsibility and bring YW back safely – if I cant bring YW then I wont come back either. I will go and come back. KC leaves
gon is telling the students where to go to search. the kid spots KC. Gon asks where he is going like that in that form. KC: you dont need to get involved – I will find YW and bring her back. if I cant find her I wont come back
YW is masked, tied, and gagged. she can either see a bunch of men’s feet or just senses their movement. they are all SB’s men. they remove the gag. SB asks are you PJ’s daughter. she asks who are you why are you doing this. SB says blame your father- this is all cuz of your dad not knowing his place.
GW had told SB -I cant stand to see PJ – go now and get rid of the person most precious to PJ so he knows he cant treat me like this.
SB tells his men to leave her body in the woods for the animals to eat but take her head and throw it in the yard at the school. SB leaves and lets his men kill her. she fights them off just by her sense. right before she is killed someone comes to her rescue. she asks who is there. WR unties her and removes her band so she can see. he says so it was you. she sees the dead bodies around.
SB watches WR and YW and wont let his men go after WR cuz “he isnt someone you guys can handle. let’s go” but WR is right behind them and his eyes glow red. there are screams. YW takes off running
KC is running through the woods. so is YW.
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WR cuts her off and she tells him to go away and backs up. WR: are you trying to run away from me right now. YW: go away. WR: you cant ever get away from me if I make up my mind.  he senses KC before he shows up. YW turns around and says KC. WR grabs her by the neck. KC: get  away from YW.  WR: there is only one choice for you to save this girl.  give up becoming human. YW looks at WR. WR: did he still not say who I am? I am Choi KC’s father. she looks at him in shock. KC yells for him to get away from YW. WR: choose first.  YW tells KC- no dont KC – you cant give up. WR makes her face him and says be quiet. she tells WR – dont torment KC anymore. even if you dont do this – KC has been plenty hurt while living all this time. so stop it. if you are really his father you cant hurt KC anymore. do you get that? WR yells be quiet. KC hits WR to make him move aside. YW is free. he asks are you ok. she nods yes.
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WR growls so KC runs over and fights WR. WR is winning. he is beating the crap out of his son. KC is wounded and cant get up. WR says you cant ever beat me so give up. WR turns to go to YW but KC blocks him and says no dont go close to YW. WR hits him. KC says get away from YW. WR hits him again and is about to claw him but KC yells YW is my person. don’t touch my person. WR remembers saying the same thing about SH to GW’s men. KC cries and says: if you are my father- don’t mess with my person. WR remembers how he said the same thing and felt the same way when SH was taken from him. he sees the blue lights come over and the lights are reflected in his eyes and tears. he puts his hand down and the wind blows and KC shields her from the wind. when he looks back WR is gone.
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KC asks are you ok. she asks how about you. he says I thought I lost you. I was so scared of that. she hugs him. he narrates to tell the truth you are the most precious person to me. without you I have no meaning. he kisses her. the blue lights float around them. KC goes back to normal. she says his name and kisses him again.
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SJ is looking through a book and senses something. he shuts the book and goes down to the library. he sees WR sitting there slumped over. SJ asks are you sleeping. he sees WR’s wounds. SJ asks are you hurt. how is it that your wounds aren’t healing. WR explains he doesnt have the ability to heal now cuz of his death. all i have are wrath, hatred, and death. when was it - I said those words before too – “dont touch my person” why I did it and cuz of who – I don’t remember. if all those memories of being with that person keep disappearing – then I will probably really become a demon -before that happens I wanted to die. cuz the only one who could kill me is that kid. SJ asks are you talking about KC. WR cries and says: if only I could die and go where SH is.
SH is meeting with GW. GW asks why did you want to see me this morning. she says I wanted to buy something from you so i asked to meet you like this. GW asks what is it that you want to buy that’s mine. the door is opened and TS comes in. GW looks at TS and guesses she wants to buy TS so she says yes. it’s him.   she heard how much trouble TS caused so she wants to compensate for that and puts TS in charge of the Inn again. she investigated the Inn and if things are left alone the doors of the Inn might get closed. GW says look here – you are mistaken – I am the owner of the Inn whether it stays open or the door closes -it’s all up to me. she says you are the one who is mistaken – it’s the Goongbun’s Inn (her financial resources purchased it). did you forget that? he gets angry and yells back so her aide clears his throat to warn GW to calm down. she offers to pay a lot so hand over TS’s slave status papers to me. GW says what if I don’t want to. then what will you do. she says you shouldn’t turn me down. he asks if that is a threat. she says it’s a warning. her aide tells him to end this discussion now. GW gets up to go over to her so her bodyguard protects her and tells GW to stand back. she averts her face so GW cant see her. GW says don’t mess with me it wont be good so she says that’s what I want to say. she looks right at him through the screen. he leaves in anger. she grips her dress
GW asks where is SB – has he not come back yet. the guard says no he hasn’t. GW: where has he been all this time
SB wakes in the wood and survived WR’s attack
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PJ asks who kidnapped her – did you get to confirm who they were. YW remembers how SB told her to blame her father cuz all of this happened cuz of her father. she lies and says no they covered my eyes so I couldn’t see. KC says they were all wearing something to cover their faces. PJ asks are you sure WR didnt do this?  they both say WR didn’t do this. PJ wonders who dared to come into the school to do that. gon thinks GW’s men were on the move. YW asks to be released now (from being confined to her room) cuz if she had her sword with her she wouldnt have been a victim like that. but KC says no - no matter what you cant. dont just restrict her to her room - you need to chain up her legs. YW: what do you mean chains – that’s going too far. KC: it’s cuz you dont listen to words. how could a girl be so fearless and go out at night. if you were a guy I would have already turned you over and whipped you. YW: what? there is nothing you cant say huh cuz I was so lenient. KC: who was lenient? she hits him and calls him a baby cuz he said it hurt over something so light a tap. he points out how her hands sting. she yells out his name so PJ tells them to stop it. she says sorry father -I cant stand to be with him anymore. I will go to my room first. KC says I cant stand to be here anymore so I will leave. gon looks surprised at them. PJ asks gon – did something happen between those two
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YW and KC go outside and glare at each other then break into smiles. they wonder if this was enough to make it seem real and laugh. he says it seemed for real. they get awkward remembering their extended makeout session in the woods and rub their lips together.  gon comes out and catches them together. KC and YW repeat the insults they said earlier and pretend to keep fighting and walk away from each other. gon has this look like I am not buying this.
YW goes to her room and remembers as they held hands on the way back to the school YW told KC let’s pretend to fight for the time being till I get released (from being confined to her room). KC asks do we have to do that. YW says if I just had a sword I wouldnt have been attacked like that last night. KC: still. YW: also that we met WR in the woods – for the time being keep it a secret from my father. KC:why?  in her head she says sorry KC – I cant tell you yet -  the one who made your father like that is my father. YW: cuz he might worry – also cuz WR is your dad.KC: a father who wants to torment me to death like that I dont really want to protect.  YW: KC. KC: ok I will do as you said but only until you are released. YW: of course.
KC smiles remembering that and turns and gets startled cuz gong is there. gong asks were you thinking of a girl? KC says no what do you mean think of a girl - I fought with YW. I had a big fight with her – for real. gong asks who asked about YW. you are so see through.  he coughs so KC gives him the medicine drink. gong mentions how bad it is getting old. it’s my body but I cant do what I want it to.  KC says I am sorry. gong: why should you be? KC: it was my father – I was there with you but couldn’t protect you. gong says it wasn’t your fault. what are you going to do now. even without the bracelet havent you started to control your form (meaning control his transformation so he can be calm or angry when he wants). if that happens you could find the gu family book and do what you wanted. KC realizes that
GW gets enough compensation for two slaves but GW doesn’t want it even if he was given ten times as much. the aide says over something small dont lose something big.  dont you want the southern province. GW says over something little dont mess with my anger. what you guys want – the only one in Korea who can do that for you is me and no one else – you should know that. the aide asks why GW is doing this over one slave – weren’t you planning a bigger picture.choi listens at the door and sneaks off. another guard saw that
choi reports what he heard to TS. TS realizes what GW is up to –not just selling information but putting up the country and placing a bet. SH’s guard sees choi leaving
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KC is training with the others so gon asks what he is doing here. KC: what do you mean what am I doing – training. keep going master.  gon calls out the next move and KC doesnt know it so he accidentally hits a guy on the head so KC says sorry.
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gon drags him off and says go away and don’t kid around. KC says I am not kidding around. I sincerely want to learn. gon tells him that KC was only here till he could control his change so now that he can - prepare to leave to find the gu family book.  KC: right now the gu family book is not the problem. gon: then what is the problem? KC remembers fighting WR and says there is a reason why I have to be stronger than now. that’s why – tell me who the remaining two men of honor are. I want to learn from them. gon says just cuz you look for them – they arent men of honor you can find. until they want to see you you have to wait. got that? KC teases – it’s not cuz you don’t know who the two are right? it’s cuz I find it hard to believe you are one of the four men of honor. gon prepares to draw his sword and says: want to try dying?  KC: sorry but my body doesnt die easily. they are about to fight but TS shows up
TS told PJ and KC that he might get out of slave status and if that happens he could be in charge of the Inn. KC asks who they should be grateful to for doing that. TS says JHM (SH) the one staying at the Inn.  how she has a lot of wealth – TS doesnt know what her connection is with kimura but through GW she is doing something . KC hears that and thinks GW is selling off the country for money but TS says GW isnt selling off the country for money – he is doing it for some word I don’t know. but it has to do with the Japanese that came with SH.
PJ goes and tells SS about GW so SS thinks GW was planning to do something way more dangerous than they thought. PJ decided to send some students over to the Inn tonight for the sake of finding out more about the movements of the japanese. SS says find out how much info they know about Korea – that comes first. according to that info we can know about the war
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gon goes and reports to YW so she finds out she is being left out of the group going to the Inn on that mission cuz PJ hasnt released her yet.  she asks if KC is going too so gon says PJ wouldnt send KC to the Inn. her teacher comes in and acts all ladylike in front of gon and says you came. she says TS wants to meet with YW
YW goes to meet TS and says I heard from gon that things are going well. TS: there is still a long way more to go – before I get the Inn back, there are a lot of things I have to do. YW: you will do well. he asks where she has been. YW: havent you heard I was restricted to my room. TS says how much she must have suffered just being in her room cuz she is a free spirit. she brings up the mission tonight at the Inn so TS says if you want to get involved in that – I wanted to make a request for you to please dont this time.  she asks why cuz I am a girl. he says even though it’s the master’s decision – it’s cuz you are my fiancé. of course I know too – that’s it’s something I shouldnt even dream about – it might also be that the master rushed and said that to give me incentive (moral duty). that’s how I think.  a motivation for me to survive this somehow and stay alive. cuz you are enough of a reason for me to do that.
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KC watches them from afar and turns to see Gon there. gon says just that much – how close you can get with miss YW. it would be better if you didnt get any closer than that.  KC asks what are you saying – didn’t you see me fighting heatedly with YW a while ago. gon says do I look like a fool who would be duped by that. you and YW will just end up getting hurt so before that happens you give up. KC says don’t you know YW hates that the most – giving up before you start. I wont ever do what YW doesn’t like. is that answer good enough. KC walks off. Gon turns and looks back to where YW is
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KC goes off by himself and remembers how gon said you and YW will end up hurt in the end. he is cleaning when YW calls him and comes over. she asks did you hear that. gon and some students are going to the inn tonight on a mission - they are going without you and me. does this make sense. how they are perfect to do this.  he asks what about TS. she asks how did you know I was with TS. he looks down so she asks why are you avoiding. KC: when did I. YW says look at this you are acting strange right now. do you know how to be jealous? KC: what are you talking about being jealous – why would I do that. YW: that is why I am asking. why would you do that. being jealous is for people who cant have someone they want. but you have nothing to worry about. dont you? he says to tell the truth – I don’t know well. up to now while I’ve been alive – I never had anyone. until now I wanted to belong to someone but I never got my person.  (he says in his head) so YW – I dont know what I should do –  can I really have these kinds of feelings for you – can I really do this to you. she says you aren’t the only one –I do too-  having these feelings – it’s the first for me too. they smile at each other. YW: so KC - what do you want to do about tonight. he asks what about tonight. (he thinks she wants to hang out with him to make out some more or something and looks at her lips) so she snaps him out of it and yells what are you imagining. I am talking about the mission to the Inn
KC listens in on gon’s meeting.
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YW sweet talks her teacher and asks for the two of them to go out and get some air – eat some rice cakes and buy some stuff like accessories. the teacher says we cant. master dam isnt here and we dont have his permission. YW sighs and says sweetly: then do I have to tie you up and run away again.
they go out and shop together. teacher points out how to shop wisely. YW thinks all the hair accessories fabric all look the same so the teacher says you have to train yourself to know the difference. just like a person who ate meat knows the taste – you have to keep touching it and get used to it so you know what is good or bad. YW knocks out the table leg on purpose and runs off as the teacher says sorry and offers to pay for damages. CJ sees that. CJ: that person. maid asks do you know that person?
YW pulls a superman change around the corner. she has on a black outfit under her hanbok and takes it off. she says I feel like I can fly. CJ is there and says so it’s you.
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gon hears that YW left for outside to go to the market with her teacher to get some air a while ago. gon goes and asks where KC went. the kid said KC left not too long ago to go to the market and said he would be late tonight. student reports his black uniform is missing.
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KC runs off wearing that uniform and grins
YW asks have you been well. CJ says living as a gisaeng there is no being well or not. is KC well. YW: yes he is training hard these days and i think he has adjusted to living at school. CJ: you look happy. KC is normally like that. he has a talent for making people feel good. but do you know. if KC gives his heart once – he wont ever back down. even if I called him now KC would never turn me down.  YW asks what that means. CJ repeats what could that mean. she tells her maid let’s go
*I used to like and respect CJ but now she is like a spoiled brat whose toy got stolen – she is too scared of it to keep it close but she doesnt want anyone else playing with it and having fun while she is miserable. if she really loved KC – she would not have said this – it’s beneath her
GW is sitting there remembering how her bodyguard protected SH and she turned her face. he hears SR is here to see him. SR goes over and sits. he says I didnt even call you so what brings you here. SR says she came cuz she was thinking of having a drinking setting for him and his guests tonight at her gisaeng house to apologize to his guests over what happened at the festival last time. GW says you know my guest is a woman so would she be able to go to a gisaeng house. SR asks then could have bring that drink setting to the Inn. GW says I have a request then – will you hear me out.
SH says GW must really want to know about me. her aide says what should we do. she says tell him I will attend. if he is that curious about me I should show him who I am. aide says ok. she asks what happened with my request. the aide says how he has people looking into SJ the monk -but he isnt easy to find.  don’t worry I will bring you news about your son soon.
KC is waiting and wondering what’s taking YW. “why isnt she coming – can she not come.”  she showed up and watches him. he runs over and asks why are you so late- I thought you weren’t coming. did you get rid of your teacher ok.
her teacher found the hanbok and yells out YW’s name
SR and her gisaengs show up at the Inn. TS and SR nod at each other and the foreign guard sees that.
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KC and YW sneak over. gon shows up and catches them. gon asks what are you doing here. YW: you know so why ask. did you think I wouldnt come.  KC says also where are you investigating – it’s the Inn. who knows the Inn better than anyone like my home. me -just CKC. gon asks did you forget about SS – if you are caught here SS will be in trouble. KC: only 12 total can hide inside the Inn without anyone knowing -out of the 12 who among us is one of them? it’s me CKC.  who can go in safely and come out safely -that’s me CKC.  Gon says PJ wont like this so YW says that’s for me to worry about later. YW says are you going to keep wasting time here all night arent you going to go in.
GW is with SH and SR and the other gisaengs. SR stares at SH. TS goes over and watches outside the room
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KC gives the men instructions on where to go and what to search for. he even tells YW and Gon where to go too. she tells him to be careful. he says I went around the Inn ever since I could walk so don’t worry. gon and YW leave. KC says aloud the hardest place is the one he is headed to.
GW asks why SH keeps covering her face. aide says how SH doesnt like showing her face to others normally. GW says if you want to make a deal –isnt it only polite to look at each other’s face- if you keep covering your face -doesnt it seem like it means you are covering up something else inside. isnt that right SR? SR remembers how the maid said SH’s shoulders had a tattoo and claw mark. GW says I know it’s impolite but I have an offer for you -will you show your face here. if you show me your face then I will give you Park TS’s slave papers.
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KC covers his face and is about to go in but he is asked is stopped and asked something by the other Japanese guys. YW told him two things to say if those other guys try to talk to him. if it seems like a order say “hai” and if you arent sure then say “an-oh” (and tilt your head and rub your chin) so that second one is what KC does now and it works. the guys leave him alone and go in. KC follows and the place is full of masked men. the top Japanese guy comes in and they show pieces of a map and arrange it all on the table. they are speaking Japanese. the guy asks if all the map pieces are here. they are asked to remove their masks but KC doesn’t. he gets singled out so he does what YW  told him and it doesn’t work this time. they draw their swords so he turns around and takes his bracelet off. he changes form and glares at them.
gon and YW are together when she hears yelling and she says KC
the head guard watches KC run off
GW asks will you hurry and reveal your face. the aide says isnt this overdoing it – what is this bad manner when you invited us, but SH takes the hat off. it’s not SH and someone different -way younger and prettier. her aide asks GW-  are you satisfied now. SR realizes it’s not SH.
*didnt they wonder why SH didnt talk the whole time?
SH is in the room alone and smiles. she hears noise outside. KC is running away from the men. he puts his bracelet back on and goes into the room. men chase him and stop. they don’t go in the room
KC closes the door and hears a voice in Japanese. she lights a candle and goes over to him –asking who he is. she has a knife in her hand. KC turns and looks at her.

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