Monday, July 8, 2013

Protect The Boss Ep 04

Eun Seol finished her ride and was too excited to go back to her boss that she didn’t realize that she bumped in to Na Yoon and caused her ice cream spilled on her shirt.

Na Yoon approached Eun Seol and Ji Heon and without saying anything bumped the rest of her ice cream to Eun Seol’s bottom. With Eun Seol’s character, of course she didn’t let it go. She borrowed Moo Won’s ice cream and did the same thing to Na Yoon.

The girls continued their fight in the restroom while the boys talk aoutside. Moo Won didn’t deny that he saw Eun Seol as a cute woman. Ji Heon was really annoyed by that.

When the girls come back, Moo Woon suggested Ji Heon and Na Yoon to have a talk together since they have some unfinished business. Meanwhile Moo Won went out to the park with Eun Seol. Moo Won was such a gentleman that he offered his suit to Eun Seol to cover her stained jeans. Na Yoon and Ji Heon looked so annoyed by Moo Won’s care to Eun Seol.

While Ji Heon was desperate because his father unintentionally broke the Eun-Seol-without-a-face model,

Moo Won was joyfully recalled the memory from the amusement park that afternoon. Eun Seol and Moo Won really had fun together taking excited rides. And Moo Won was such a  womanizer! He absolutely knew how to seduce a woman with his wet almost-see-through-his perfect-body-white-suit. He also did something with Eun Seol’s wet bangs. They looked cute wearing funny hair bands: Eun Seol was cat’s pointed ears while Moo Won’s was minimouse’s. “Was it counted as a date with Noh Eun Seol?” Moo Won couldn’t hide a smile from that thought.

And Eun Seol couldn’t stop staring at Moo Won’s suit that night. Myeong Ran asked if she really like the owner of the suit. Eun Seol said yes, but for her Moo Won is too high of a level that it almost in the same level as God. Myeong Ran didn’t really get Eun Seol’s explanation, then Eun Seol said this,
“It’s the same like you see Hyeon Bin and Won Bin are like Gods.” :D what an analogy…

Ji Heon stayed up all night because he realized that he probably had fallen for her clumsy secretary.

So when Eun Seol came that morning he was already up. Eun Seol came with only a shoe and the other feet was covered by a black plastic bag. This woman is really…amazing! hahah. :D

Ji Heon said Eun Seol was qualified to be recorded in Guiness book of record as a woman who lost her shoe too many times. However, for all her clumsiness and all her unordinary behavior that succeeded to distract his mind and attract his “attention”, Ji Heon said thanks to her. Eun Seol didn’t really get what he meant, but she told him that she fell out when she got off the bus so the other shoe was left on the bus. Ji Heon then told her to choose any shoe from the cabinet behind her.

Moo Won’s mom had surely spread the news about Ji Heon would be his father’s successor to the media. So when Ji Heon and Eun Seol arrived at the office, the press swarmed Ji Heon and Eun Seol tried to protect him but a photographer pushed her. Ji Heon didn’t stay quite about it. He firmly ordered the photographer to apologize to her.

When they’re safe inside the building, Eun Seol said thanks to him and said that it was so cool. Ji Heon was happy by the compliment.

Ji Heon overheard when Eun Seol was cornered by the two secretaries. They accused Eun Seol for having an affair with her own boss.  Eun Seol said there’s no such a thing and she didn’t see him as man. Ji Heon was a bit offended, so he went to test Eun Seol.

“You really don’t see me as a man?” He cornered Eun Seol to the glass board. Eun Seol tried so hard to avoid him, but their faces were too close that they couldn’t hide their adrenalin rush. Ji Heon even started to feel his heart beating faster. But Eun Seol finally used harm to Ji Heon and warned him to never make joke of her like that.

Meanwhile on the rooftop, Moo Won told Na Yoon that he’s dropping the idea of their arranged marriage. He seemed to have fallen for Eun Seol for real!

And at the right time they saw Eun Seol releasing her stress to a pair of empty can. The last one she kick accidently hit Na Yoon’s forehead. :D

Moo Won’s mom was more than ready for a war for the sake of her only son. Even though the grandmother had given her opinion that she supported his son’s decision in front of the shareholders’ meeting, Moo Won’s mom had made a fatal (unintentional)promise. Chairman Cha slipped his words that he would put his own position in line if Ji Heon failed on the proposal for the DN Park’s assignment.

And apparently, Ji Heon was not an ignorant son. He didn’t want his father to lose his job because of him. So he studied and worked very hard for the proposal. Eun Seol in a full loyality stood by his side and helped him.

Ji Heon was having a meeting with Na Yoon at lunch time when Eun seol was invited by Moo Won to have a lunch together after she returning his suit. After giving a permission to Eun Seol to have a lunch out and ready to go but Na Yoon kept nagging him, Ji Heon finally told Na Yoon that he didn’t have anymore feeling to her at all.

On his way back to the office, Ji Heon saw Moo Won and Eun Seol together in a restaurant.

Ji Heon asked Eun Seol whom she have a lunch with through phone and the secretary lied that her signal was bad.
But soon she found out that her boss was right on the window.

Ji Heon accused Moo Won using Eun Seol to spy on him, so he forbade them to be close. He took Eun Seol’s dress (her dress?? not her arm??) and Moo Won didn’t stay quite.  Moo Won expressed his upset by saying that next time Eun Seol and him would have twice meal together. And the number would be doubled everytime Ji Heon ruined it.

Ji Heon was so nervouse about the presentation and thought that he would better quit. Eun Seol tried to talk to him by taking him out to drink makgeolli. She promised him to find a solution as long as he didn’t give up.

Ji Heon was drunk and he dragged Eun Seol into the car when Eun Seol was about to excuse herself after sending him to the car with the driver. On their way, Ji Heon looked Eun Seol in the eye and said,
“It really feels like it has fallen in. the universal stone. It has crashed into my brain limbic system’s amygdala.”
And then he fell on to her shoulder.

Back at home Eun Seol searched on the internet about the brain limbic system’s amygdala. She found out that it’s part of the brain that has something to do with feelings and emotions. She had a guess, but soon brushed it away because the idea sounded impossible and she also had to focus on the presentation.

On the presentation day, the board meeting was anxious waiting for Ji Heon and thought that man would just screw it up again. But Eun Seol suddenly came grasping her breath after a long run and show something.

Apparently, the solution was a teleconfrence.