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Gu Family Book Ep 21

starts from SH meeting WR. WR wonders who is that woman – why does it hurt this much just to see her. flashback to young SH calling out to him. it surprises him to remember that. then present day SH asks WR – is it you? men rush over with arrows drawn. WR asks her – who are you – do you know me. suddenly KC steps in between them.  KC says you cant –don’t kill anyone anymore. I wont let you kill  – I will stop you WR. they fight and KC says stop it. I know you are tormented/in anguish –I also know that isnt the real you. I also know that I am the only one who can stop that. I will make it stop for you, I will make you stop. WR growls and fights him more ready to kill him but SH yells you cant WR. don’t do that. he looks at her. she cries and says he is your child – he is our son. don’t do that. KC takes that chance to fight him some more. men show up with arrows drawn. KC sees them and yells no and blocks WR from being shot
GW shoots his gun and gets complimented for his aiming skills
KC has 4 arrows on his back. the men get ready to shoot again so WR goes over and kills them. SH calls out to KC and worries about his injuries. she looks over and WR is gone.
gon, YW, and TS are still fighting as more men show up. TS tells them there is no end to it and to get away now so they run for it. the men give chase but the japanese guy stops them from pursuing

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SH asks if he is ok. KC: I’m ok – don’t worry mother. YW, gon, and TS show up. YW goes to KC and asks what happened. she hugs him. she tells gon to do something about it. gon tells him to endure and pulls out the arrows one by one as YW holds him tight in her arms. YW tells him it’s ok  – it’s almost over – just hold on a little longer. all the arrows are out. blue lights come and heal him. TS tells gon he did well. WR is watching all that from the woods. he is staring at SH and grips a tree branch trying to figure out how he knows her. SH looks into the woods for WR.
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they all go back to school. KC brought his mom. PJ and the rest of the school are waiting. they all bow to each other. KC and YW smile at each other
SB sees his dead men in the woods and fumes
GW was told they were all dead. what happened with WR – did you lose him. SB says as soon as they know reports will come in . the aide comes in and says there is a problem. my people lost her (SH). KC and his people came and took her. GW: does that mean they took SH away? SB says it just means they took her to the school but GW says the school is not the problem - after that it will be SS – dont you know what that means? (*he is scared cuz SH can tell everything about GW to SS)
SS goes to school and says I heard SH is here. TS says yes she is waiting inside with master dam. KC tells him “she is my mother lord.” SH introduces herself then SS does too. SS says I heard you have something to tell me. she tells KC to step outside for a minute. SS tells her to sit and PJ and the 3 of them meet
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TS asks if they are done talking. YW: why did you come out alone? what about your mother? KC explains how he was told to come out while they talk cuz they are going to be a awhile. they hear her stomach rumble loudly and stare at her in shock. she says I didn’t do it. KC: if you didnt do it… YW: my stomach did it. KC, gon, TS, and gon all laugh.
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gong feeds them and tells them to eat a lot. KC serves YW first cuz she is the hungriest. but she gives it to him and tells him to eat cuz he bled the most. they keep pushing the bowl back and forth telling the other to eat so TS takes it and says since you two don’t want to eat I will. gon takes the other portion of leg. YW goes for the wing but KC makes her take the breast part. gong watches them and says it’s nice to be young.
SH tells SS that there will be a war. SS: I think that too but what I am worried about is not outside (out of the country) but inside (as in who is informing their enemies from the inside). SS says how GW has been getting funds from goongbon from over 20 yrs ago. she goes on to detail how much involvement GW has with goongbon – how deep and expansive. SS asks what do you want to tell me. she knows all the names of the people involved and offers SS a list of names in return for a favor.
KC tells TS to come out of the Inn now cuz it’s dangerous for him to be there alone. but TS says while the goongbon is staying there I have to keep tabs on what they are doing. KC says whenever you think it’s dangerous let me know through father (choi). no matter what I will run over there and help.  TS asks what that paper is so KC shows him the character SR wrote. the puzzle she gave him to solve. to cut down this tree and build a home – what that is and to bring it. do you know anything.  TS says if you are going to build a home with that tree you have to cut its trunk. he puts a slash through it and asks what do you see? KC guesses it’s another riddle. TS: how can a person say he knows himself if he doesnt know what is the basis for him. if you know your roots then you know what is the most precious to you. that is the purpose of this assignment
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KC makes a bed for SH and says you can rest here. starting from today dont sit and lay down comfortably and sleep. she asks how his wounds are and he says cuz of his supernatural blood his wounds heal quickly.  she takes his hand with both of hers. SH: I didn’t live well as a mother but you grew up well. KC: is that how you see me. SH: yes so I am very proud and so grateful. KC: thank goodness cuz I got praise from you. she says to tell the truth back then I went looking  for you. as soon as I came to I went back to the moonlight cave where I left you. but the path into the mountain wouldnt open for me.  I kept getting lost again and again and couldnt find the way to you. I didn’t mean to throw you away. all this time I’ve been alive – not even for a day – I never forgot you from my heart. KC: yes mother. he holds her hand too and they smile at each other. YW hears from outside and says having a mother is really nice
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YW confides in gon: a relationship between a parent and child – isnt it strange? they say nothing torments a parent as much as a child but nothing upsets a child as much as a parent. gon asks if she ever felt upset with her dad. YW:whenever he mistreats KC it does hurt me. gon:I understand where master’s heart is coming from. the two of you have a fate where you should never meet. he even heard that one of you could die so it would be weird for him to not have an anxious heart. isnt that so? YW:I’m not afraid of a future that hasnt come yet. what is the future. it’s what happens after you fight at this moment now. so if I change the present to match the future then there is no meaning to living now. she stretches and says right at this moment I want to get a workout tonight- how about a bout?
SS gets some reports about mass murders getting closer
one man begs for his life but WR is in the village and killed everyone there.
SB reports to GW about WR’s mass killings and which villages and how it’s getting closer. GW knows where the killings will occur next.
SS says it’s the Inn - WR will arrive at the inn for sure. he orders surrounding villagers to seek safety at the Inn, assist with the police, and put up a road block at the Inn and men ready to take down WR. then inform the school (PJ)
WR says to himself – someone please stop me. I want to kill everyone – please someone stop me. he yells out in the night hating himself
*this is the main reason why WR and KC can never live together. WR killed too many people – no human wants him around. KC wont live in the woods either so that’s why they have to live apart.
KC is sleeping with his head on his mom’s lap. she plays with his hair strands. then she looks sad and takes out the knife that WR was supposed to use on her a long time ago.
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gon and YW practice fighting at night. she accuses him of going easy on her. gon: if I fight for real you will lose and you don’t like to lose. YW: but i hate you going easy on me even more. do it properly. gon: what will you do if you get hurt. YW: are you looking down on me?  she keeps attacking and he counts 3 times when he could have stabbed her – one in the side. the back. then the neck. he says she was late. YW: what a waste – if i was just a little faster it would have been a good shot. he lets go of her hand cuz he was holding it and says it’s cuz her practice time was reduced cuz of her lessons – after she practices a few days she will get back to being good again. she is going to practice twice as much starting from tm. she looks over and see SH there
a rider comes with a letter. SH nods at PJ after he reads it
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YW goes in to watch KC as he sleeps and touches his hair. she remembers what SH told her in the yard: please take care of my son. encourage him a lot and treasure him. I will ask this as a request. YW: why are you saying that suddenly? SH: I have to go and stop that person now. as his mother I cant give my son that burden. I will stop him. YW says but I heard WR lost all his memory now. he cant remember anyone. he just kills. also you finally came back to KC and he is that happy so if you leave like this then what do I do. SH says when I saw you next to KC I believed you will be his happiness. so I could make this decision. even a child you hold in your arms when he gets of age,  you send him off. he turned out to be such a great man and he was able to meet such a pretty and refined person like you so I have nothing else I could hope for. she takes YW’s hands and says I was unable to protect a love cuz I was too foolish – please let me protect it now. she holds YW’s hand as a request. YW calls out KC and says wake up. he asks what happened – what are you doing here. where is mother. did she go somewhere?  YW says she went down to the village to stop WR. KC: what? YW: she told me to keep it a secret but I didn’t think this was right (to keep it from you). I didnt think it was right for you not to know
villagers are running to the Inn for safety. the police guard tells GW to hurry and get away. GW says did you think I was someone who is scared of some demon and would run away. the guy stutters about how powerful an opponent WR is so GW says if he loses his neck he wont be able to live.  GW has his gun
aide tells the other Japanese guy how things are getting interesting. cuz a lot of people have come over to this side (to avoid the demon) they can use the chaos to get the map back. he talks about GW as TS listens in disguise hiding around the corner. TS is caught by the aide
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KC walks out and gon asks where are you going. KC: you talk first –  what you are hiding from me. it’s my mother gon. hurry and tell me. please let me know. gon tells him how many villages and how many people WR killed. KC: what about my mother? gon: she went down to the village to stop WR herself. KC yells what? which village? which way did she go. YW lists the places WR killed at and says next is the inn. wait a second - let’s go together – I will go and get my sword so wait. he holds her hand to stop her but she says I will be right back. it will only take a sec. she runs off as KC asks gon to take care of YW. gon nods yes
the teacher asks what are you going to do at this late hour. YW tells her: I have somewhere to go in a hurry. the woman asks where are you going in a hurry carrying your sword. YW: to protect someone. when she opens the door gon stands in her way. YW: move aside. gon: KC asked me. he told me to tell you “I will come back.” that guy KC keeps his words so this time do as he wants and wait. this isnt a fight humans should get in the way. she says but KC cant do it alone. something could go wrong. I have to stay by his side. but gon tells her how KC can control his power on his own. (his ability to control his transformation) even without the bracelet and without you -he can control his ability. YW: he can do it without me?  gon: stop worrying now. more than we know – more than he realizes - he can get a lot stronger
KC runs and takes his bracelet off
GW and the police have a blockade up. they are waiting for WR. there are black lights as WR calmly walks over. WR stares at the humans as they quake in fear. GW stands his ground. the men draw their swords and archers get ready to shoot. GW gets his rifle and steps forward. he aims and WR walks toward the gun. suddenly SH steps in the way between the gun and WR. WR stares at her. she says stop it now. please. stop here. WR. he grabs her throat as black lights float around. she calls out his name and cries. tears drop on his hand. his eyes soften. GW aims his gun again at WR. WR looks up and sees that. he moves her out of the way and gets shot in her place. the bullet goes through his chest and she got hit on her shoulder.
KC was running and stops when he sees SS.
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she sees the blood and tries to cover his wound from bleeding out. WR’s face goes back to normal. the red veins and eyes are gone. he is back to himself. he cries and says her name. SH: yes – do you remember? WR: I missed you. SH: WR! they embrace and cry. her voice says – let’s go back now  -to the moonlight garden we were in. the wind blows. they disappear.
KC says no – I cant send her like this. SS: send here – you have to send her KC. for your sake it was your mother’s last choice/decision.
this was the favor she asked before. she got on her knees and says I have a favor to ask.  this is a bad mother’s final request– please let my KC live the life he wants. the last path this bad mother takes – I don’t want to show my son – Please I am begging.
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KC says no I finally got to meet her. I finally get to feel at ease and see my mother’s face. I finally get to cry with her. I cant send her (to her death). I wont send her. please let me go. SS says please don’t go against your mom’s wishes. a parent’s heart that wants to protect her child - please let her. KC gets on his knees crying and hits his chest so SS bends down, holds his hand, hugs him and pats his back. SS cries with him.
next morning GW remembers confronting SH and saying: the 20 year revenge you have been plotting finished like this with failure. it’s too bad SH. I will give you one last chance. come to me and I will forget everything (you did) and accept you. SH says that is his punishment. she lists what he has and even if you got everything in the world you wont be satisfied - so you go after more but in the end you wont have anything. she walked away and he screamed out her name in anger
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SH wakes up in the cave. she looks around and goes outside. flashback to the blue lights floating around 20 yrs ago when she went out of the cave and looked at the garden for the first time. WR asks did you finally wake up. she turns and old WR is there smiling at her. but he is replaced by present day WR wearing black. she asks are you ok. WR: I only remember your name I only remember your  face. when it gets to daylight try to go back to the humans  cuz I don’t know when these memories will disappear again. he turns to go so she yells I am sorry WR. back then I was too young. I couldnt control my heart enough to handle your love. sorry for giving you scars. sorry for hurting you. she takes out the knife and holds it out with both hands. he turns to look at her. SH: I kept it precious all my life. in case I met you one day -if only I could meet you - that I would make you go back to the way you were. if only I could do that – that I would make everything go back to the way it was.WR: what are you saying now. SH: in your eternal life -I might not have been enough like a passing breeze but please remember me- you were everything to me. she stabs herself with that knife he should have used on her 20 yrs ago. he yells no and runs to her and catches her.  young SH is back in his arms. he begs her to let go so he can take the knife out. she holds onto the knife and says I love you WR. also I am sorry that this is the extent of my love. she holds his cheek and smiles at him. her hand drops and she dies. he hugs her close and keeps yelling no. blue lights float around. his tears rain down her face.
flashback to their past scenes.
WR is holding present day SH.  his voice narrates: I never hated you I only missed you. I never resented you – I only loved you with all my heart. he keeps yelling no and begs her to open her eyes
it starts to rain. SJ is in his library and looks out at the rain
the maid gives SR the answer to her riddle he dropped off. KC narrates I cut down the tree and saw its roots so if it’s the foundation of my home – isnt it the mother who gave birth to me. SR looks out and says it is raining. CJ says there is a storm coming
KC walks back in the rain and sees YW sitting outside in the rain with an umbrella. he cries looking at her. she gets up and sees him. she sees that his bracelet is gone. she remembers how gon told her how KC can control his powers/ability without his bracelet or her now.
YW remembers how her dad said let him go now. YW: what did you just say father? PJ: let him go now so he can go find the gu family book. it’s time to send KC now. let that kid go – you have to let him go so KC can leave comfortably.
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she walks over and covers him with the umbrella. she says you are back and asks about his mother. he cant bring himself to tell her so he just hugs her. he cries and finally says: my mother left. she remembers her dad telling her to let KC go so he can leave comfortably.

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