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Gu Family Book Ep 22

starts from when KC walks back to the school in the rain and sees YW waiting for him. she gets up and sees him. she notices he doesn’t have his bracelet so she remembers how her dad said it was time to send KC away so he can find the gu family book. she walks over to him and says now you came. KC: yes I came back. he hugs her as she says it must have been hard on you. KC: a little. she pats his back as he cries. she remembers how her dad said let him go now – you have to let him go so he can leave comfortably. she told PJ: what if he becomes a thousand demon like WR father? that could happen if he fails in finding the gu family book. KC: all those choices are KC’s.  YW: I know but. PJ: if he can find the gu book and become human – more than anyone – wasnt it you who wanted that. if it’s hard for you then I will tell him. YW: no I will tell him – i have to do it but give me some time. just two days no three days -just give me that much time  and then I will tell him. as KC hugs her she says to herself – the time we have left to us is 3 days –in that time will I be able to send you away KC. she cries and hugs him.

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KC wakes up and is shocked to find YW is sleeping next to him with her hand on his chest. he holds her hand and stares at her sleeping. he calls out her name softly and asks why she is here. she says you were crying so much last night so how could I leave you alone and go. how are you feeling now – are you better. he grunts yes so she says that’s good. he tells her it’s morning. she is still drowsy so he counts down till the words register and she wakes up in a panic saying what to do cuz the sun is already up. KC: what do I do. YW: why you? KC jokes: it was my first time sleeping with a woman but I dont remember a thing and just slept through it all. what a big waste. she says since you are joking like that you must really be ok. KC: is that it. he smiles. she remembers that they have 3 days left. he asks why she is looking at him like that-  if she has any worries. YW: what worries – I dont have those. if you have any wishes to ask me – tell me 3 of them. KC: 3 wishes? why suddenly. YW: just to make you feel better. KC: will you grant any wish at all? YW: yes just tell me and I will listen to them (meaning she will do it).  he says first wish is food. food you made. she asks for the second wish. he says second is…but gon’s voice says KC it’s me. aren’t you awake yet. YW and KC are in a panic.
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gon opens the door and sees KC sleeping. but then he sees the umbrella and realizes YW is hiding under the blanket with KC. he slams the door shut. she peeks out and asks if gon left. KC:I think he left. she sits up and they both sigh in relief.  gon suddenly opens the door and looks at them with his jaws clenched in anger. He attacks KC and wont let him explain how this happened saying “just shut up and die.” her teacher comes in and sees gon on top of KC with Gon’s legs over him and KC’s shoulder bare. she averts her eyes and asks what gon is going. Gon takes his hand away from KC. then she sees  YW and asks what she is doing here. YW says I was here stopping these two saying dont do this. the teacher asks “stopping them – what were those two doing just now?”  YW: something they shouldn’t be doing. both guys yell out YW’s name.  the teacher is shocked thinking gon and KC are gay so she runs off. gon asks YW: how can you say such a thing. what do you mean “doing something we shouldnt be?”  YW says fighting – you were fighting – something you shouldn’t have been doing. gon: what if she misunderstands and spreads rumors then what will you do. YW: that is what I am saying – misunderstandings are that scary so dont misunderstand what happened with KC and me. got that. the teacher comes back and asks why YW isnt leaving. YW:I am going now. before she leaves, the teacher gives gon a disappointing look and shakes her head. KC laughs. gon: you are laughing? how can you laugh right now. KC: but I can laugh again. KC thinks to himself – it’s passing (his grief) thanks to you guys by my side right now - I can laugh again like this. gon: that’s good then. shake it off quickly. (meaning let it go) and don’t keep it in your heart too long (the grief). KC says ok and thanks him. gon leaves
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SJ is outside when WR comes to see him. WR says it’s been a long time SJ. SJ goes over and says is it really you – are you my friend WR. WR: yes it’s me your friend. SJ hugs him and says you finally came back.
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SJ goes to meet KC. KC: you came. why didn’t you come inside. SJ: cuz someone wanted to meet you. behind him WR steps out.
YW asks her teacher how to cook. cuz I cant just learn to sew. teach me to cook
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KC stares at WR. he asks is this how you originally looked. WR: yes. KC: my mother? WR: she will be with me forever now. what happened yesterday wont ever happen again. KC: I heard mother betrayed you. WR: it might have been me that lost faith first. the fear that she could betray me – maybe that is what turned me into that terrible demon. in the end becoming that thousand year demon – it wasnt someone’s fault – maybe it was my heart – my fear made that (happen). KC: I want to resent someone so who should I resent. WR: it would be better if you didnt have resentment or want vengeance. he relays some wisdom about how those emotions arent good to have and not to give into them and to trust in cuz it will change the way you live. so KC asks doesnt that sound too “supernatural like” and it makes WR smile.  WR: didn’t you say you wanted to become human. KC nods yes. WR: then dont have *fear about the one you chose - the moment you each hold onto fear – you will lose everything. do you get that?  the opposite of faith is not lacking trust – it is fear. he walks over and puts a hand on KC’s shoulder and looks him in the eye. he is walking away as KC asks this is the last time huh. WR: probably. KC: but often – really often – I will miss you. WR turns and looks at him and KC has tears in his eyes. WR smiles at him and then walks away. SJ pats KC’s shoulder as KC says to himself – it passes like this again. another farewell is passing like this.
*it’s imp to note that the fear WR is talking about is having doubts – not trusting and believing in the other person. as if that fear could breed mistrust
*this song is CJH singing for the Gu OST
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WR goes back to the cave and looks at SH. flowers are all around her. he takes SH’s hand and holds it as he lays down next to her and closes his eyes. blue lights float everywhere. their bodies are covered in lights and the garden cave is sealed up and they are buried
SB goes in to see GW. he says they caught one guy. they drag in TS. aide says this guy was spying on us so we brought him to you
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KC tells SJ: I want to find the gu family book. SJ:before that - I told you that you had to gain the ability to control your change on your own first. KC takes off the bracelet and shows him that he can. SJ is surprised and asks how he did it – cuz he did it so fast. KC: I told you I could do it. now as promised - will you teach me how to find the gu family book.
SJ shows him the book - the way to find the gu family book is written here. before KC can open it SJ asks:  think it over again. do you really have to become human. KC: I already thought it over a thousand times. I must become one.  SJ: you dont know that much about the life of a supernatural being. it’s not too late-  how about living as one for a little while longer and then decide which way is better. KC: I want to grow old together with YW. SJ says you have to do this for one hundred days. (cuz the Gu Family Book appears only after you keep three rules for one hundred days.) SJ lists them and KC makes comments after each one.
1. Can’t kill anything. KC: I have confidence to do that
2. Can’t refuse a human’s request for help. KC: I have confidence to do that too.
3. Can’t show his true identity to any human being. KC: what does that mean.
SJ: for the hundred days no human can know your true identity. KC: what about the people who already know who I really am? SJ: you have to leave them – to somewhere no one knows (about you). KC: still – if I succeed I can come back after 100 days right? SJ says not one being has succeeded yet. including your father WR. KC: that I know too. SJ says if you go back on even one of those 3 rules – you will…KC finishes his sentence and says dont you mean I become a thousand year demon -like WR. SJ: (knowing that) do you still want to find the gu book? KC: I told you – growing old with YW is my dream. I don’t even want to think about remaining alone by myself in a world without YW. SJ: KC do you really not know anything. KC: what are you talking about?
flashback to what SJ told YW –if you can avoid it - it’s a fate you should avoid.  YW: what if I cant avoid that fate. then what happens. SJ: between the two of you one could die.
KC is shocked. what does that mean?  SJ: between the two of you one could die. KC puts the book back down.
YW drops another bowl so the teacher says how many is this. YW feels bad and doesnt get why as soon as she gets it in her hands she breaks things. it’s a special medicine that teacher gong made. gong comes in and asking what is this sound. what are you doing in my kitchen. teacher says we were having class. YW and the teacher hide the broken bowl pieces from gong by kicking it away
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KC: between the two of us that one could die? SJ: yes between the two of you one will die. since you are supernatural – if one of the two of you dies – who do you think will end up dying?  KC says no – I dont think that will happen. SJ: trust my words – my predictions havent been wrong. KC: still even if that happens it doesnt matter. if something happens to YW then I can heal her.  I already saved her like that once before. SJ: did you not know? using supernatural blood to heal and save a life can happen only once in that person’s lifetime. KC: in one lifetime just once? SJ: a life that has been saved with supernatural blood means you cant save that person again like that. so give up on YW and leave. KC : what if I find the gu family book and become human -if I become human then wont the fate change too. but SJ says that isnt your fate – it’s YW’s. the fate that you met under the crescent moon beneath a peach blossom tree – it’s YW’s. KC: did you say under the crescent moon and peach blossom tree. (he remembers that night when she saved KC) that was YW back then? SJ: finding the gu family book is up to you but you cant change her fate on your own.
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YW is waiting for KC when he goes back. he doesnt go up the stairs and sits down. she goes down asking what he is doing here. KC: nothing. YW: it doesnt look like it’s nothing – something happened.  what is it? he looks at her and thinks – between the two of us one will die. YW could die. YW: you are being strange – what’s wrong. what’s going on. he asks why she came out here. she says waiting for you. KC:why?  YW: your first wish
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she is so proud and tells him to look forward to it. the first rice Dam YW made. she uncovers it, but it’s just rice with kimchi. she is excited and brags. YW: how is it? I made this rice. doesnt it look different from others. hurry and eat it. KC: so all you made was just rice. she asks do you know how long it took to make it. KC: then should I try it. he eats a big spoonful and it crunches. YW: what is that sound. KC: I didnt hear anything. she thinks a rock is inside and tells him to spit it out, but he swallows it anyway. YW: how could you swallow that. KC: it’s delicious – maybe cuz you made the rice even the rock is yummy. they talk in their heads and both of them tear up. YW: the time left to us is 3 days. KC: between the two of us – one of us will die. YW: will I be able to send you away. KC: what do I do with you YW. she asks aloud -now tell me. KC: what? YW: your second wish. KC: second wish. the kid comes and says there is a guest from the Inn. TS’s servant runs inside out of breath.
*I just remembered that SH was a bad cook too, but WR was more than happy eating her food. now it’s the same for YW and KC.
GW says talk – whose orders are you following. SS or PJ? TS says both sides (meaning GW and then SS and PJ) - for info he needs. that way it matters if he takes this side and that side. GW says how he cant figure TS out – what TS’s real intentions are. what is it that you want. TS: seeing how you are curious about that – now I feel like making a deal.  GW says what – a deal? do you know what position you are in now for you to say that. with just one order – I could cut your head. TS says go ahead and try that then. the moment you cut my neck it will be the end of you too. with the info I know -your neck will be cut by SS. GW: what? TS: what do you want to do.  want to make a deal with me or do you want to die by SS’s hands.
gon and PJ are leaving and KC says how he heard about what happened at the Inn – that TS was caught. PJ: I am going to the admiral now (SS). so KC asks to go along. PJ asks if he is better (meaning after losing his mother and grieving). KC: yes master.  PJ: follow me. YW is there too so the four of them leave.
they go to see SS. PJ says I heard something happened at night. SS says the maps that were kept here were stolen at night. PJ asks if goongbon did it. SS: that’s how it looks. on the night WR went to the village the aide’s ninjas came into the army base and stole the maps
aide hears from the Japanese guy about an unusually shaped ship so the aide shows him the drawing of the ship that GW had and asks did you see this shape of a ship. I heard SS was trying to build it but I didnt think that he could make it for real.  are you saying he made this shape of a ship for real.
KC looks at the model of the ship and asks what kind of ship is this. SS says it’s called a turtle ship. KC: can you make a ship like this for real? and SS says yes in a detailed way. KC says it’s impressive. SS says thankfully this turtle ship model was stored in this secret room so it was safe. PJ asks if the stolen map wont be bad for them. SS shows a map on the wall and says those (goongbon) men took the fake map. they werent able to take any accurate info. KC asks what do we do about TS now – should I go in and rescue him. can we take him out now. just give me the order - I will do everything I can.
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GW goes to see TS and asks did you want to make a deal. what is it that you want to get out of it. TS says I want to get back the Inn. reveal my father’s innocence and after you give back the Inn, restore  my sister back in her original status and I will spare your life. GW says if any of the info you have is fake then you get nothing and I will cut your neck. TS says that SH gave SS a list of names.  men who were back stabbing the goongbon – SS has that list of names. SS will start calling them in and questioning them. the second even one of them says your name, what do you think will happen? GW: do you have a way for me to avoid that situation. TS says give me the paperwork for the Inn first. you dont have much time it would be better if you hurried. GW says like now I will give you your current position at the Inn and after this is all over then I will change your sister’s status. those are my conditions. what are you going to do -are you going to take the road where you and everyone else dies or are you going to at least get your current position at the Inn and your sister.  TS:  kill them all. before SS acts –  you move first and murder all of the 11 of the men involved– that’s the only way right now.
SS tells them this is the list of 11 names that Jang (SH) gave me. PJ takes it from him. SS orders his soldier to bring the 11 men on the list to PJ. SS gives orders to PJ -to watch the goongbon guys’ movement.  and then SS says to the 3 of them (gon KC and YW) that he has a separate request for them– but we don’t get to hear what his orders were for them.
when SS’s men go to collect the 11 men some are already dead so the soldier reports how many of them have been killed so far so SS crosses off their names from the list
SB says they can get this settled by tonight (all the murders).  GW says don’t take longer than tonight. more men are killed.
the aide gets mad at GW and asks why are you killing off our men. GW says this is all cuz of your negligence at not taking care of matters after Jang (SH). SH gave SS the list of names of people on our side. if something went wrong my neck would have been on the line and before you go back you might have all been killed. since power and position we can get back later we can just fight again. so shouldnt protecting your life and mine come first. isnt that so? SB comes over and says 3 people (on the list) came wanting to meet with you. if you dont meet them they said they would go to SS. I sent them to the gisaeng house for now.  GW says to prepare the guard and leaves.
SS gets the report that 3 of those men on the list are waiting to meet with GW at the gisaeng house. SS says to prepare some of the army cuz I will go there in person
gon, KC, and YW are hiding and watch GW leave the Inn. KC tells them which way in is faster and YW says I know that road too. I will lead the way but KC wont let YW go with them and says only gon and I will go from here. YW: what? KC: you asked me to tell you what my second wish is - wait here – that is my second wish. she says this is work that is an order from SS -  you cant connect this with granting wishes. but he says as promise you made with me is a promise too – until gon and I come back from our mission – wait here. KC asks gon – what do you think – you and I can handle this right. gon: there is no reason why we cant. KC says to her – you heard that right.  I will come back so wait. he leaves with gon. gon: I will come back
SR is pacing when her maid comes over. SR: what happened. the maid says CJ just left to attend to the guests.
the 3 men wait and wonder if GW is going to show up or not. they wonder if they didnt get on the wrong rope (side). WS is pouring for them when CJ comes in. WS asks why she came. CJ introduces herself and explains to the men that SR sent her to entertain them and asks which instrument they would like to hear. but GW showed up saying we dont need anything. he tells WS to take the girls out cuz I have important matters to discuss. they leave but CJ stays so he asks why aren’t you leaving. CJ says you still need one person to pour alcohol for you. he asks when she started to pour so easily. CJ: why are you like this to me. GW says does what I said about when you become mine I will become yours – it also means if you betray me I wont leave you alone. got that? go out. CJ leaves and the maid reports to SR that it didn’t work (CJ didn’t get to stay in the room to spy)
the 3 men complain cuz they are the only ones left alive. did SS do all this. GW: SS wouldnt have killed you guys – after capturing and questioning just one man – he would have gotten my name out of them. it couldn’t be helped. they realize it was GW’s doing as all 3 are slain right there. GW says something about what needs to be done for the sake of living.
GW walks out and SB says now all 11 men have been killed.  GW: you did well.  suddenly SS comes in. GW asks what brings you here to a gisaeng house. SS says I came cuz I heard there are traitors who are selling  info to foreigners and to capture them. GW: you are working hard for the sake of the country.  a woman screams cuz she found the bodies. SS tells his men to go find out what is going on. his man reports the remaining 3 from the list have been killed.   SS: all 3? the guy says yes lord. GW: the traitors must have jumped the wrong way.   SS asks his guy if everyone on the list have been killed. his man says yes. all 11 on the list have been taken care of.  SS asks GW if he knows a certain saying. to fight two tigers even if I dont use my own hands - it means you can get what you wanted. (basically he is saying - thank goodness I was able to settle this matter about the 11 traitors without any fuss.   (*GW was tricked– those 11 men werent betraying GW- it means GW killed his own loyal men).  GW is mad and sees TS show up. SS: what’s wrong – are you involved in this matter?  GW asks what are you saying – are you daring to accuse me of being a traitor. SS: I was just thinking what I should do with you. (what would be good). GW: if you are going to mess with me – it would be better if you are more well prepared before you come after me. SS: I should. go carefully.  as GW walks out TS smiles at him. SS tells TS you did well.
KC and gon sneak over.KC tells him to stop and they roll to avoid star shaped blades. suddenly they are surrounded by ninjas.
YW is pacing when she senses a ninja come up behind her. she fights but gets sliced on the stomach. she takes off running
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KC takes off the bracelet and gon and KC stand back to back and then start fighting when KC yells
YW is running away from the ninja
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as they fight off the ninjas, KC goes over and helps out gon when two attack him at the same time. YW comes in and sees them all fighting. she fights the one who followed her. she runs into the middle of the fight to get closer to KC when KC swings around and slashes her with his claws. he didn’t even know what he had done till he saw her face. she drops her sword and looks at him in shock and cries. her arm is bleeding. the fighting stopped the moment she got hurt. he starts to cry as well when he sees her fall to her knees. gon slashes away a guy who was about to attack YW and gon catches her before she falls. the rest of the ninjas were going to kill all 3 of them but the Japanese guy calls a stop to the attack. KC looks down at his bloody hand. gon asks if the guy is K (the name is too long to spell) and shows the guy a note and says we are running an errand for SS. the guy looks at the letter.
구가의 서.E22.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[02-18-24] 구가의 서.E22.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[02-18-35] 구가의 서.E22.720p.HDTV.x264-BEST[02-17-50]
KC goes over and kneels by her asking if she is ok. he sees her bloody arm. he cuts his hand with a rock and drips his blood on her arm but no blue lights come. SJ had told him how he could only do that (using the blood of a supernatural to heal) only once in a lifetime for each person. (he already saved her like this before so now it wont work on her anymore).  KC drips blood on her and begs please but it doesnt work. so he cuts himself again and tries a second time but it doesn’t work. gon tells him to stop now before KC can try again
gong bandages her arm up. PJ comes in and says I heard you were hurt a lot. what happened. YW: I’m ok – I only got slightly grazed by a blade is all. PJ: I heard you got hurt cuz of KC but she lies and says no father -  KC was too busy fighting with the ninjas – cuz it might be dangerous for me he wouldnt even let me into the Inn, but I didnt obey him and went in and was attacked. for real father. gong says to PJ: like YW said -the injury is slight and not too bad.  gon doesnt like the lie and goes out and looks at KC waiting
KC is still crying and looking guilty
GW’s room is a mess when SB says the aide came. GW yells let him in. the aide asks what happened. GW wants ten skilled ninjas to kill SS.
at night YW goes to KC’s room but he isnt there. she goes to the kitchen and the kid says I heard you got hurt – can you come out like this. she says it’s nothing (her injury). I’m ok. where is KC – havent you seen him.
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YW finds KC sitting on the steps and says I knew you would be doing this. I knew you would be looking defeated like this. he asks how her arm is. she says it doesn’t hurt  at all. teacher gong has a lot of good medicine – i drank some and applied medicine so the blood quickly stopped flowing and I got more alert so don’t worry. he tells her to go in now.
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he gets up to leave so she asks why are you like this – it wasn’t your fault. you didnt do it on purpose too. KC wont face her and says: i wasnt in my right mind. I smelled blood and was fighting when I wasnt in my right mind. next time it might not end with just claw marks – I might kill you. YW: did you hear about something – you did didnt you? (meaning he heard from someone about  their fate) KC: that the fated meeting under the crescent moon and peach blossom tree would be dire for you and also that it’s me (the one she was fated to meet)-why did you come all this way if you knew that. YW: cuz I wasnt afraid of some prediction like that. KC: he said you could die. YW: cuz of a fate that you dont know how it will turn out -  I didnt want to lose you now KC.
KC remembers WR warning: the moment you succumb tol fear – you could lose everything. KC replies in his head: but I am afraid – YW might die.
KC tells her: my fate with you - it’s only up to here. YW: what are you saying now. KC: that is my third wish Dam YW.

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