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Gu Family Book Ep 06

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MS looks down at little KC, bloody from a fight with the neighborhood kids. He asks KC why he fought with the boys. KC tells him it was because they teased him about being found at the river. MS asks KC if he is embarrassed about that. KC nods yes. MS bends down to KC’s eye level. “I think it is a good thing. If you hadn’t floated down the river, I wouldn’t have met you. Family is not just about blood but the heart. In my heart, you are already like my son.” He puts a hand on KC’s shoulder as KC smiles widely in return. MS tells the other kids, “Don’t make fun of him because if you do, it will be like you made fun of me.”
The ninja/assassin stabs MS who has stepped in front of KC to save him. Everyone is in shock. KC punches out the assassin and holds the dying MS in his arms. Tears fill his eyes. MS asks KC, while sputtering up blood, “Did you get hurt?” KC calls out “Naeuri.” (A term that KC has been using to refer to MS, meaning “My lord”). MS struggles for his last words, “Don’t forget. You were like my son. Please protect my TS and CJ.” He dies. TS screams out, “Father!” Head guard is also in shock. Lady faints. Tears fall from CJ. KC begs, “No, please come back. Naeuri!” The winds starts to violently gust and clouds cover the moon. SJ stands outside the inn, looking grave. YW, who is in another part of the inn practicing her martial arts, also senses something. Gon comes to YW’s side. They go to the rooftop to look down at the scene of MS’ death.
GW sees KC’s eyes glow green as he glares at him. KC growls, “I will kill you. I will kill you all!” KC moves to strike but SJ steps in front of GW and guts KC with his staff. KC’s eyes continue to glow green while his bracelet glows red, as SJ holds him back with his staff. MS’s henchman notices.
The wind storm suddenly stops and when everyone is finally able to see, KC and SJ are gone. Nobody saw them leave or knows where they went.
TS calls out “Father!” over MS’ dead body. CJ can only stare in shock. TS shuts MS’ eyes and his cries fill the courtyard.
PJ receives the message that MS is dead. So does SS- MS died during the night during a search for evidence of treason.
MS’ room lays in ruins but the safe room has not been found yet.
Bong Choon (BC, the leader of the gang from the beginning) hears the news about MS’ dead and is shocked.
MS’s family and the top level of servants are led out of the inn to be sold to be imprisoned. One soldier pushes CJ to hurry her and she falls. Another grabs her collar to tell her to hurry up. She, still considering herself a yangban demands to know how he can treat her this way. The soldier declares that she is now the daughter of a traitor. The villagers call out to defend MS but after the soldiers threaten to imprison them too, they stop.
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A soldier starts to move the cart carrying MS’ body but the ox cannot move. Even a group of soldiers can’t budge it. Mom watches with a sad look on her face and she finally orders for the soldiers to step aside. She gently touches the MS’ body bundled body and asks, “Do you not want to leave that much? It has all ended so let us leave. Let go of your anger and sorrow and let us go.” The inn servants all weep. CJ and TS join their mother. TS helps the soldiers roll MS’ body away. The cart moves this time to everyone’s surprise. All the villagers weep and wail as the body passes by. Even the other yangbans bow their heads in respect. Notably, the thief that we saw in the beginning, the one that MS forgave and gave seeds too is also there among the crowd.
BC and gang watches the cart leave. He points out that KC is not here. One suggests that KC ran away but BC glares at him, saying it is not possible. A soldier corrects him, says KC did run away and he is MS’s killer.
YW is hearing the same thing from Gon. She bangs her fits on the table. This is unbelievable! Gon explains that GW ordered this probably out of concern over the citizens’ reaction if they found out that GW was mostly responsible.
KC’s wanted posters are hung all around the village. The bounty is 200 nyang. SJ sees the posters. BC wants to catch KC for the bounty.
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YW wants to find KC but Gon suggests they wait for PJ’s orders. YW says she doesn’t want to wait because it will be too late again like yesterday and this time KC might die like MS did. Gon warns her that she might be linked to KC and treachery, which will hurt her family. Worried, YW declares that finding KC is more important right now. Gon asks why she is paying so much attention to KC. She replies that is because he saved her life. Not just once but twice.
The soldiers start to separate TS for questioning/torture. Lady tries to stop the soldiers from TS, crying, “What did he do wrong? Take me instead.” TS assures his mother that he will be fine. He will not die before her.
TS is brought before the chief police. He sees the torture instruments. GW is behind a screen, watching the questioning.
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Everyone else from the inn sits inside the prison. Choi wonders out loud where KC is. They all cringe when TS’s screams fill the air. Mom begs to be let out so she can go to her son. CJ tries to calm Mom down down but TS’s cries continue. CJ’s tries to cover Mom’s ears but mom begs to die and she faints. The other servants crowd around mom and wail. CJ stares at them silently, struggling to hold back her own fears, before she orders, “Don’t cry! We must endure. We must be strong.” Inwardly, she cries for KC. “Where are you?”
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KC wakes up in the cave at the Moonlight Garden. He steps outside and looks around. He has no idea where he is. SJ asks, “How is your stomach? It should be hurting.” KC feels his stomach. Yeah, it does hurts. The pain jolts is memory of last night when MS died. He frantically asks SJ about CJ and TS. He complains, “Why did you bring me here alone?” SJ ignores him and just tells eat to eat up. KC ignores him and turns around to go back to the inn. SJ declares, “There is nothing you can do. Even if you go back, there is nothing you can turn back. Just stay here for ten days.” KC yells that the inn is his only home. He has to go back. SJ gets angry. KC didn’t listen to him. Nobody listens to him. “If you weren’t there, MS wouldn’t have died.” Even with these words, KC refuses to stay. SJ yells out to KC’s back that it was his mother’s dying wish. KC turns back to face SJ. “What did you say? Did you know my mother?” SJ replies, “I was also your father’s closest friend.”
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TS is barely conscious after the torture. GW lifts TS’s face with his fan. He says to TS, “You should have not hesitated to report to the government. You can’t wait around with me.” GW declares that MS died because of TS. TS screams- he will kill GW and avenge his father. GW smiles. Everyone who has said that to him has died. He asks TS, “Do you now understand what kind of person I am?” TS roars in angers.
GW asks his henchman about KC. KC still hasn’t been found. GW: “His eyes bug me. What was that?” Henchman replies that it seems to have something to do with KC’s bracelet. Every time KC uses his strength, the bracelet glows. GW wants KC found alive so he can find out.
Chief police reports to GW that TS has said nothing about a rebellion despite the torture.
GW says there is no problem even if they got nothing out of questioning. They already have the evidence (referring to the PJ’s note to MS). Chief asks GW what is to be done with the inn. GW says the family and their servants will be sold as slaves and he will buy the rest of the slaves and inn. He offers the chief a promotion and chief immediately pledges loyalty to GW.
TS is brought back to the cell, bloody and barely conscious. CJ asks if TS is alright. The first thing TS asks is “Where is KC?” The others declare that KC has definitely run away- the audacity of him to do so when it is his fault that MS died.
BC is searching for KC. YW and Gon see BC and his lackey searching. YW thinks that KC must have run into the mountains. Gon says it’s like searching for a needle in a haystack. YW assures him that KC is definitely bigger than a needle and clumsy on top of that. He will have definitely left tracks. Gon wonders when he will be able to break YW’s stubborness. When YW replies “When I die,” Gon’s eyes widen. YW smiles and explains, “I mean my stubbornness will last until I am an old grandma.” They leave to search for KC. Unfortunately, BC and lackey on their tail.
But in the forest, Gon notices their tail. He leaves YW on the road to shoo BC away. BC overs Gon fifty percent of the bounty if he helps them find KC. He brings his side to forty when Gon glares at him. Gon shows BC his blade. “I told you to leave.” BC immediately cowers and turns around. Gon looks back down the road but YW is gone. She has gone off to lose GW’s men tracking her. Gon goes in search of her and we see that BC hasn’t left.
YW is running away from GW’s men when suddenly someone pulls her back from behind a large rock. It is KC but YW, who hasn’t seen his face knocks him down and pulls out sword to stab him before she realizes it is KC. Hearing footsteps, KC pushes YW down on the ground and ends up basically embracing her. They are very close. GW’s men are near and KC’s legs stick out from behind the bushes. But vines grow to cover KC’s leg from the assassin’s view and GW’s men pass by.
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KC and YW notice how close they are. YW asks KC, “Where were you all night?” KC just comments, “From this close you look pretty. Almost a girl.” YW tells him that people are looking for him and there is a bounty on his head. KC points out that Dam do-ryung has not thanked him once again for saving life. “If you omit things too often, it will become happen.”
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Gon pulls KC off of his lady and punches him. “You should also know that if you fool around too often, that will become habit too.”  KC is already on edge and they prepare to fight. YW yells at them to stop and reminds KC that MS’s family is all in prison and he is being called a murder.” Angry tears fill KC’s eyes and he yells in frustration. YW suggest that they hide first in a safe place and find a way to prove his innocence. KC ignores her and just tells Gon to consider himself lucky today. KC starts to leave. YW blocks him. KC says I have no where to go except the inn. YW reminds him that he is being hunted as a murder. KC declares, “That’s good. I was about to kill someone as soon as I go down. It doesn’t matter if I become a murder today or tomorrow.” YW asks is KC is just giving up like this.
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SJ tells KC to wait ten days and he will tell him everything- who his real parents are and why he was abandoned in the river. KC’s says he doesn’t need to know. He can’t ignore MS’s family who took him in after his parents abandoned him. SJ tells him that he was abandoned. There was an unavoidable situation. KC angrily declares that he doesn’t want to know. SJ replies that his fate depends on it. KC says he never cared to know his fate, being someone who was abandoned in the river. “So leave me alone! Stop poking at my heart. I have a family I need to save!”
KC says to YW, “I wanted to say thank you before the end. It’s disappointing that I won’t be able to do that.” He gives her a smile before he leaves. YW calls after him but Gon stops her, saying there is nothing more she can do.
SJ watches KC leave from afar. He sighs.
KC makes his way down the mountain and BC sees him.
Back in the village, KC sneaks into the inn. The inn is in shambles and empty. KC remembers how happy and full it used to look with guests and servants. Tears fall silently from KC’s eyes.
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TS’ manservant, Ok-man (OM), runs to KC to hug him. “Where were you? Everyone has been taken away and we have been kept in here.” KC asks where the family is. OM cries as he tells KC that they are in prison. KC reassures OM, saying, “Don’t cry. I am here now. I will save them.” OM says, “But you will get hurt too if something goes wrong.” KC says, “Don’t worry, Ok-man.” He begins to walk away when OM calls out, “It wasn’t your fault. MS’s death was not your fault.” KC clenches his fists.
Soldiers have come to take out CJ. She frantically asks where. One of them tells her that the verdict about her father’s crime has been decided. TS will be beheaded and everyone else will be sold as slaves. CJ demands evidence for her father’s crime or at least for the case to be sent to the capital city. Soldier asks her what more evidence do they need after that note they found. TS asks what kind of law destroys a family like this just because of some note. Soldier tells TS that the law is both the sword and shield of the one who wields it. TS will be beheaded at dawn tomorrow. CJ is taken away. TS and maidservant cry out to CJ. TS falls weakly and faints. Mom starts to come to.
Chief tells GW that MS’s family has been told about the verdict. GW tells him that they can take care of the rest now. He says that KC will come tonight. He knows that the chief is feeling uneasy without TS’ confession but with KC’s head, things will become easier. GW looks toward the end of his room. BC has reported to GW about KC’s whereabouts.
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CJ is put into the moving cell. The soldier locks her inn but has to go to bathroom. He leaves her alone in the cell. CJ whispers, “KC, please help me.” Suddenly, a hand wraps around CJ’s. It is KC. He says, “I’m sorry. You waited long, right?” He starts to open the cell when CJ tells KC to save TS first or he might die. If KC tries to save her now, he might get caught and he is the last hope. CJ begs KC, “Please don’t let anyone else die.” KC promises that he will come back for her. “Wait. No matter what happens, I will come for you.” CJ thanks KC. KC starts to leave but he is held back by CJ’s grip on his sleeve. Despite all appearances and words of bravery, CJ is scared and she holds onto KC as she trembles. KC kisses CJ’s on the forehead. He caresses her face before he leaves. CJ says out loud, “I will wait. I will be waiting for you KC.”
One of GW’s men saw KC and CJ from the roof.
KC breaks into the prison. Everyone is happy to see him. He unlocks the cell door and Choi hugs him. KC apologies. He asks about TS. TS is unconscious. KC asks head guard to move TS.
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KC opens Mom’s cell. She tells him to leave. “I will only become a burden. We will end up being chases by slave hunters. It will be easier to live life as a slave.” All other servants sit down with Mom’s declaration. Mom says to TS, who is still unconscious, “Live and reveal the truth about your father’s false accusation.” KC vows to protect TS and CJ. Mom remembers what she said before to KC about not being able to believe the oath of someone she doesn’t even know if he is human. She says to KC tearfully, “Please. Protect TS and CJ.” KC swears. Pulling herself together, mom turns her head and tells KC to leave now.
Choi decides to stay with Mom. Head guard and other servant will move TS while KC leads the way.
KC leads the way out of the prison. Unfortunately, they run into a group of GW’s men. They pull out their swords. KC and the head guard fight GW’s men. KC wants Head to leave with TS. He will hold back these men. Head says that KC needs to take TS. KC notices Head’s wound. Head wants KC to take care of TS. KC says to him, “Let’s see each other again alive.” Head guard man stays with the other GW’s head assassin while the others chase after KC. Head guard is killed. No!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Somehow KC, TS, and servant end up at the house of the thief who was forgiven by MS. He offers help. One of GW’s men finds them but YW shoots him down. YW asks thief to hide TS for two to three days. She will send someone to move him soon. YW tells KC that they will have to lead the assassins away. KC is thankful so he starts to say, “Dam goon” (goon a way to refer to a male in a more friendly way that do-ryung). KC corrects himself- “Dam do-ryung.” YW smiles and says he can forego/omit his thanks. “It’s not always necessary to say it with words.” YW puts on a mask.
KC and YW run through the forest with GW’s men on their tail. They split up. KC thinks, “CJ, wait just a bit.”
The soldier, coming back from the longest poop session ever, is now ready to take CJ.
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GW’s men surround KC. CJ is being led away.  The second-in-command assassin looks at KC’s bracelet. The head assassin told him to get rid of the bracelet to fight KC. Assassin slices the bracelet off. The earth shakes. The winds gust and the clouds and thunder roll in. The moon eclipses the sun and it is dark now.
The assassins slash at KC. He thinks, “Stop. Stop. I need to go. CJ is waiting. But what is wrong with my body? It hurts like I am going to die. My body is hot like I am burning. “
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YW has found KC but before she can go to his aide, blue lights start to fill the air. KC’s eyes start to glow and he hands turn into claws. His wounds quickly heal. YW sees and assassins fall back in shock. KC roars.

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