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Protect The Boss Ep 01

Awal aku buat blog pernah bahas tentang protect the boss. nah sekarang bakal aku masukin spoilernya.. drakor ni lumayan ok dan rekomended banget.. dijamin bakalan tertawa sampai sakit perut.
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Protect the boss EP 1

Noh Eun Seol had been a teeanage gangster at schools. She was a Bosamdongryu’s legend (and she really did mention it in her resume). She spent most of her school years fighting with other school punks. Her college years were hard as well. She had to study and work at the same time. Now she’s been struggling to get a job. Her life was from one job interview to others. But none of them was successful.
And then we skip her life to see the life of a wacky chaebol. Obviously he’s been undertreatment for let’s say a mental problem. He’s suffered from a panic attack syndrom (my personal description for his condition was explosively bad temper, obsessive compulsive and panic attack complication). He’s been blaming his psychiatrist that his illness just got worsen instead of better after all the treatments. He’s under medication without anyone else, but his secretary, knowing.

Cha Ji Heon is not the typical womenizer wealthy bad boy, but he really loves to play and seems to really hate his job. When he was making a presentation and cornered by a question shot by his own cousin, Cha Moo Won, his panic attack occured. To avoid himself collapse in front of the company’s highers, he made a lousy excuse: “I’ve been busy so I haven’t prepared that much.”
And that just drove his father, Chairman Cha, went crazy.

Ji Heon’s relationship with his dad was quite unique. He resembles his also-wacky-dad in so many ways, but try all kinds of ways not to be. His father is suffered from out-of-control bad temper problem. He likes to kick and hit Ji Heon. He ran after Ji Heon to the elevator and hit him all possible way, while each of both boss’ secretaries worked together to block the cctv.

The constant attack happened only in the evelevator because when the door was open, the fight ended and both was back to their manner. They still care about leadership image in the company. However sometimes Chairman Cha just couldn’t hold his hand to hit his son.
Even though it sounds fierce and full of abuse, the actors made it show in a very funny fighting between son and father.

Eun Seol finally got a job. It’s a lousy ads company, but for the desparate Eun Seol it’s better than no job at all.
The company held a welcoming party at the club. Here the boss tried to seduce Eun Seol, but failer and then turned to the other newbie. Eun Seol couldn’t stay still looking at the sexual harrassment, so she spoke it out. But the boss got pissed off so he threw the wine onto Eun Seol face and body.
Eun Seol didn’t stay quite. She went into the men toilet where her boss was peeing and after a pointless talk, she knocked the boss down after a few punch and then tie him on to the faucet. She was furious because this kind of boss just made a job such a playful place while unfortunate people like her are dying just to have one.

At the other room in the same club, Ji Heon was attending a business meeting which he so dislike doing. He resent the hostest girls and pour a sanitizer after shaking hands. And he decided to leave the meeting as early as possible. On the corridor, the angry Eun Seol bumped into Ji Heon who’s talking to his secretary on the phone. But the bump caused Ji Heon dropped his phone.

They’re both arguing about whether Ji Heon also need to apologize or not when the bad guys came. Apparently the prevert boss had summoned his men to give “lesson” to Eun Seol.

She fought all those men, while the confused Ji Heon caught in the middle. When she was about to shot her best kick, her shoe flew away and she didn’t have time to pick it up when she finally got a way to flee, leaving Ji Heon in a big trouble. They ended up beating him as well. And Ji Heon only got the blue shoe as a proof of her “wrongdoing” to him.

Eun Seol lives with her highschool best friend who’s also her pack in teenage gangster, Lee Myeong Ran. She’s a kickboxer.

Ji Heon got home and his father found out about the bruises. Even though Chairman Cha was often so cruel to Ji Heon, he loves his son in his own way. And apparently, Chairman Cha was also a gangster because he told his secretary to find the bad guys beating his son and summoned the “brothers” to give those bad guys some lesson.

He made his men threw the bad guys into the water and picked them up again. For the last “lesson”, he had to do it himself. Even all those big guys were afraid of Chairman Cha.

Chairman Cha was getting an honorary award from the government for his achievement and contribution to economic through his company which run in IT sector. Everyone was present there, including Ji Heon who looked bored of his father speech.
Meanwhile, Ji Heon’s secretary was still forbid to come home by Ji Heon before he could find the owner of the shoe, which was Eun Seol. The secretary was so stressful that he let out his heart to a friend on the phone, talking about Ji Heon was beaten up and how his father with his own men had given the bad guys some lesson.
Unfortunately, a man who’s sitting behind the secretary was the person he least expected to hear all those information flowing out his mouth. That man introduced himself as a reporter.

Apparently, chairman Cha didn’t get along with her sister-in-law, Moo Won’s mom, very well. They seemed to hate each other. Chairman Cha called her a witch, while Shin Sook Hee seemed to hold a grudge against him for her late husband’s death and what he didn’t know about his own brother. However, both of these business man and woman were public figure so they had to keep their image clean and looked getting well each other in front of others.

The news about Chairman Cha was involved in mafia world and had conducted a violence attack soon spread out to all media. Just outside the awardd party hall, the press had awaited him. The result was Chairman Cha had to go standing for a trial and sentenced guilty. He was suppose to stay in jail and then do a community service for a period of time. But he skipped the jail by pretending to be sick. So he stayed at the hospital instead. But he did go for the community service. He endured everything to avoid Ji Heon’s name dragged in to this matter.

Let’s see how’s Eun Seol life recently. Her economic situation was very bad. She and Myeong Ran calculated their money and unfortunately Eun Seol found so many minus in her balance. Then she was thinking of having her minus balance to reach 2 billion Won by imagining there’re flying golden zeros came out of nowhere.

She applied here and there again. And apparently her resume was sent to DN group, Cha Ji Heon’s company. The interview was led by Moo Won with other human resource division highers.
At first no one seemed to be interested on Eun Seol. Among 4 candidates, only Eun Seol who didn’t get any question. She was disappointed and angry, and that’s why the brave Eun Seol finally spoke out her mind.
“Why am I the only one who didn’t get any question?” she asked. She said that if she’s not qualified for the job, they shouldn’t call her in the first place. She said if they thought that asking her was such a waste of time, it’s more a waste of time for her because she could’ve gone to other interviews to get a job..

Eun Seo didn’t put any hope in DN group company, but starngely she got a phonecall saying she was accepted to work as a secretary. She was so excited about the job, but on her first day she came to work, the other female secretaries looked at her in a not-nice look and thought she got an inside person get her in. And that inside person was Cha Moo Won.
No matter what, Eun seol was very thankful to Moo Won. However, she still needed to ask why she was accepted. “Do I resemble your first love? Because I didn’t think I had a good qualification to be accepted.”
Cha Moo Won said he needed her to be Cha Ji Heon’s new secretary after he fired the last one. He told her that Ji Heon needed someone who could endure his difficult attitude. And Eun Seol mentioned her title as Bosamdongryu’s legend in her resume, so Moo Won thought she fit the requirement.

When his father was sentenced by the court, Ji Heon went out of the country for a while after firing his secretary. And when he was back, he was so surprise to his grandmother was in his car to pick him up and make sure he went straightly to the office.
I thought the wacky attitude was a hereditary problem that Ji Heon and Chairman Cha got from Grandma Seong.

Ji Heon with his backpack came to the office and was surprised finding a new secretary greeted him and introduced herself. When they looked at each other for the first time there…they were surprise like they’ve seen each other before this.


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