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The Moon That Embrace The Sun Ep 16

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Wol is being led to meet with B. wol remembers asking S who became the crown princess in her place and  S told her minister yoon’s daughter B, the one who went through everything with YW. wol asks if there was a re-selection but S says B was chosen right away.
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M: I am prepared to step down from my position and choose that girl -are you prepared to step down from your position? like you want, if I leave that girl’s side, can you protect her in my place. H:hyungnim. M: If you arent willing to lose anything, If you aren’t willing to have something taken away  then what can you protect. H: hyungnim. M: she didnt do anything wrong and turned her into a criminal and only gave her pain/scars- what is there that you can do. H tells him to stop. M asks if H can let go of YW.  Cuz I can do that. but no matter what you wont be able to do that.
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B asks wol: how are you here. wol: I heard you called for me. didnt you? B is in denial saying “there is no way you are–no- that couldn’t happen. Wol: Heo YW. Do I resemble that person? B: what? wol: a lot of people mistake me for that person, heo yw cuz. but I am just shaman wol. B tells her :  now it’s ok. you can leave. Wol: can I ask one thing before I go with your permission. I saw the spirit of Heo YW from the hidden room building. that spirit told me – you are going to meet the queen soon. tell her to throw away her fears now and that I wish for her to be happy. B gets scared and says that would never have happened. that girl would not say those things to me. She tells the aide to take wol away right now. wol looks at her before she leaves
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B screams so wol tell the aide not to bother with her and to go in and take care of the queen and wol will leave quietly alone out of the palace. Aide tells her not to get caught while leaving so wol says if I did then how would I survive. when wol is alone she thinks to herself that in B’s eyes there was fear but why.
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B keeps yelling. aide asks why she is like this. B repeats: it’s not (her). B remembers what she asked her dad when she was young. did you kill YW? and what her dad said to her about if she wants to live in the palace, if you want the prince’s heart then you have to throw away your guilt and pity. and how she said that no one can steal her position now. B cries and keeps thinking that cant happen. That girl is dead for sure.
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Wol walks by the hidden room building. She remembers how young H said in his letter that starting from today she would be starting her training -how it will be lonely and difficult but since it’s her, she could do it well and endure.
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Wol cries and goes inside and looks around. She opens the window and H is standing there looking up at her. she closes the window
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Wol remembers how young H asked if she was crying and thinking of her family that she left behind - if you are open the window. She opens the window again and H is gone. She goes downstairs and looks around. She cant find H. she looks sad and H walks over.  He asks why she is here. tell me – you are supposed to be at the infirmary so why are you here. she says she was ordered here and lost her way for a short time on her way out. no. without realizing I was drawn to the moonlight. I am sorry –since this place holds meaning for you - I will be going now.
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She walks off but he holds her hand. without looking at her, he asks – is your body ok. She says she is ok. He asks if it’s not hard living there. she says it’s not hard. H: if you want I can move you to another place. If you want I can send you where no one knows you. she asks why he is doing this – using his royal powers for her. dont do that. She thinks in her head – if you do that then I wont be able to see you again. He asks if that means she is going to take the punishment when she didn’t do anything wrong. wol: how can you say that I didnt do anything wrong. She thinks in her head -how can I pay for the crime of not knowing you at first glance. he asks if that means she tried to set out to bewitch a member of royalty. she tells him not to waver over her anymore.  she cries. H lets go of her hand. And tells her to go. Go and don’t come back in front of me again.
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She cries more as he walks away without looking back. She watches him as he leaves.
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Wol walks back and runs into N. wol asks why N came here. N says you didn’t come to see me so I came. Wol: there must be a reason why I didn’t look for you. go back. I havent thought things through yet so I will meet you later. N says the king commanded to meet her. before she met the king, she thought the correct order would be to meet wol first so that is why she came here
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N says she had no choice but to follow the dowager’s order and she couldnt deny her friend’s last dying wish to protect YW so she killed YW and saved YW. I am prepared to accept any punishment. wol says there is one thing she cant forgive no matter what and there is one thing she cant figure out. Why did you deceive my father. N gives her reason saying that if she told him the truth, YW’s father would not have gone along with it cuz it’s too hard to believe. so wol says: it would have been better if you had killed me cuz my father was tormented with the guilt of killing his daughter so he committed suicide. no – when he fed me that medicine, that’s when my father already died.  That medicine you used to save me became the poison that killed my father-do you get that. the person you killed wasnt me – it was my father. N is shocked cuz she didn’t know about the dad’s death. wol: the 8 yrs that you made my family and the king suffer.  how are you going to pay that back? tell me. what were you thinking to keep your mouth shut for that long time. N explains for YW’s spell N needed a strong spirited young girl who was a virgin as an offering- that young girl in order to get what she wished for, she had to be there for the spell and prayed for YW’s death together with N. Wol asks if that young girl was the queen. N doesn’t say. Wol: Then who? Wol remembers how S said the princess came by that night. And didnt go inside and just she asked about YW’s health and went back right away. wol: the young princess did? Wol realizes it was MW and says: there is no way – it’s not possible. N says that it was the princess.
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MW is in the dark. She remembers how Y’s mom said Y’s dad killed himself. how sad he was to send his daughter away. She keeps crying. she remembers when she first met YW and asked which one was Y’s sister and YW said it’s me and MW said you resemble Y and look pretty. She cries more and remembers how when she was a kid how the dowager told her to get up cuz MW had been in bed for days. And how she begged the dowager to convince her dad to let her marry Y. dowager asked if MW liked Y that much. MW: yes-if it’s not that person I will die. dowager says the king will never allow that so what to do. MW cries.  then the dowager said dont cry – it’s not like there is no possible way for that to happen. (meaning there is one way)  MW asked what that is. Dowager says-then will you help this grandmother. MW shakes and cries remembering. after the spell when the dowager asked MW – are you afraid? now you will get what you want so you can stop being scared now.
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Y calls out asking if MW is asleep so she gets up and smiles and says no. he comes in and asks if she had been crying. she says no. and asks what brings him here at this time. he says he worried cuz she hasn’t moved ever since they came back from his father’s gravesite. she cries so he asks why-did he do say something wrong. she lies and says she had a bad dream he disappeared so now she is relieved to see him like this. He hugs her and he says: I’m in trouble. She asks if anything bad happened to him. He says he thought she was pretty when she smiled but now he thinks she is more pretty when she cried so that’s big trouble. She asks him to forgive her. he asks for what. MW: for everything. He says he will watch over her all night so dont worry. She asks if he will stay by her side all night. He tells her to sleep comfortably
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N explains the serious crime of killing the crown princess and if the princess’s involvement is revealed, the king has to punish his own family member. and the princess’s husband will be come a criminal too so those people used the princess as the offering. even if the king and you reveal all this truth, those people think you wont have any choice but to cover it up again. Wol cries. N: miss. Wol asks then what do I have to do. N: you have to choose – whether you are going to reveal all the truth and go to the king’s side or cover up all of this and just live. Wol: is this what you worried about for 8 long yrs. N says I am meeting the king tm and the reason is he is looking for you. I will follow whatever you want.
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Wol goes off by herself and cries. N watches from the doorway as wol cries.
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M blocks the minister’s path. Minister asks M why he is doing this that M misunderstood him. the guy says I am going crazy. M tells him to make a choice. M wont ask or pick on how much money the guy made -while I am saying it nicely-first send the medical products back properly (to the patients at the infirmary). or secondly watch as I reveal to the king of your wrongdoing… H comes over and asks what M wants to reveal to him. H asks what brings M here at the palace. M says it’s nothing much. that the minister doesnt seem to know about the poor conditions at the infirmary so M came to tell him. H reminds M that he isnt supposed to get involved in these matters (politics). M says he is only bearing witness and not breaking the rule of getting involved in politics. H asks about what. M says what do you think is the meaning of the infirmary. he breaks up the characters and says the word ”save” and “people” -just like the word, isnt it a place to save people. M uses the word differently saying the word for infirmary is closer a place that kills people. M lists all the bad things that are happening there cuz of that minister. how medical products that should be used on patients are secretly being embezzled out by boat. how the nurses that are helping the patients are trapped by the minister and not allowed to leave.  H says he didnt know M was so interested in the common citizens business. M says he is worried about how the citizens are not eating. H says it sounds like M is saying that his citizens are starving cuz H isnt doing his job well. M: if you took it that way then I dont have a response -just please understand
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H meets with the ministers and yells about the corruption at the infirmary using words like “I told you to treat the sick at the infirmary - who asked you to raise a baby mouse.” H refers to them as mice that steals from the patients at the infirmary. even if you dont have any conscience, you really dont have it (you are going too far) Ministers say H is speaking too harshly and to take it back. H: you think my words are going too far. H gives examples of how they wanted to match the measurement of the rice so they mixed in pebbles to make porridge. why would they go so far as to go around saying anyone who ate that didnt survive. are you saying the citizens at the infirmary should starve and die. Minister says in order to keep up with the cost of running the place, they need more funds and it’s not like they can raise more taxes. H keeps yelling at them listing how he will look into stuff and if they did any of that, he is going to catch the culprits right away.
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H goes back and N is waiting. She asks if he looked for her.
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Dowager hears that N went to meet with H. aide reports how H looked for N every day. dowager orders the aide to bring N as soon as she comes out from meeting H
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H: answer me. didnt you say with your own mouth that you left seungsucheong for a while. when was that. N says it was 8 yrs ago. H thinks to himself – 8 yrs ago that was when the crown princess died. H asks if there was a special reason why she left seungsucheong She says how she didnt have the same supernatural skills as before so she needed to recover from using her powers and that’s why she left. He asks if anything happened that caused her to suddenly use up her ability. she asks what he is trying to ask. He says answer me – is it possible to kill a person with a spell. N: with a spell you cant kill a person. H: cant kill with spells. N: with spells, there is no way to kill a person. and the person who cast that spell would die too. she asks who would put their life on the line and cast that spell. so that is why I am saying there is no such spell. H: what you said – are there no lies in there at all (not even one). she says she only spoke truthfully. if I did kill someone with a spell, I would be dead already too. but if I am alive like this, shouldnt the person I killed with the spell not exist. (She explained it in an indirect way exactly what happened so he can piece it together later)
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N goes outside and remembers how wol asked N not to tell the king anything cuz wol doesnt want him to be tormented again cuz of her.dowager’s aide asks to see N
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Dowager asks why N went to meet H. N quickly lies: since the head seungsucheong changed he just wanted to know her face so he called her. dowager accuses N of lying and points out how the king had zero interest in seungsucheong so there must have been some other reason to meet. N: truthfully he wanted to know about my spiritual daughter. dowager asks if it’s your daughter- are you talking about the girl who was kicked out to the infirmary. N: yes. dowager asks why would the king do that – does he want to keep her by his side again. N says no he just wanted to keep the bad rumors about the girl to stop so going around and ordered the other shaman girls to keep their mouths shut.  Dowager asks if that is all. N: why would I dare to lie.  dowager says the way N is acting is different from that day when N boldly threatened her. N says that night the life of her spiritual daughter was on the line so for a short time she didnt see anything else. I committed a sin that deserves death. N pledges the rest of her life to serve the dowager and asks for forgiveness.  Dowager says wol cant be near H. N says I will be careful that doesnt happen.  in her head, N says-do you know? the more you try to stop it- you are helping the two of them. isnt that really ironic
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H walks away and thinks in his head how N did the dowager’s bidding and the dowager wanted B to be the crown princess so the dowager made N cast a spell on YW. he recalls N saying: if I did kill someone with a spell, I would be dead already too. but if I am alive like this, shouldnt the person I killed with the spell not exist.  H reads into N’s words and says it means if black arts was used and that person who cast the spell is alive,then the person it was used on could be alive too. H remembers how Hong said even after she stopped breathing for over two hours her body was warm. H concludes that YW could be alive
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Nurse wonders what is wrong with the girl cuz they saved her so what is she doing. Wol is asked to figure out what to do with the girl. The girl doesn’t want to eat even though wol says you need energy so eat the porridge. girl pushes it away. Wol: are you trying to die. tell me and I will keep your secret. Why do you want to die. girl says even if I live my parents wont be glad. cuz she cant help out the family financially even if she does live and is just a burden.Wol says what are you talking about. she says how the girl’s father carried the girl on his back when she was dying and came all this way-what do you mean he wont be glad if his daughter lived.  Girl says without her there will be one less person to feed in her family so her parents can suffer less. Wol says I know how you feel very well. back then I was young so I thought if I was gone that my whole family could live well – if I disappear that would be the end of it. But one night suddenly a daughter they loved was gone what parent in this world can be ok. no matter how living together is enough and that’s what a family is.  Don’t be weak and say you will die again. Girl hugs wol and cries
M comes up and hears that. he says in his head- please tell me you aren’t -that you arent Heo YW -that you are just shaman wol. no – that you have no past connection with the king
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Wol wipes her tears and asks when M came. He says just now. His servant says he brought what M wanted. M says to him you worked hard. Wait there for a minute.
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M brought ginger looking roots thing and tons of other supplies. M jokes how complicated it was to get this stuff and how he had to brag about his wealth in order to do it. Wol stares at him so he jokes what are you looking at – now that you see how rich I am – are you interested in me. He says he brought her a sort of medical book of treatments. if you read it , it will be useful to accept it. She says she wanted to learn from that and asks if she can accept it. M:I told you I brought it to give you. He says if she doesn’t want it then use it for kindling. She takes the book and says she will accept it. M: you should have said that sooner. while reading if you dont get something you can ask me. He stares at her and she looks up so he pretends to be sad to part with his stuff. Cuz if he wears that outfit every girl falls for him with one glance and faints
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There are girl’s clothes so she asks if he disguised himself as a girl.  he tells her to keep it if she wants. She thinks of giving it to jansil but he says no. he has some place he wants to go with her and he wants her to wear that cuz it will look good. wol: can I ask where that place is. He says it’s my long time friend’s home and my teacher that I mentioned. He sees her reaction. She looked away startled (cuz it’s her own home)
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H thinks to himself –what if she is alive then why didn’t she show up in front of me- why. H remembers when he met wol the first night and how he saw the young yw in the woods holding the lantern and how she said she was waiting for him – why are you just coming now. and how he named her wol. He remembers how he asked who she was, how she said she isnt the person he wants. how he kept asking her if in her past memoried he wasnt there. how she said she couldnt give him the answer he wants. H wonders why she acted like she didnt know him. cuz for certain she didnt look like she was lying. until he confirms the grave where YW is buried, this is something that is impossible. this is something that couldnt possibly happen.
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Hong meets with Y and says hong has an order from the king to secretly investigate YW’s death 8 yrs ago. Y thinks if H gave hong that order that there might be some conspiracy/ foul play behind YW’s death. Hong says sorry but without an order he cant tell Y anything. Hong says how there are hardly any people who remember the incident from what happened 8 yrs ago so he had some roadblocks and asks Y to tell him anything he knows. Y says how he was somewhere else and was only able to see her funeral so he wasn’t able to protect YW. Y says sorry for not being of help.
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Servant walks hong out. Hong sort of strangles him and says he is going to ask a few questions so dont resist him.
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Y calls out thinking it’s M but it’s a cat. And S who was watching him. She says to him in her head that YW regained her memories so maybe now they can all live together like long ago
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Y’s mom is packing old clothes she doesnt wear to send to the infirmary. Y says every year this time she does this. he asks to take her this time. mom says that’s good but this time she is going to infirmary on the west or east (not sure which one but it’s the one she doesnt usually go to -it’s the one where wol went) Y asks if it’s cuz that girl who resembled Yw. The mom said even if that girl is not YW she will have parents – how much their hearts would be torn if they saw what their daughter went through. The mom wants to see her again and give her warm comfort. she asks what brings Y here. Y says how the king ordered to secretly investigate YW’ death
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Servant says how he wasn’t able tell his owners cuz it might hurt them. so there is one thing he didnt tell them. hong hits him for stalling so much and says hurry and talk. Servant says YWs grave was disturbed when he went there the day after the funeral. servant says our poor miss. Servant recognizes S and asks arent you S?hong remembers seeing S when she tried to get to wol as wol was led away. hong asks if the guy knows S. S runs off. Servant says he isnt totally sure.
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H hears that YW grave was disturbed and Y and his mom doesnt know that. and how there is one more unusal thing. how every time he went out to investigate some girl kept showing up and hong ran into her outside the former aide’s home.  and saw her in front of Y’s home . the servant said how she was a slave a long time ago there. But hong knows that girl to be shaman Wol’s servant. H orders HS that H wants to go to seungsucheong right now
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H walks there and thinks to himself of all the clues he has -the spell, body temp that didnt drop, rushed funeral, disturbed grave, a murder that leaves no evidence behind, seungsucheong,  head shaman jang (N) and also wol’s slave who keeps showing up in YW’s death investigation - now all there is left is to confirm
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H goes to see N. she asks if he came by.
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B is scared and in the corner. Her mom goes to her. B screams and her mom asks why B is like this. What did you see for you to be so scared like this trembling. B says mother that girl heo yw is alive. Her mom says that girl died 8 yrs ago. she is already buried so how…B says it was that girl without a mistake – she is close to the king again. She is certainly going to chase me out and regain her place for sure – mother. Her mom says be strong. Her mom says from the start being queen was B’s place. and it wasnt stolen away. cuz you think like that you keep seeing things. B screams out she isnt seeing things. her mom asks why B is like this. B: I know everything – that my father killed that girl YW. to make me the crown princess – to that girl, father…Her mom tells B all she needs to do is keep her mouth shut. Even if he did, B needs to trust her father.
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Yoon comes in and B screams at him to go.
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Yoon is alone in the room. He keeps thinking he saw wol somewhere before. then the time when the king met YW and asked who she was and she said she was minister heo’s daughter. So yoon thinks Heo YW is alive. how did this happen. He thinks N might have done this
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H tells N not to lie from here on to whatever I ask. if you dont answer right away or play with your words, you wont be able to escape punishment. got that? she says she will do as he asks. H: is shaman wol your spiritual daughter. she says yes. H: when did she become your spiritual daughter. She says yes since 8 yrs ago. he asks what N meant when she said that a shaman cuts ties with her past life-does it mean she is not remembering on purpose or does it mean she cant remember. N says a shaman has to naturally cut her past life and not think of it. in the trauma of her death, I saw a shaman lose her memory of her past life.  H: inside the trauma of her death, she can come to life. he asks if she is talking about the shock of being locked up in a coffin. so what happened to that shaman? did she regain her memory or does she still not know who she is. I will ask you one last thing. that shaman –  Is that shaman’s name Wol? H cries and yells answer me. Is shaman Wol Heo YW who died 8 yrs ago?
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N closes her eyes and bows her head yes in response. H is in shock and staggers a bit. He walks out sort of unsteady on his feet
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H walks with only HS and woon following. H remembers all the mean things he said to wol – like how dare she lay hands on the king when she isnt even a person. just cuz I kept you by my side, did you think I gave you my heart too. you are just an amulet – no more or no less. He falls to his knees and cries holding his heart. HS kneels and cries too.
H remembers how she said he shouldnt waver cuz of her. he recalls how she was tortured and looked away from him. how he told her not to get close, if she crosses the line he wont forgive her. go and do not show up in front of me again. He hits his chest and remembers asking N  – is the name of that shaman-is shaman Wol Heo YW who died 8 yrs ago. He yells and calls out “YW-ya”
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