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Love O2O aka Love online to offline aka Just One Smile Is Very Alluring

Just One Smile Is Very Alluring (Chinese: 微微一笑很倾城; lit. A Smile is Beautiful) is a 2016 Chinese television series based on the novel of the same name written by Gu Man, starring Yang Yang and Zheng Shuang. It airs on JSTV and Dragon TV from August 22, everyday at 7:30 pm, Anhui TV from August 24, Shenzen TV from September 29, as well as being broadcast online on Youku channel, Youtube, and DramaFever.


Bei Wei Wei (Zheng Shuang) is the campus goddess, who also excels in her studies. She aspires to be an online game designer/engineer, and goes by the alias of Luwei Weiwei in the online role-playing game Dreaming of Jianghu. After she gets dumped by her online husband Zhenshui Wuxiang, she gets approached by the number one player Yixiao Naihe, who suggested that they get married so they both can participate in a couple game. The newly formed couple instantly hit it off, and undergoes many adventures together in game.
However, Wei Wei never expected the identity of her gaming husband to be her college senior, Xiao Nai (Yang Yang), who is described as the cream of the crop in both sports and academics. When Wei Wei discovers his real identity, they have already fallen in love with each other. Together, they face many obstacles as due to their good looks, many are jealous of them. What would happen to their relationship then? 


Main Cast

The most popular guy in Qing University; a year 4 student majoring in computer science and a basketball player. He is also the CEO of Zhi Yi technology company. Appears to be gentle and kind, but hides a sly/cunning personality. Known by the web name "Yixiao Naihe" (一笑奈何); a famous figure and top player.
The belle of the computer science faculty; a year 2 student in Qing University. She is bright, smart and helpful; and aspires to be a game designer. Known by the alias "Luwei Weiwei" (蘆葦微微); the only female player in the Top 10 PK ranking.

Supporting Cast

People in Qing University

  • Mao Xiaotong as Er Xi (二喜), Wei Wei's best friend and dorm mate. She's bright and cheerful to the point of being irritating.
  • Bai Yu as Cao Guang (曹光), a foreign language scholar; he has a crush on Wei Wei. He's the kind of person that hears "Maybe" when you say "No." Seven times. A hypocritical person who often misjudges people.
  • Ma Chunrui as Meng Yiran (孟逸然), the school's "flower"; she has a crush on Xiao Nai.
  • Tai Yu as Xiao Ling (曉玲), Wei Wei's dorm mate.
  • Song Jiayu as Si Si (絲絲), Wei Wei's dorm mate.
  • Zhou Chenjia as Nana (安娜), Yiran's roommate and sycophant. She obsessively believes that Yiran is superior to Wei Wei and that Wei Wei can't possibly be a good person.
  • Zhang Chou as Da Zhong (大钟), Xiao Ling's boyfriend.
  • Chen Jie as Aixiang Nai'er (爱香奈儿), Yiran's friend.

People in Zhi Yi Technology

  • Niu Junfeng as Yu Banshan (於半珊), known as "Yugong Pashan" (愚公爬山) in the game. He often misuses idioms.
  • Cui Hang as Qiu Yonghou (丘永侯), known as "Monkey Wine" (猴子酒) in the game.
  • Zheng Yecheng as Hao Mei (郝眉), known as "Mo Zha Ta" (莫扎他). He has a baby face, and is also one of the top 3 experts in Zhi Yi.
  • Zhang Binbin as KO, a top hacker and one of the top 3 experts in Zhi Yi. He shares a twisted fate with Hao Mei, whom he previously met in a game.
  • Hu Haobo as Ah Shuang (阿爽), one of the top 3 experts in Zhi Yi. He has a phobia of women.

People in Dreaming of Jianghu

  • Zhang He as Zhen Shaoxiang (甄少祥)
Wei Wei's ex-husband in the game, known by the alias "Zhenshui Wuxiang" (真水無香). He is also Meng Yiran's cousin. A person who judges people by appearance; he dumps Wei Wei thinking she is ugly and marries "Xiaoyu Yaoyao".
  • Liu Yinglun as Yu Yao (雨瑤)
Known by the alias "Xiaoyu Yaoyao" (小雨妖妖); she is regarded as the number one beauty in the game. Leader of the Xiao Yu clan, she is a hypocritical and attention-seeking person.
  • Lu Yunxuan as Leishen Nini (雷神妮妮), Wei Wei's friend. She loves to gossip.
  • Liu Yujin as Diemo Weixing (蝶梦未醒), ex-leader of the "Meng Hai Chao Sheng" guild and Wei Wei's friend.
  • Zhang Shou as Zhan Tiexia (战天下), current leader of the "Meng Hai Chao Sheng" guild and Diemo Weixing's husband; has an ambiguous relationship with Xiaoyu Qingqing.
  • Xiao Xiaobai as Youming Guilao (幽冥鬼姥), a "boss" in the game. Likes to capture male players and make them his slaves.
  • Yang Xueying as Xiaoyu Qingqing (小雨青青), one of Xiaoyu Yaoyao's followers, has an ambiguous relationship with Zhan Tienxia
  • Song Yuqing as Xiaoyu Feifei (小雨霏霏), one of Xiaoyu Yaoyao's followers.
  • Liu Qianyu as Xiaoyu Mianmian (小雨绵绵), one of Xiaoyu Yaoyao's followers.


  • Cai Gang as Xiao Nai's father (肖父), history professor at Qing university.
  • Gu Kaili as Xiao Nai's mother (肖母)
  • Fu Jun as Wei Wei's father (贝爸)
  • Yang Manqin as Wei Wei's mother (贝妈)
  • Bian Cheng as Xiao Yang (小阳), Wei Wei's tutee.
  • Cheng Gong as CEO Zhen (甄总), the head of Zhen Yi technology; Shaoxiang's father and Yiran's uncle. He uses underhanded means to try to steal Xiao Nai's game creation.
  • Ling Haiming as CEO Li (李总), head of the gaming department at Zhen Yi Technology.
  • Denny Huang as CEO Feng (封总), Feng Teng's CEO.
  • Liu Guhao as CEO Wang (王总)
  • Yang Yucheng as Xiao Nai's uncle (肖舅舅)

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