Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Rising Sun Series

After we watched the rising sun drama series (Roy Fun Tawan Duerd and Roy Ruk Hak Liam Tawan) now we will take a look and review Rising sun book series. The first time I read the rising sun drama series, i'm not really interesting with this drama, the reason is I thing that really funny watch Thailand lakorn that took Japan view and setting. but after watched and read the novel I really love this story.

The Rising Sun is the name of a book series which has three volumes all together. The writer is Nara. The rising sun book series have 3 part story, there are:

  1. Roi Rak Hak Liem Tawan
  2. Roi Fan Tawan Deuat
  3. Sai Leuat Daen Tawan
I really want say thanks to https://popv.wordpress.com/ who want translate to English. Thanks unnie. and all the content I took from that site. this rising sun page to respect https://popv.wordpress.com/  :)

1. Roi Rak Hak Liem Tawan

Takeshi, the youngest son of the biggest yakuza family in Yogohama, falls for Praew Dao, a Thai student on scholarship, while he already has a fiancée, Iko. Thing happens and Takeshi has to become the head of the group instead of his father, and take revenge. When his enemy and his fiancée learn about his love for Praew Dao, she becomes the victim of both; the fighting-for-power game between two yakuza groups; and Iko’s revenge of love because Praew Dao is Takeshi’s heart and weakness.

2. Roi Fan Tawan Deuat

Mayumi is a girl who Ryu’s uncle chose for him, but he didn’t try to contact her until seven years later. Ryu shows up and proposes to her. Mayumi believes that he doesn’t have any feeling for her so she rejects him. But Ryu, as a yakuza, won’t take no for an answer, and no one can have his woman. The problem between the two groups recurred and, this time, his enemy means to totally eliminate his group. Ryu has to fight for his power and his love.

3. Sai Leuat Daen Tawan
Ryu comes up with a great plan (without Takeshi and his own son knowing) to make his son, Tatsuo, and Takeshi’s daughter fall for each other, and an awkward encounter ensues.