Friday, July 3, 2015

Foreword - Kularb Rai Narm

From the first time I only post about the movie and drama without add some text or foreword. ehehehe. But for now, I will try add some foreword but sorry my Engslih not really good.
I really hope can improve my English while I write in this blog.

Today I will post new lakorn that I have watched, title "Kularb Rai Narm" this not new lakorn, this release on 2010 and I have watched it 2 weeks ago. Genre : Drama.

This lakorn about the pure girl who have  bad experience in her live when her half sister came to her live. Her name is Nucheree (Nuch), she is a young girl and she was a student in college. she is kind girl, good girl, patient, gentle and we can say she is perfect girl. she have good family and handsome fiance.

And then one day her father died, and make will if her half sister should stay in their house, and bang.. her half sister come and destroy the family. her half sister name is Nantawadee (Nan). Nan come to the house and destroy every thing there. she envy with Nuch because she have perfect live and she think if Nuch take all of it for her, it should be her who have perfect live. because of that she want steal every thing those Nuch have, especially Nuchs fiance. 

And Tada in the last week before the wedding, Nan successfully steal Nuchs fiance and make Nuch really broken heart.

I really like this drama, I watched it more then 3 times. and where the sad scene I always cried. ahahahahaaa..
but this good drama, the story is good and this can happen in the real live.