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Blood 블러드 episode 18

Sorein – the special vampire identification spray – marks Ga Yeon as she begins to cough. Ji Sang asks if she has a cold but she replies it’s just a sudden coughing fit. Is he surprised, or is it a confirmation of his suspicions as he adds up past events?
blood ep 18 recap kdrama, Dr. Choi finds out Dr. Park and the Director are vampires blood 18 recap kdrama Ri Ta and Uncle Chairman
Dr. Choi sighs that truth is such a heavy burden. She wonders how she can look at Dr. Park and Director the same way now that she knows they are infected.  If they bite…(she shivers). She reminds Dr. Jung about the promise to run through the hospital in his underwear if Dr. Park really is a vampire. What promise? It was just a joke between mentor and student, he retorts. When she insists, he teasingly stands to remove his belt, but she covers her eyes in a panic and tells him to stop – so dirty!

Ri Ta checks on Uncle to see if he’s okay. Of course he is, he answers.  She wants to take him in for a physical and he agrees but doesn’t even look up at her.  Aunt arrives. Uncle tells to her to report what she has to report. The atmosphere is chilly.
blood ep 18 recap kdrama, patient drinks blood blood ep 18 recap kdrama, Ji Jin Hee, vampires
In the death ward, a nurse draws blood from a patient, when another patient aggressively grabs the line and drinks the blood. Gross. Double gross. The patients are not eating or drinking water and are unstable. Ji Sang asks Hyun Woo to bring the rest of the Atisan to the hospital. They distribute doses to the patients to stabilize them against the side effects. One patient swipes at Ji Sang with vampire claws; things are quite advanced.
Aunt confronts the Director about Uncle’s condition. He coldly tells Aunt that Uncle went behind his back and received the vaccine from Dr. Creepy. He tries to make himself look good by saying that he retrieved Uncle and  gave him analgesic  and tells her to be thankful his death will be relatively painless. Oh, by the way, Uncle will be dead in 72 hours. He calmly tells Aunt that she gets what she wants this way. She didn’t want it to be like this, she insists. But here they are – Heartless Aunt and Soulless Director – at a grim crossroads in their calculated arrangement. Aunt even covers her tracks and tells Ri Ta, who wants to admit Uncle into the hospital, that he may just be tired. Ri Ta tells Aunt she will make the calls,  Aunt is out. As Aunt begins to explain her perspective to Ri Ta, she cuts her off  because she knows Aunt called for an emergency board meting. It is clear that Aunt wants Taemin above everything else, including Ri Ta and Uncle.
blood ep 18 recap kdrama, Uncle Chairman collapses, vbt-01 blood 18 recap kdrama, Hyun Woo, Atisan, Ji Sang, Ahn Jae Hyun
Uncle collapses and is admitted. Ji Sang rushes into his room to find Ri Ta, the Director, and Aunt already there. It is Ri Ta’s worst nightmare – the outrageous truth that Uncle has been infected. Ri Ta slaps the Director. He tells her that Uncle took the injection without his permission from Dr.  Creepy. Ri Ta tells him that, no matter what, she will get him back for this. As Uncle’s guardian, she kicks out the Director and Aunt – who Ri Ta sadly realizes knows about Uncle’s condition. In the hallway, the Director thanks Aunt for being on his side. Whether she likes his methods or not, she is now an accomplice. He tells her to stand behind him and hide.
Everyone in Ward 21A is given Atisan. Ji Sang tells Ri Ta to stay with Uncle; he and Hyun Woo will take care of the ward. Uncle is disoriented and calls Ri Ta by the name, Chae Yeon, as if his mind is 20 years in the past. He tells her he loves her.
blood 18 recap kdrama, Ri Ta and Ji Sang blood 18 recap kdrama Hyun Woo
Hyun Woo and Dr. Jung check Uncle’s blood work. He has been given something that is different and difficult to evaluate. There are two components they can’t identify. Ri Ta decides to sleep at the hospital. She and Ji Sang go together to get her things. While he waits for her to pack, Ji Sang looks at her computer and comes across a folder named Vampire 100 Q&A. As he scrolls down, he reads #99: If you could be born again, do you want to be a human? He enters a response. Ri Ta packs a syringe – something Hyun Woo had given her as a defense against attackers. I guess pepper spray wouldn’t work?
blood ep 18 recap Ji Sang looks at Ri Ta computer, vampire Q&A, do you want to be a humman blood ep 18 recap kdrama Ri Ta, Hyun Woo
Ga Yeon has two questions for the Director. She asks about the chairman Yoo, but the Director is agitated and cuts in, “Yes, he will die. Next question.” She asks about the patients in Ward 21A. With the side effects out of control, what will happen? She thought this was the last time they would have to do this, and not have to move on, as before. He takes it personally and says she is attacking him with such questions. He tells her that, just like they’ve done all along, when there are unwanted side effects –  and there is nothing special about this situation – they do what they have to do. He, too, hoped this would be the last of the experiments, but they will simple quit, move on, and make changes. Of course, that means disposing of all the test subjects. With her head down, she says she will comply, as always.
Ri Ta injects Uncle with an Atisan. Uncle continues to call her Chae Yeon. She says she will stay with him just like she did 20 years ago when she had a nightmare. They converse comfortably.
blood 18 recap kdrama, Ga Yeon and Chul Hoon blood ep 18 recap, kdrama, Ji Sang and Ga Yeon
In a parked car, Chul Hoon and Ga Yeon talk. She asks about J – he confirms that he was cremated.  She wonders if they will die one by one without anyone knowing who they really are. So, we get a quick rundown of their lives in case anyone was wondering and since there are only two episodes left. Tie up a few ends neatly, at least. We already know that the pitiful girl, Ga Yeon, was saved from death by the Director. Chul Hoon was a boxer who, in a high stakes illegal fight, ended up in a coma and was saved by the Director. And J, well he had a rare disease that disfigured his face and was spared after a failed attempted suicide by – yep, the Director.  All of them poor souls without money or hope. Back then she liked the Director but recently he is so different, she complains. Chul Hoon tells her she isn’t the only one having a hard time. Aw, vampire feels! They should have at least gone to the drive-in to watch a movie.
Ga Yeon runs into Dr. Park in the lounge. He asks where she went – she met up with a friend she tells him. He asks if she still respects him. Of course, she answers. He tells her not to change, and to keep her good thoughts about others in this world. Ga Yeon has to be conflicted as to what side she really wants to be on in this time around in the dirty business of the infected.
blood ep 18 recap, kdrama,  Yoo Ri Ta and Uncle blood ep 18 recap kdrama, Chairman Yoo and Assistant Director Choi
Hyun Woo can’t figure out what is in the injection that Uncle received. Aunt meets with a manager who tells her that the obvious successor is her. Aunt is concerned because she needs to get the majority of the board members’ votes. She goes to Uncle’s bedside. He is silent. She asks why he isn’t saying anything. It is tense. His words send chills up her spine: ” I lived my life this way for those things? You know we’ve committed a grave wrong, don’ you.” He tells here that everything is hazy except for that one memory. She asks why he is bringing that up and he tells her they should both not forget. Being on his death-bed has caused him to reflect. There is no escaping their past.
blood ep 18 recap, kdrama, stem cells, vampires, vbt-01 blood ep 18 recap kdrama, Ji Sang and Director Lee
Dr. Jung reports his findings to Ji Sang. Up until this point, the research focus has been the blood cells. His theory is to focus on the stem cells. Meanwhile, Hyun Woo reports his results, too. The two mystery compounds in Uncle’s blood reveal a paralysis drug used by Russians in the Cold War and an analgesic. They were injected to kill him slowly. There is no hope.  “He’s the devil,” Hyun Woo says.
Ji Sang asks the Director why he’ s doing this to the Chairman. Simple, he broke his trust. It is a given that he has and will kill anyone who breaks his trust. The harder Ji Sang works to find a solution to the side effects of the virus, the better chance there is to reverse and save the patients. The great Catch-22 is that Ji Sang finds a solution to the side effects to save the patients, while the Director wants the same results to continue to perfect his superior being project to take over the world. So complicated. When reminded that this is the drive of this drama, I remember how much I don’t care.
Ri Ta is outraged, but he reasons with her that they must make sure the Director doesn’t run off, that this is the only way he will stay within target. When this is over, he promises Ri Ta that he will get rid of the Director with his own hands. He asks Ri Ta if she can trust him. With a glazed look, she says this is how he must have felt when he found out the Director killed his parents.
blood ep 18 recap kdrama, Ri Ta wants to kill Director Lee blood ep 18 recap kdrama. Ji Sang promises to kill Lee Jae Wook with his own hands
What is Ri Ta up to? She takes the syringe that Hyun Woo gave her and lunges at the Director. With a quick reflex, he jumps out of the way and says that she is wilder than he thought. She screams that she is going to kill him. Tsk, tsk, he coolly replies that he would be dead already if it was that easy. Ji Sang walks in. He tries to calm Ri Ta. Ji Sang warns her that she cannot have his blood on her hands, what would she say in her defense, that he was infected? What was she thinking? She would have no proof and she would sound insane. He promises that he will make the Director regret everything he has ever done.
In a his dark apartment, the Director gives Ga Yeon her new assignment: kill Dr. Yoo Ri Ta.
blood ep 18 recap kdrama, the recorderblood 18 recap kdrama, Rita's parents
Uncle is fading fast and calls Ri Ta to his bedside. Uncle spills it all. The recording in the safe – he tells her to listen to it. Ji Sang and Ri Ta listen to the unmistakable conversation between Uncle and Aunt that reveal they killed her parents. Poor Ri Ta. I’ve never felt so sorry for anyone. Brokenhearted and outraged, she bursts into Uncle’s room to ask just one thing. Had she been there, would he have killed her, too? “I’m sorry Chae Yeon. I’m so sorry. I deserve to die for my sins.” Wrong answer. His pathetic excuse is that he was the heir, but was rejected  for being sick by his own father who passed on the illness to him. Taemin was given to Ri Ta’s father instead, and Uncle wasn’t acknowledged. His spot was stolen from him. Ri Ta is shocked and spurts out that he killed her parents to get that back? Uncle has nothing to say. She begs him to lie to her when she asks once more if he would have killed her, too. Uncle pleads for her to believe he was happy raising her and that he loved her.
Ji Sang stands outside the door and hears it all. Ri Ta cries that he should have denied it until the end. Ji Sang comforts her and says his guilt made him raise her better and love her more. She can’t accept that and marches down the hallway resolute to make him kneel and beg for forgiveness. But when they enter Uncle’s room…