Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Blood 블러드 episode 9

blood 9 recap Dr Yoo Rita sees Park Ji Sang transform into a vampireblood 9 recap Park Ji Sang transforms to a vampire
Dr. Park is truck slammed and goes down hard. He begins to transform due to the trauma right before Dr. Yoo’s eyes. The truck driver rushes out, sure that he hit someone, but Dr. Park tells him to just go. He walks patient Gong back into the  hospital. Dr. Yoo catches up with them and asks about his injures. He says she knows he will be fine, so why ask? Cahoots Security block the entrance and insist on taking the patient from here. There is a heated exchange: Dr. Park tells them he will handle his patient, Dr. Yoo asks why the security didn’t prevent this in the first place, and the security guards hold their ground.
blood 9 recap security guards challenge Dr Park blood 9 recap Dr Ri Ta Yoo sits in hallway shocked
The head security tells them he will have to use physical force if they don’t comply. Dr. Park is angry and wants to take them on, but Dr. Yoo assesses the situation and holds him back. She hands over the patient. Dr. Park take his frustration out on her. With a heavy mind, she tells him she will find a solution. She sits down in an empty corridor, troubled over what just took place.
blood 9 recap Dr Park and Dr Jung discuss the Kochenia gravesite picturesblood 9 recap Hyun Woo runs tests on blood
Dr. Park and Dr. Jung discuss the Kochenia gravesite pictures they both possess. Dr. Jung suspects that Dr. Park wants him to stop his research, but says he won’t. Dr. Jung clarifies that he came upon the gravesite information on the database by accident, but when he went to find it again, it was down. He asks Dr. Park if he, too, got the picture from the database – although that wouldn’t make sense since Dr. Park wasn’t at the hospital at that time. Dr. Park tells him that he obtained it in an unusual way, and will be able to tell him about it later. He also warns Dr. Jung to stop research immediately because it may put him in danger. Neither one is 100% trusting of the other over this.
blood 9 recap Hyun Woo and Ji Sang discuss blood resultsblood 9 recap Dr Yoo is sick Dr Park
Hyun Woo and Ji Sang think something must surely be up with both patients involved in car accidents. (Ji Sang saved patient Gong by chance.) Hyun Woo is curious about Dr. Jung’s interest in the Kochenia gravesite. He hands Ji Sung the analysis of the blood from the Director’s stash, and warns him the results are shockingly disturbing. The blood is from children. Not only is it illegal, it’s unethical, and Hyun Woo is upset at the discovery. He explains is must be preferable because it lacks antibodies and other impurities.
There are issues everywhere as the day begins. Dr. Yoo struggles to get up in the morning. She isn’t her usual energetic self. Dr. Park notices she is lethargic, but she says she is fine. She is bogged down by the unanswerable occurrences she has witnessed with Dr. Park: wounds that heal, unhurt by the truck, superhuman strength, sensitivity to blood. Dr. Park’s liver cancer patient tells his wife he had that dream about his daughter’s wedding again. As his daughter looks on, she cries. In the cafeteria she asks Ga Yeon for a favor. (We don’t know what it is, yet.) Several patients in Ward 21A complain of tinnitus. Leader Suh pulls rank on the head nurse and says the new protocol for Ward 21A gives her authority to address the patients’ symptoms. I’m not sure I can take much more New Drug Research Team shenanigans.
blood 9 recap Dr Park calls for a meetingblood 9 Dr Lee and Dr Park discuss blood
Dr. Park calls for a special meeting to inform the doctors that he suffers from a panic disorder. He apologizes for burdening them. He developed the disorder while serving in Kochenia war zone and came to work at Taemin Hospital too quickly. The plan, he informs them, is to seek treatment for two months after which time he will resume surgeries. Dr. Yoo says she will cover his surgeries, but Kiss Up Dr. Woo suggests they all help out their colleague who put time in at Kochenia. The Director chimes in and supports this suggestion. He is blindsided by Dr. Park’s announcement and meets him in the hall. He asks him if he really thinks he will find a solution in two months. The Director is becoming more openly aggressive toward Dr. Park, and tells him that rejecting the blood he gave him is reckless and stubborn behavior. Dr. Park says no matter how reckless the Director thinks he is, he will never drink children’s blood. It is scary how rational the Director thinks his explanation is and reveals his dark nature even more. A chilling conversation, to be sure.
blood 9 recap Ga Yeon finds Na Jung on the rooftopblood 9 recap Dr Choi and Dr Jund discuss vampire
Na Jung is missing and after looking for her everywhere, Ga Yeon finds her on the rooftop ledge. Na Jung tells her  she wants to die, but Ga Yeon says the pretty doctor is going to make her better. She is able to calm her and return her to her room.
Dr. Yoo is prevented from entering quarantine by security. She has just about had enough of them, when the Director arrives and tells them to let her in. He discusses the unidentified virus with her at the bedside of patient Gong, who is still dangerously sick. The Director says it is a good thing she and Dr. Park caught his unusual symptoms in time to prevent other patients from becoming infected. She looks sideways at him, suspiciously. Next, the Director makes a visit to Professor Lee from Internal Medicine (who, we learn, was brought in to manipulate medical files). Apparently Professor Lee has sold his soul for compensation. When he makes a suggestion about how patient Gong’s virus is being handled and asks for a favor, the Director puts him in his place. I don’t think Professor Lee is going to work out with this crowd.
blood 9 recap Dr Rita Yoo faintsblood 9 recap Rita Yoo sick
Dr. Jung and Dr. Choi make a good research team as they tackle the Kochenia information. Dr. Yoo stops by to discuss Ward 21A patient’s virus. Dr. Jung is very open about the problems he sees with the Director and the New Drug Research Team, but wonders if Dr. Yoo can be objective with her uncle behind it all. When Dr. Yoo says it is a matter of right and wrong, Dr. Jung feels comfortable that he can discuss the issues with her. Enter Dr. Park. It looks like a formidable anti-establishment team has emerged.
Dr. Yoo’s and Dr. Choi’s loyalty runs deep. Dr. Yoo gets her to tell about the research in Dr. Jung’s lab. The vampire lore and Kochenia gravesite come up and it is a bit too coincidental with all that has been going on with Dr. Park. Dr. Yoo, who  hasn’t stopped all day, faints. She makes it home and collapses on her bed.
blood 9 recap Director Lee tells Chairman Yoo test results blood 9 recap Park Ji Sang takes care of sick Yoo Rita
Symptoms of tinnitus and light sensitivity continue to increase in the patients in Ward 21A. However, Leader Suh is happy to report to the Director that reagents have formed and their experiments on the patients are successful (for their purposes, anyway). He is pleased. He wastes no time calling Uncle Chairman in to update him on the research. It is a way to buy more time and keep Uncle Chairman appeased and on his side. Uncle Chairman cannot contain how thrilled he is over this new development and remains willingly blinded to what is really going on.
Dr. Park stops by Dr. Yoo’s apartment to check on her. Against her protests, he gets her back in bed and treats her illness. She gets scolded by him for not taking care of herself, but she confesses she is sick from stress and frustration. He lays a hand on her forehead to cool her down. She is drowsy from the medication and asks him if he really transforms. Yes, she tells him, she saw it all, like a computer graphic, a person that changes and saves a man and doesn’t get hurt. She asks if it is real; is he a supernatural being?
blood 9 recap Ji Sang and Cha Yeon in the forest blood 9 recap Ji Sang tells Rita who he is
There is a sense of déjà vu as she recalls the words exchanged with the boy in the forest long ago. Ji Sang is ready to let her in on what he already knows. The girl in the pink hat and sweater who walked around fearlessly and got lost, and thankfully he was nearby and saved her. She wonders if she comprehends what he is saying, or if it is all a dream. The reality she has carried all her life, but no one believed, is it true? The medication has kicks in, and she falls asleep. There is an expression of calm relief on Ji Sang’s face that we haven’t seen before. At long last, their past and present converge.
When she wakes up, she finds Ji Sang asleep in the chair. Was it a dream, she asks?He tells her to remember it correctly: there were just five dogs; he jumped five meters, not thirty like a flea.  And about saying she was pretty and a kiss, why would he do that? The moment of realization is quite lovely with no fanfare, just the quiet truth and validation of that day and how she remembered it, but best of all – the other person who was there is with her now. So much for a lingering moment, as Dr. Choi bursts in with a care package for Ri Ta and can only leave with the wrong impression of what she sees. Oh well.
I knew it. That Professor Lee who was too casual with the Director gets it for being insubordinate.  Vampire J ( yep, that’s his name)  makes quick business of it with a car accident. I just can’t…. Moral: don’t cross the Director.
blood 9 recap Ji Sang finds out Lee Jae Wook knew his parents blood 9 recap Ji Sang's parents, Lee Jae Wook, Jung Han Su
Hyun Woo discovers Dr. Jung is the son of renowned epidemiologist, Jung Han Su. He has also made an important link between Jung Han Su, Lee Jae Wook, and Ji Sang’s parents – they all appear in an old picture together and it is up on the website