Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Blood 블러드 episode 5

blood ep 5 Dr. Park in surgeryblood 5, 3 Director Wook, Dr. Park Ji Sang, Ahn Jae Hyeon, recap
When Dr. Park and Director Wook enter the surgery room at the same time, it is a shock to Director Wook who was sure that Dr. Park would choose to face off with the vampires in order to discover who killed his mother over performing the surgery. However, when the police arrived to break up the scuffle, the vampires escaped, and Ji Sang knocked out the police and managed to get back to perform the liver transplant. With the timing so close and the surgical team on edge, Dr. Yoo demands an explanation after the surgery.  Director Wook steps out and watches from the observation gallery. Although Dr. Park completes the surgery, there are moments when contact with blood affect him and he gets a bit woozy. Dr. Yoo notices his slight wavering.

blood 5 2 recap Suh Hye Ri, Park Ji Sangblood 5 Dr. Park and Dr. Yoo
It’s after midnight, and vampire queen Suh Hye Ri wastes no time doing her dirty work. As the head of the New Drug and Research Team, she bypasses the nurse’s questions, enters a patient’s room in Ward 21A, and injects something into the IV drip. Right now, I am the most wary and afraid of her. Who is she, where did she come from, and how long has she been working for Dr. Wook?
Dr. Park meets the son of the liver transplant patient who thanks him for saving his mother. Dr. Park tells him not to be afraid and to be strong, no matter what. Director Wook meets up with Dr. Park and comments that the surgery was a close call, as if he had nothing to do with it. Dr. Park replies that it was a personal matter and it won’t happen again. Director Wook says he will let it go. However, Dr. Yoo expects Dr. Park to at least apologize for putting a patient in danger, but he brushes her off. She tells him she is disillusioned by him and that it is not just that they don’t get along.
Director Wook and the leader of the vampire pack have a serious discussion about what to do with Ji Sang. Director Wook seems shaken by Ji Sang’s strength and determination and considers him strong opposition to their cause, just as his parents were. It seems Director Wook is surprised at himself for underestimating Ji Sang and may be ready to do him in by letting the leader sic his pack on him. Plus, he cryptically adds, everything you see is not all there is.
blood 5 4 ji sang, hyun woo, luuvy, Ahn jae Hyeonblood 5 7 Park Ji Sang, LUUVY, Ahn Jae Hyeon
Hyun Woo calls Ji Sang with some amazing lab results to report. His antibodies have become stronger and he is not affected by toxic substances (found in the syringe contents he was injected with). Conclusion: nothing can kill him. Ji Sang sullenly comments that becoming the strongest of the infected ones only means that becoming a human is even harder now.  Hyun Woo realizes the sad dilemma his friend is in.
Flashback to the deer incident: Ji Sang cries out to his mother that he will never become human. He can never see the sun at dawn, his body temperature is 25 degrees Celsius, he takes medicine to control his urge for blood, and he wants to rip everything apart. His mother tries to comfort him and says these are all challenges, but he can overcome them to become a  human. Ji Sang angrily pushes her away. Mother realizes her son is at a breaking point. (Her comment that he didn’t kill a human strikes me as an important distinction as an infected one to keep in mind.)
As Dr. Yoo gets ready for work, there is a news report of the police attack from the previous day. The attacker catches her eye and she curiously studies his back profile. At the breakfast table, Ji Sang and Hyun Woo watch the same news on LUUVY’s screen. Ji Sang asks if the medicine he is taking, Atisan, is the highest dose. Hyun Woo says it is, and is surprised that Ji Sang has already gone through his latest supply. Ji Sang uses the excuse that he has been doing more surgeries lately. But, in fact, the medicine’s effect is lessening, although Ji Sang does not mention this to Hyun Woo.
blood 5 5 RiTa Yoo, Dr. Lee, Dr. Woo, Ji Sang Park, Ahn Jae Hyeonblood 5 6 Lee jae Wook, Ji Jin Hee, Ri Ta Yoo, Ji Sang Park, blood 5 recap, Ahn Jae Hyeon
Assistant Director Choi meets with the two surgery teams to assign them patients including those in Ward 21A. Immediately, Dr. Yoo and his team meet with Director Wook and decline treating patients in Ward 21A. (It is volunteer work, and Dr. Yoo says their regular workload keeps them more than busy.) Dr. Wook excludes them from treating Ward 21A patients, but they feel awkward when he adds that Dr. Park already agreed to the additional altruistic work load.
Dr. Yoo runs the coincidences surrounding Dr. Park past her friend. She suspects he is the one who attacked the police from the news report footage, added to the fact that it coincides with his mysterious disappearance right before the surgery, his sudden reappearance, and his vague excuses. Her friend suggests they both need a vacation, and as they playfully shuffle down the hall past Dr. Park, her friend calls her name, Yoo Chae Yeon. When he hears the name, he stops, as if it rings familiar.
blood 5 8 Dr. Wook, Ji Jin Hee, blood recap, Ahn Jae Hyeonblood 5 Dr. Ri Ta Yoo talks with friend
Flashback: Lee Jae Wook argues with a doctor (the fourth person in the old photograph with Ji Sang’s parents). “We’re doctors,” he says to Lee Jae Wook. They have different views about the direction their experiments should take.  When the doctor tells Jae Wook that the means do not justify the end and more people cannot die, Lee Jae Wook asks, “Why can’t I become a god?” The doctor tells him that he can no longer his mentor and that he will cut him off. The data and samples will no longer be shared with him. After all, he continues, Hyun Seo and Sung Young (Ji Sang’s parents) share his thoughts. In a gory display of vampire anger, he strangles the doctor as he reveals that he has already stolen the samples and has injected them in his own body. We now know that of the four infected people who started out working on antidotes, the evil Lee Jae Wook killed the other three and is the lone survivor.
blood 5 9 Chairman Yoo, Ji Jin Hee, Dr. Wook, Ahn Jae Hyeon, Dr. Ji Sang Parkblood 5 10 Dr. Kim, Blood recap, Dr. Ji Sang Park, Ahn Jae Hyeon
Uncle Chairman attends the official ward opening ceremony. It is a quiet affair according to his request, without reporters or fanfare. When Assistant Director Choi comments to Dr. Yoo that Dr. Park is nowhere to be seen, she acts as if she could not care less. Meanwhile, Dr. Park meets with a patient in Ward 21A and lends an ear as they both know there is little hope for his situation.
What’s up, Dr. Jung? Who are you and how are you connected with the vampire saga? He looks at an old photograph. Is it of him and his parents when he was a boy? The male in the photograph is none other than the mentor who Jae Lee Wook killed. So, whose side are you on, Dr. Jung? He is difficult to read. Assistant Director Choi stops in for further discussion on whether he might consider helping her out, but it’s still a “no.”
Dr. Yoo sits the beside of Sister Sylvia who says she knows by the look in her eyes that she doesn’t have much time left. Enter Dr. Park. He interjects that being unwell does not mean that she is going to die, and to tell God to wait a little longer. When Dr. Yoo asks why he offered a word of comfort to Sister Sylvia, he tells her it is repayment for covering for him when she said he was drunk (and not sick in ER). He asks why she lied for him. She tells him she felt sorry for him for being sick and not being able to tell anyone. He asks if she thinks he really is sick. She says knows he’s sick, after all she’s doctor, but where and how she is not sure.
blood 5 11 recapblood 5 Dr. Yoo at the bedside of Sister Sylvia
The high level of surveillance security in Ward 21A catches Dr. Park’s attention. As queen vampire Suh Rye Hi leaves a patient’s room with blood samples she is stopped by Dr. Yoo and questioned. Leader Suh coolly replies that the chairman and the director have permitted it and that she doesn’t need to answer to Dr. Yoo. Assistant Director Choi steps in and tells Leader Suh to apologize to Dr. Yoo. She does so, reluctantly. Dr. Yoo pulls her uncle aside and inquires about the New Drug Team and their easy access to patients. He assures her that Director Wook has it all under control and that it is a good thing all around for the hospital. For the first time, Dr. Yoo refers to Assistant Director Choi as Aunt Kyung In.
During examinations in Ward 21A, Dr. Park notices infected marks on one of the patient’s arms. He brings a picture to Dr. Jung who is a blood specialist. Dr. Jung agrees to take a look at the patient. After Dr Park leaves, Dr. Jung pulls out pictures from the Kochenia gravesite – the same pictures of skeleton remains from the Taemin hospital database that were deleted. He has his own agenda, but it is uncertain what that might be. One of the patients has a bad reaction/alcohol withdrawal and rifles through a medical supplies closet for alcohol. Dr. Yoo grabs a bottle isopropyl alcohol from him and two guards restrain him, thus avoiding an incident.
blood 5 12 Dr. Ji Sang Park, Ahn Jae Hyeon, vampireblood 5 13 recap, Hyun Woo, Park Ji Sang, Ahn Jae Hyeon, LUUVY
On his rounds, Dr. Park is alarmed at a reaction he has to seeing blood and dashes to the restroom. The frequency is increasing and his ability to control himself is lessening. He takes another pill. At home, Hyun Woo is upset at what Ji Sang suggests. Ji Sang wants to revisit the VTH-16 project which was an experiment they had agreed to scrap. The experiment had indeed killed the virus cells, but ended up also killing normal cells as well. Out of desperation, Ji Sang suggests they pick up the project and research why the normal cells were killed. Hyun Woo reminds him that when the virus cells die with the serum, it is true that Ji Sang would be virus-free and be human. However, within two days all the normal cells are killed at which point Ji Sang would die. Ji Sang replies, “Even if we fail, I will die as a human being.” Hyun Woo is upset at the very suggestion of reopening the experiment.
blood 5 15 Park Ji Sang, Dr. Ri Ta Yoo, Ahn Jae Hyeon, blood recapblood 5 14 Park Ji Sang, Ahn Jae Hyeon, mirror
In his dark sitting room, Lee Jae Wook injects himself with something powerful that makes him reel in agony and scream as he transforms into a vampire. At that very moment, Ji Sang stares at his reflection in the mirror and shatters it with his fist. Hyun Woo sees the broken mirror and knows Ji Sung is losing control.
blood 5 Dr. Park's wound begins to heal
Dr. Jung stops in to see the patient with the infected arm, but the marks have disappeared. The patient tells him a pretty woman took 7-8 vials of blood. Dr. Jung reports the findings to Dr. Park and they agree the wounds could not possibly have headed so quickly. Just then, someone enters with a rack of vials of blood and trips, breaking the glass and spilling blood everywhere. Dr. Park is startled at his reaction to the blood and rushes out of the office. In the hall, the same patient is looking for alcohol and threatening the staff with a weapon-like rod. Dr. Yoo tries to calm him. He is frantic and having hallucinations from what they assume is alcohol withdrawal. Dr. Park tells him that he will give him alcohol if he puts down the weapon and comes with him. Just then a nurse reaches for a syringe to sedate him, when the patient goes berserk and grabs a scalpel. In the mayhem, the patient slices Dr. Park’s cheek and blood drips everywhere. Dr. Yoo reaches to help an unstable Dr. Park, but she sees something strange: his wound begins to heal.