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The Moon That Embrace The Sun Ep 12

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M walks alone and says aloud to Woon who is standing nearby: how long have you known. woon walks over. M: so you really do know. Woon explains: she resembles her a lot. M asks: did the king say that -she resembles that child a lot. Did he tell you to keep that secret from me. You have already completely become the king’s person. (meaning woon is on H’s side now)
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H: thanks to you I watched (the show) well. Wol: That’s good that you thought of it that way. He complains about the terrible story. An average girl who accidently met the king and didn’t know he was the king and fell in love with him. does that make sense? a king who is busy taking care of the country, where would he have time to look at girls. if the king is like that, would the country run properly. I should have dragged those people off to jail right now but I held it in. is that the only thing? it’s the same for that girl. how could she not know he was the king, it’s not like you could hide how he looks. it’s for sure that the girl knew he was the king and did all that (on purpose) Wol: it’s not certain that’s the ….H continues: also what did they say, that the girl came back to the palace and met the king again. such nonsense. he starts to make a comment about the people who made that ridiculous story and how they should be dragged into prison and punished. but he sees Wol’s face. HS: why do you look at me like that.  Wol explains: becomes it’s about people. It’s possible for people. H:what. Wol: what happens between people, how can it be explained with logic. H: anyway, thanks to you, I was just saying I enjoyed it.  dont worry I will pay you back the money. she says not to bother. H: I don’t like owing someone. I will be sure to pay you back so later we can meet separately…he realizes he will see her again later at their appointed time as usal.
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After saying that, H leaves and wol watches him and says:I wont be able to watch over your side today. I am leaving seungsucheong soon.
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Wol turns to go back after Jansil’s clothes, but M’s voice says he sent Jansil back safely to seungsucheong. M comes out from beind the tree. he asks why she is so late. you might get your ears pulled and dragged inside by scary unnies like Jansil.  Wol asks if he had been the person who had taken care of Jansil. M points to himself and says: it was me. she came and found me telling me she didnt have a place to go. Wol uses Jansil’s description of him and asks if he is the one who is handsome, kind, free spirited (that Jansil was talking about) M: did Jansil describe me like that? she knows how to judge a person correctly. wol: I worried that she got duped by a charlatan. M: Since I am this much of a cool charlatan isn’t it worth being caught once. wol: anyway thank you.
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She tells him to go well and bows and walks away but M gets serious and calls out: if you worried that much about her why are you just now remembering about Jansil. Wol: what? M: as much as you looked for someone – as much as you waited for someone-was there someone who held you up? he says he let go the first time but he doesn’t have the confidence to go thru it twice. She asks what that means. He says I cant watch you look at someone else. He says see you next time and leaves. she calls out wait a minute but he doesnt come back
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HS nags H for running out again while H is being changed into his jammies (where can I sign up for that job? dibs on adjusting the belt). HS: why did you do it again. if you were going out, you should have alerted me in advance. how could you order me to make a useless snowman? H: that’s why I already told you I was sorry. HS: you told me to make it from pure clean snow where no one had stepped foot on so I went on top of the roof (to get the snow) and I could have fallen to my death if anything went wrong. H: thankfully you are alive. HS: how could you be so cold/indifferent. cant you see how red my hands got from being frozen? he holds out his hands. while packing together the cold snow I could have gotten frostbite.
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H suddenly grabs HS’s hands. HS: why are you doing this your majesty? H pulls them closer and says in a low sexy voice: come here – I will put your hands inside my hot heart. it scares HS so he tries to pull his hands away and mutters an excuse about preparing something. H doesnt let go so HS asks him to let go. HS falls back from the recoil once H let’s go and HS scrambles out of there. H looks at the money he has ready to give to wol and smiles.
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N tells wol that someone will meet her tm morning by the docks to take her and S all the way to their destination. N tells wol to go somewhere far from here since wol made up her mind to leave. Why aren’t you answering?  Wol remembers how H said he would see her again later. Wol asks – just for tonight couldnt I drop by the king’s room. N: why are you showing me that you are wavering again?  Wol says it’s cuz it doesnt seem right – she needs to say goodbye and then leave. N asks if they have that kind of relationship where they need to say farewell to each other. She says since Wol decided to leave to just stick to it. But wol says she has something she must tell him. after I say goodbye I will leave for sure so let me go just for today. I am asking as a favor/request.
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B remembers what the spy girl said about ”the amulet resembling that child” so she goes out
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The amulet is walking towards H’s room and B shows up.  She asks if they are headed towards the king’s room. guard says they are. B walks over to the amulet and says she has something to say so lower the cover (for B to see her face). B repeats her order to lower the cover. Guard tries to says she shouldnt do that but B says listen to me and show me your face. The girl obeys and it’s not wol and some other girl. B smiles satisfied
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H is waiting and says she is late cuz the gong was struck a while ago, so why are you coming now…but B is standing there. he seems shocked to see her. B: are you disappointed cuz I am not the girl you are waiting for? H: how are you here? B: cuz I wanted to see what you were hiding and today after meeing her I know for certain. she says he had that same look on his face when they first met 8 yrs ago. he says even though they dont feel that same way he thought she had tact at least.(meaning realize when she isnt wanted and back off)  last time I clearly told you not to step foot in here again. She asks what he is so upset about. she asks how does that amulet resemble that girl who died 8 yrs ago. H: queen. B: yes, you can have that girl or amulet as much as you want  (word was “embrace” but it means sleep with) and I wont care.  You told me I could never have your love. it doesnt matter. I will not care.
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H yells: queen! B: But there is something you shouldn’t forget. No matter who is in your heart -no matter who you love - I am the queen of this country. Do you get that? the person next to you is me.  You will have to acknowledge that truth soon.
She leaves and tells the amulet to go in and take care of the king
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The girl goes in and H stares at her and asks who are you. she says she is the consummation amulet. He asks what happened to the amulet that absorbs illness and she says that girl has done her job so she is leaving seungsucheong
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S: are you sad cuz you are about to leave? Wol is packing and talking with S. Wol: not sad, it’s just that I am sorry that I am leaving after not helping the king.  S says Wol’s face looks like she will cry and mutters N should have let wol say her final goodbye. N comes and tells Wol to change her clothes.
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HS is leading wol and turns around to face her. She asks why he is doing that. He says you cant take this the wrong way-the reason why the king called for you again. the king is just confused about you and another person.  She asks why he is speaking to her formally so he asked in banmal: did I do that? she says HS is confused too (cuz he was acting like he was speaking to YW) she says she knows what HS is worried about too and not to. I wont be confused. HS smiles in relief
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H is pacing. Wol comes in. H asks who said you could leave on your own. (cuz you felt like it) tell me. who gave you permission to leave. She says she did all her work so it’s only right to go back. He asks who said you are done. Wol: the person you need is not me. H: who is the one who said she would relieve/comfort my trauma. wol: I cant take that person’s place. H: who is the one who said she would put to sleep my troubles. She reminds him how he ordered her not to get close.
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H: I never ordered you to move further away either. what you said is correct. the person I am looking at right now – you- whether you are that child or you I am confused. Until I can put to sleep this confusion. until I know what these feelings are don’t you dare go far from my view. It’s a command (a royal decree)
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H’s mother told B that the night of consummation is in a few days. B: did you say 4 days? queen: yes. she explains how the dowager ordered the date moved up and astrologists chose that date.  Don’t worry about those rumors anymore and take care of your body and heart. B says she will be careful
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B goes out and has an imaginary conversation with H. what are you going to do? are you going to try to avoid it again with excuses of your health. in the end, it wont turn out the way you want. She asks the aide for her dad to come see her.
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Minister is complaining about his head aching cuz of his hangover isnt getting better so isnt something strange. other asks what is so strange.  he wonders what was mixed in with his drink. Other one says it must be cuz you are getting older since I am fine. the other one gets mad and says what nonsense cuz he still has life in him.  yoon notices a lot of books and stuff being moved. he tells the others to go ahead and he will follow. woon asks another minister about it. the minister says how the king came yesterday and threw a temper tantrum (his words not mine) . Yoon hears that a few records from 8 yrs ago have gone missing. The guy is ordered to find it and then says he found it (woon had put it back)
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H says woon did well to put it back in time. if they were even a little more late, what they are doing would have been discovered. H remarks they need to be more careful so the old ministers dont sense anything wrong. HS says there is big trouble. H: what? HS: The king’s former personal aide (that H was looking for) hung himself –committed suicide
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Guard (the SKKS scholar guy- his name is hong kyu tae) tastes everything the victim ate so other guards gag. hong:We don’t need to look into this case any further. this is a suicide just from the looks of it. what I am saying is – stop looking for a criminal/suspects and find out why he died.  there is a reason. i have a hunch.
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H is thinking to himself – What was he trying to hide by doing that. to go so far as to kill himself-what was he trying to protect? HS says it’s time for lunch. H keeps thinking to himself: from this there is one thing that is certain.  there is a secret that I should not know. H orders things to be brought to him -without leaving a single one out. H is about to ask for someone to be brought but HS guesses and says it first.  HS says the guy -Hong Kyu Tae- swore that he wouldnt talk out of turn and go against the king’s orders. (all this to mean they can trust hong)
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Hong the SKKS scholar from the demonstration is brought to meet with HS. while he was brought, Hong remarks this feels strange (maybe it’s the korean word for deja vu) He sees HS first and then H through the screen. H asks do you remember me. hong says how could I forget. H says how hong the SKKS scholar has become one of his investigators. I saw your name on the list and was happy to see it again.  H asks -do you know the former seungseon who attended the former king committed suicide? hong says he knew and asks did you give me this case. H says Hong is smart as ever. H says if the case goes over to the other investigators H wont get to  know the truth forever. hong: truth? what truth are you talking about? H: that is what I want to ask. H tells him to pretend to investigate this suicide case from today on. hong: did you say to pretend to investigate? H: yes, there is something else you will investigate. through you, I want to know everything that has to do with the prince’s wife’s death 8 yrs ago
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Yoon meets with dowager. dowager: what do you mean the king’s actions are not usual. Yoon says he isnt certain but he suspects the king is using woon to dig into what happened 8 yrs ago. they have to stop him. if the truth is revealed, Yoon is worried about his side’s involvment. dowager brings up the consummation so he asks what does that have to do with this. she says after you have a kid, it’s a parent’s heart to keep him safe. she brings up what he did in the past for the former king when there were two princes. what are you so worried about. we have a safe barrier. no matter how much the king looks nothing will come out. Even if it comes out, it will have to be covered up again
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MW is daydreaming. that MW is staring at Y as he reads. Y:why are you doing that. She says he looks the most handsome when he reads. when you smile you are even more handsome. Y: it’s embarrassing so please stop looking. MW: how much longer are you going to just read the book? why dont you give me your attention. it would have been better if I was that book. She says if my body had letters on it would you look at me more. he smiles at her. the dream is broken when the aide says if MW puts anything on her body she will suffer cuz it will take effort to erase it. MW complains-what are you doing. I was just about to lock gazes with my husband in that moment. she wonders how long it’s been since her husband left. It’s only been two days. She remembers how he asked her to take care of his mom while he was gone. MW: I have to obey him
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MW goes to see Y’s mom. MW asks what she was doing. his mom says she was reading a letter from the queen – H’ smom. MW asks what her mother said. his mom said she asked if the princess was well. MW: what else?  Y’s mom talks about the king’s night of consummation being moved up. MW: night of consummation? when is it? his mom says in 4 days on the 18th. MW: that soon? I think I have to go to the palace. his mom asks why suddenly. MW: cuz I have some suggestions for the queen (B). I will assume i have your permission and will be back.
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MW reads from some books  and writes down tips to have a son. for starters eat lots of vegetables. then to sleep on the left side. what else was there. it’s strange I saw it somewhere. aide points out what part of the book and says I think I saw it here. MW: what is this- you read this book too? where would you use it. she claims to have read it for education. MW retorts: acting naïve when you already know all there is to know.
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MW wonders what to ask the queen for since she is helping out the queen by informing her of this. she thinks about what she should ask for. a pearl comb. etc. Dowager says hi to MW. MW seems sort of scared. Dowager says it’s been a long time. have you been well? is your husband well too as usual. MW: yes have you been well too?  Dowager: no I wasnt able to. cuz you never came to see me when you are my only princess so how could I be well. MW: I am sorry. dowager says she was just kidding. she suggest going together to the queen’s room since MW is on the way there, but MW makes an excuse that a notice came for her to hurry home so she was on her way out. MW says be well and runs off
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H wonders : the truth his father buried and the secret the former HS wanted to protect with his suicide- what could that be? HS announces the royal doctor and the astrology professors want to come in. H says let them in. Doctor asks H to sit to be checked over/examined. he takes H’s pulse and smiles over at the professor. H asks why the professors came too. He hands something to H. H asks what it is. the man says it’s the date for the night of consummation. H reads it’s 4 days by one they talk about how it’s the best day for both H and B – the weather will be really good, and they found a room. the other one says since H is well they need to have the consummation take place even a day earlier. but H says his body isnt well to that extent yet. doctor says H is well enough and it wouldnt be straining his health it if he goes through with that night. H yells: if I say I am sick I am sick. professors cite all the reasons why this is an opportune time and H cant push it off anymore. H yells: didnt i say I was still unwell?And tells them to leave. H: do you not hear an order. leave right now
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B is with her father. B takes the news in stride about H saying he isnt well. She says H hasn’t turned it down just once or twice. She already expected this. he asks how she could be so calm when the consummation night they worked so hard to get could be canceled. B: no matter what we have to do we have to make it happen. Yoon asks if she has a good idea. she says the amulet she mentioned before. yoon: are you bringing that up again? She says she knows the king keeps the amulet close by. yoon: wasnt it her job to stay by his bedside as he sleeps. B: but it’s strange. she points out how the king isnt the type to allow the amulet into his sleeping chambers. cuz other than Woon and HS no can get close to the king.  But that he kept the amulet close by all this time -what do you think this mean. he likes her. yoon: if that is true, it’s not something we can leave alone and stand by and watch. B: what would we do if we didnt just stand by and watch. yoon: we have to remove that amulet from the king’s side right away. B: you cant do that. we have to keep that amulet next to the king’s side until the consummation night is over.   She reminds her father what he said to her 8 yrs ago – that her marriage doesn’t function with love. That was true. But they can use it to make the consummation night continue.  since it’s a love that I cant have anyway, I intend to use it
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Wol remembers H words: what you said is correct. the person I am looking at right now – you- whether you are that child or you I am confused. Until I can put to sleep this confusion. until I know what these feelings are don’t you dare go far from my view.
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Shaman trainee  girls are going through shaman stuff and saying how pretty it is.  wol asks where this came from. jansil gives her the letter from M. M: do you like it. Hope you use it well for your skills. He signs off using jansil’s descriptions of him. A jealous girl remarks that wol got the whole world.
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Wol goes outside to look for M. M asks if she is looking for him. M: did you like the present? I didn’t know what you liked so I took a shaman with me and choose. M says next time he will give her a different present. She asks why he is doing this. M:what did I do? Wol: I am a shaman. M:that’s why I gave you those as presents. Wol: I am asking why you sent me a present. M: are you asking cuz you really have no idea?  Wol: I am asking cuz I don’t know. M: cuz I like you. I like you. Wol: your joke is going too far. M: It’s not a joke. Wol: if it’s not a joke then what is it? M: a guy likes a girl. So it must be attraction/like – what else would it be. wol: what do you know about me to say you like me. M: cuz it was the first time. M recites what young YW had said to him – don’t try to cover up your feelings with smiles. dont deceive your heart. the pain you bury in your heart, to let it go now. cuz you were the first person to say that to me and those words comforted me. What you said is correct. What could I know about you that well. At first I liked you cuz you resembled the girl I liked. But now it’s not.  the person I am looking at is you (meaning: her likes her as wol and not as someone who resembles YW)
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N says she is feels nervous. There will be great confusion. She is talking with the astrologer who helped her before. he says: How can you stop destiny with human power. she says: all this confusion can end 4 days later at that time, if the night of consummation works, their fate will be broken again. after that night passes, I will send agassi (young miss) to somewhere safe far away.  He asks: Do you think it will only take her departure to make it better. The truth we buried is starting to slowly emerge. N points out : even if the truth is revealed, nothing will change. you know that. as long as those peole (dowager and yoon) are in control, no one can avoid the turmoil
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H is reading and wol watches him. H: I know very well I’m good looking - stop staring at me. men who work normally do look impressive/cool. on top of that since I am a king, I must be cool/impressive.  Wol cant suppress her laugh H: you smiled? Did you just smile? wol: I committed a sin that deserves death.  He stands and says: follow me.  we are going for a walk.
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She asks if he is stressed cuz today he looks upset. H says someone died cuz of him. He killed himself cuz of me since I wanted to question him.The person who killed him was me.  The people around me follow death’s shadow. everyone who is precious to me faces danger cuz of me. I failed to protect all of them. it’s not just I couldnt protect them, I couldnt let them go. She says it’s not his fault. That they all knew how hard he tried to protect them and wanted to keep them out of harm. They felt your effort (to take care of them) so don’t blame yourself.  he asks her to use her psychic powers -will the truth I am looking for now be revealed. She says it will. He asks her to answer this time with her own thoughts and not as a shaman. will the truth I am looking for now be revealed. She says it will be revealed . H: how could you be so certain? Wol: cuz I believe you can. when something is twisted and knotted, it wont be undone with one try.  If you look at the knotted parts and undo one at a time, the hidden truth will emerge so just trust yourself. H: thank you -it’s been a long time since I received  such warm comfort
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Minister yoon and H talk. H: how many times do I have to say the same thing? I told you I am still unwell. Yoon: are you sure you don’t have another reason for pushing this back? H: Are you saying I lam lying. Yoon points out how many days the amulet was placed with H. H:why are you bringing that up now? Yoon asks accusingly: did the amulet not work at all (was it not effective). H: I asked why we need to talk about that now. Yoon says the amulet that was brought in to do her work, if she wasn’t able to do the work well, isnt it something that needs to be punished? Yoon says she needs to pay with her life. even if she was placed for all those days and there wasn’t an positive affect then isnt this suspicious. Since your health is not improved, isnt it obvious that she needs to be punished. Flashback to B’s conversation with her dad. B: we are going to use the girl. if the king tries to avoid and push back the consummation again with health excuse then it means the amulet didn’t do her job well so she needs to be punished. Yoon: what if the king agrees to the consummation. B says to kick out the amulet. Whether she leaves alive or leaves dead, that’s the only difference. That girl’s life is in our hands. Her dad seems proud of her talking like this. Yoon: what if after the night of consummation, he decides to keep the amulet by his side and puts in that order. Then what will you do? B says then her father will have to make some of his ministers act.  She says how H has to worry about his image as this country’s king –he has to look good for his citizens so how could he hide an amulet in the palace. How do you think everyone will react? yoon and H face off. Guess yoon relayed B’s words to H.
*who said B was harmless? does this sound like something someone harmless would say? Yoon was proud of her. that’s says a lot about her character. looks like jealousy wasnt the only thing she nurtured these past years. taking after her dad and being evil were some other things she cultivated as well. what made this so chilling was she said all that with a smile on her face. just like a kid who finally gets to show off what she is good at. her dad beamed with pride twice in this scene.
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all the shaman trainees are cleaning. Wol smiles remembering how H said “I know very well that I am good looking - stop staring at me.” jansil asks why they need to clean again when they already did this morning. the girl says I told you today was the queen and king’s night of consummation so tonight we are gathering to pray for it to go well. So Wol heard and looks sad
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HS says you have to go thru with this at least once. HS says you have to do it for the sake of getting an heir and make everything safe (like the country and stuff) H is holding his head and tells HS to stop.  HS says before I tend to you I have to be concerned about what’s good for the country. there is no way to push this off anymore …..H yells: why are you doing this? HS: more than anything, before that child is found out, you have to () if you keep turning this down that child will be in danger. I am worried you will be in pain again. that you will blame yourself for not being able to protect her. H says don’t let the amulet in tonight. I don’t want her to come and watch over an empty room
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H prepares and takes medicine for the honeymoon night. he gets acupuncture done on his feet. (wonder why on his feet – maybe so he can run out of the room faster later on? boy his feet look old – what’s with the wrinkles. must be an older foot double. )
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B is getting her makeup and hair done.
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H walks to the room B is waiting in like he is walking to his death.
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B’s drinks something. an aide is holding a chicken or a rooster  and announces the king arrived. He sees B sitting there. (what are they going to do with that chicken?)
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Wol is outside. She remembers how N said there was an order for Wol not to go to H’s room. M asks what she is thinking of to look so sad. She asks why he came here again. He asks if she is like this cuz she heard about the king’s consummation. Wol asks M to leave. M explains how H is the king for everyone so isnt it obvious that he needs to have an heir for the sake of the country. Wol: I know that. M lists all the things she will have to endure if she likes the king but most of all she will be scarred (feel lasting pain). wol: I know that too. M: then why are you crying.  Won’t I do? (as in What about me-couldn’t you love me) cant it be me?
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B is instructed to help H take his hat off. next it’s the belt. H: You must be glad that you got what you wanted. B: How could this be what I want. she lists how it’s from the dowager all the way down to the citizens that want this.
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M asks wol: cant it be me? she tells him to go back. M: Will you go with me? I am the prince and can throw it all away at any time and I am prepared to leave. If you don’t want to live as a shaman. If you want to run away from here – if you do. will you run away with me?
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B: whatever you do – I am your woman. H suddenly grabs B, pulls her close into his arms and  says “even if you cant get my heart, you still want to become the mother to the nation’s next king at least. fine. for your sake queen, I will untie my robe for you once.” He leans in to kiss her.
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