Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Rising Sun Series

After we watched the rising sun drama series (Roy Fun Tawan Duerd and Roy Ruk Hak Liam Tawan) now we will take a look and review Rising sun book series. The first time I read the rising sun drama series, i'm not really interesting with this drama, the reason is I thing that really funny watch Thailand lakorn that took Japan view and setting. but after watched and read the novel I really love this story.

The Rising Sun is the name of a book series which has three volumes all together. The writer is Nara. The rising sun book series have 3 part story, there are:

  1. Roi Rak Hak Liem Tawan
  2. Roi Fan Tawan Deuat
  3. Sai Leuat Daen Tawan
I really want say thanks to https://popv.wordpress.com/ who want translate to English. Thanks unnie. and all the content I took from that site. this rising sun page to respect https://popv.wordpress.com/  :)