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Autumn's Concerto - 下一站,幸福


Main cast

  • Ady An as Liang Mu Cheng, the main female protagonist, a young girl who falls in love with Ren Guang Xi
  • Vanness Wu as Ren Guang Xi, a famous and successful lawyer who falls in love with Liang Mu Cheng
  • Tiffany Hsu as He Yi Qian, Guang Xi's fiancee and a successful pediatrician
  • Chris Wu as Hua Tuo Ye, Mu Cheng's best friend
  • Xiao Xiao Bin as Xiao Le (or Liang Xiao Le or Ren Xiao Le), Mu Cheng and Guang Xi's son

Blood 블러드 episode 20 Final

The time has come to say our final farewell to a kdrama that has enjoyed international popularity. My site has received a lot of love and views that far exceeded my expectations. Thanks to all of you for supporting my first recapping effort. It made the hours of viewing and writing worth it, and I appreciated the  points of view expressed in the comments. So, let’s wrap this thing up.  Kochenia power, fighting! ♥

blood 20 recap kdrama, hyun woo dies, Ji Sang, vampiresblood 20 recap kdrama Ji sang asks Ri Ta to watch over Hyun Woo
The realization that Hyun Woo is dead hits Ji Sang hard. Ri Ta is rightfully worried when Ji Sang asks her to watch over Hyun Woo. She can only imagine that he’ll get himself into a dangerous situation if he goes after Most Evil Director. But the look in his eyes tells her there is no stopping him.

Blood 블러드 episode 19

blood 19 recap kdrama, Ri Ta mourns Uncle's death blood 19 recap, kdrama, Ji Sang comforts Ri ta
Ri Ta mourns Uncle’s death alone in the morgue. Aunt, the Director, and several others march down the hall, but Ji Sang stops them. Leave her alone, he tells Aunt. Ri Ta asks Uncle what should she do now that he is gone – he should have taken his secret to the grave. I so agree. Ji Sang enters and tells her it’s time to go. Is she supposed to forgive him she asks? He tells her she doesn’t have to. It’s too early for forgiveness. Once everything has been set right and there is nothing left to do, then forgiveness can come. He gives her permission to be angry and unforgiving, at least for now. Best advice, ever. Ri Ta curtly tells Aunt they will talk after Uncle is laid to rest. It is a sad scene as Ri Ta sits alone in the chapel. ( Ji Sang watches over her from the doorway.)
blood 19 recap kdrama. a tree grows on blood

Blood 블러드 episode 18

Sorein – the special vampire identification spray – marks Ga Yeon as she begins to cough. Ji Sang asks if she has a cold but she replies it’s just a sudden coughing fit. Is he surprised, or is it a confirmation of his suspicions as he adds up past events?
blood ep 18 recap kdrama, Dr. Choi finds out Dr. Park and the Director are vampires blood 18 recap kdrama Ri Ta and Uncle Chairman
Dr. Choi sighs that truth is such a heavy burden. She wonders how she can look at Dr. Park and Director the same way now that she knows they are infected.  If they bite…(she shivers). She reminds Dr. Jung about the promise to run through the hospital in his underwear if Dr. Park really is a vampire. What promise? It was just a joke between mentor and student, he retorts. When she insists, he teasingly stands to remove his belt, but she covers her eyes in a panic and tells him to stop – so dirty!

Sawan Saang (สวรรค์สร้าง)


  • Title: Sawan Saang (สวรรค์สร้าง)
  • Also known as: Heaven's Creation
  • Duration: 12 Episodes
  • Genre: Drama-Revenge 

The Rising Sun


  • Title: The Rising Sun
  • Chinese Title: 日冕之恋
  • Duration: 23 Episodes
  • Genre: Drama/Romance/Romantic/Action/Japanese Theme

Main Cast

Onizuka Family: